Now I’m imagining RA milking cows. New Yahoo interview.


I have a treat for you later–the thoughtful and candid review by our own Helen (Wydville) after seeing “The Crucible” for the first time and briefly meeting RA last night, along with some of my own thoughts . . . but my wrist situation requires me to give it some rest for now. 

In the meantime, a new interview at about The Crucible with quotes from RA and his director, Yael Farber. Turns out he not only visited Salem in preparation for the role, he worked with some cows. Who knew?


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  1. Such terrific photos and great information in this article–although, didn’t he work with some cows before in “Sparkhouse”?

    • I remember sheep, but not cows specifically—however, that doesn’t mean much with my memory of late. And that was, what, 11 or 12 years ago? Maybe he felt he needed a refresher course.

      • You’re right–it was sheep. I should have remembered because the book I read based on his “Sparkhouse” character (“Weathering the Storm”) was primarily a sheep farmer, although he did have other types of animals on his farm.

  2. OMG!! I was just reading the interview you linked to on Second photo down in the Old Vic: THAT’S THE EXACT SAME SEAT I WAS SITTING IN LAST NIGHT!!!! gnaaaagggghhh! Ohforgoodnessake!

    • Me too! Not on the same night though, otherwise I’d have been sitting on your lap! Think it was J 9 and J10 we had – was that yours? We were there on the first night June 21st. Has his voice given out yet? – he was hoarse by the end of the performance but WHAT a strong and sizzling performance it was, wasn’t it?

  3. I had to laugh because when we met R.A at the stage door on the first night, 21st June, my husband John said to him ” Did you get our letter?((YES I KNOW he gets a thousand letters!!) but mine was – (The one with a photocopy of Daniel-Day Lewis’s handwritten letter to us ( Done with a goose quill pen and ink as you would expect from 17thc Salem!!) DDL played the same role of John Proctor in the 1996 film of the Crucible, and I know Richard is an admirer of DDL. so I sent him a copy of the letter written to me in response to my letter telling how much, and why, I so enjoyed his performance in the Crucible. Poor Richard was so apologetic as if he had been told off and said ” I’m a bit behind with my post”. So out of the blue in your included interview there is one sentence that Richard spent the afternoon in his dressing room reading his fans written(on paper) letters!! WONDER WHY ? Yippee! AH bless him!

  4. These pictures are lovely. I went to the performance on Saturday absolutely brilliant and Richard was awesome. We were so close to him my tummy kept doing somersalts. He was born to play this part. An experience I will never forget.

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