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For Guylty — “Friendship is a light in dark times”


Wonderful blogger and friend Guylty has lost her father quite suddenly. Here are some ways we can honor her daddy’s memory, y’all, whether through a Just Giving donation or a kindness to others. No well wisher is an island . . .

Me + Richard Armitage

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Guylty Pleasure is a great name for a partner in crime, and when I invited her to become a guest blogger, I figured that was what she’d be — a collaborator in the deep kind of analysis and someone who’d teach me about looking at pictures. Little did I know that when you invite someone into the bowels of your blog, you also invite them into a much more personal relationship with yourself and your own experience of fandom. Conversations I never anticipated followed from getting to read her *ooof* articles, as well as exchanges that supported me in so many ways. Guylty was a true light to me all last year while things were at their worst, and I know that she is a light to many of us with her funny posts…

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