I’ve seen fire, and I’ve seen rain . . . Mr. A is having a wet, hot summer! *squee*


It’s the Summer of the Armitage! Richard is spending the next couple of months giving audiences an impassioned, impressive performance as the conflicted farmer John Proctor, adulterous husband embroiled in the Salem Witch Trials. I know I have shared this edit of mine before, but I like it so much I’m sharing it again. Hey, the beauty of having one’s own blog.


So there he goes, setting London on fire . . .  this big, fit, beautiful, bearded man, acting his linen smock off (literally at one point. *heaves sigh*) and using that commanding presence, physicality and voice to enthrall once more.  And then turning up at the stage door to be as sweet and affable and accommodating as always. What a guy!



But we are ALSO getting more Armitage– a contemporary role as the clean-shaven all-American high school assistant principal Gary Morris, a widower caught with his sons in a deadly day of tornadoes in the (long-awaited!) August New Line release, “Into the Storm.”

Serv posted some screencaps earlier from the new trailer, and naturally, I couldn’t resist having some fun with Wet Gary, aka the Hunky Educator Hero in the High-Waisted Slacks. Do you all remember some of those promo stills that came out after they do some additional shooting for the film? When RA’s hair was still a bit longer on top (as compared to how it was cut for principal photography)? I do . . .  hmmmm, Gary must have been blown into some Miracle-Gro at some point (a fertilizer here in the US) and it went to town on his hair. 😉 I am sure most folks won’t even notice.

But I always think of Lucas and his Mysterious Travelling Tattoo . . .

I’ve been right smack-dab in the middle of a tornado (on the campus of the Alabama School for the Blind) and I’ve taught high school kids. And neither one is a picnic! 😉


Having been in a tornado, very close to the path of tornadoes and having seen on more than one occasion the deadly toll they can take and massive destruction they can cause, honestly, a twister movie is generally not my first choice in movie viewing.

But this disaster flick has Richard Armitage. Wet. Fatherly. Heroic. Trying out an American accent for the first time in a really measurable amount.  How can I resist??  A good mindless popcorn movie might be just what I need . . .




So, planning to go and see Mr. A in August? What are your thoughts on the trailer? His accent? Did you notice how great Sarah looked even bedraggled? (Curse her!) Eye candy for everyone in this pic–cute teens for the younger set and hunky and hot adults for the rest of us.  As for any of you lucky ducks who will be seeing Mr. A in person in the round at the Old Vic–please let me know about your experience! And now, it’s time to ice the Troublesome Wrist, boys and girls.


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        • Truth be told, neither have I. But SyFy has been heavily promoting the new one, even using the blurb from EW’s review in their ad, “Even more preposterous (or something akin to that) than the first movie . . .” Which lets you know they have their tongues inserted firmly in their cheeks.

    • I knew I could count on you, Tully!! I will be chomping on some popcorn and ogling Mr. A, but without too many squees and stuff as Benny will be with me . . . at least the first time I go.

  1. What could be a better birthday gift to self than to go see RA on the big screen in this movie. I wonder if I got a couple sons that will go with me, yea I think so.

  2. Great edits, Angie! The one of The Crucible photo is spectacular. It will probably have to be DVD before I see “Into the Storm”, but you’d better believe I want me some wet Gary…

  3. HI Angie! Long time! (Remember me from LJ?) Love your blog. Yes, I’ll be seeing it. (Though the “Sharknado 2 comments above almost made me spew my tea over my keyboard. HA! I keep envisioning “Sharknado 10” a la “Gravitiy” – with a shark in a space helmet, floating in space. Yes. Okay, yes, I do make up my own fun – why do you ask?
    (Then again, spewing was the same reaction I had when I heard that TPTB were making a SPOOKS/MI-5 movie. With only Harry. And the same writers as Season 10. Seriously. GACK! Amazing how easy it is to stay AWAY from the theatre. Somehow I have the feeling that you’ll agree. 😉 ) Stay sane & Have a HAPPY 4th! 😉

    • So good to hear from you again, Karen! I think Sharknado 10 in Space might not be as unlikely as it sounds LOL
      I have about as much desire to see a Spooks movie featuring just Harry :-/ as I do the latest Terminator entry or that horrible-looking Tammy movie–when nothing in the trailer remotely amuses me and it’s a comedy, it is NOT a good sign. 😉

      Trying to stay sane and not be too frustrated with my stupid wrist. Hopefully I will get some answers about it next week in Montgomery. Have a Wonderful 4th!

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