Don’t try to fit Fedoralady or RA fandom in tidy little box


I am not fat, white or middle-aged. Oh, but wait a minute, you say.


Are you not significantly over your recommended weight? Isn’t your skin of a distinctly light hue? Didn’t your fiftieth birthday come and go several years ago, with another one fast approaching?”


Yes, yes, and yes, is my response. But that is not who I am. These things do not define my character, my personality, my humanity. They play their roles in my life, certainly; but they are not me.

Who am I?


I am intelligent, curious, a learner with a life-long love of books; I am funny, sometimes sarcastic, and I do love to laugh, but I try not to be mean-spirited about it.


I am passionate, sometimes moody and I do possess a hot temper, one I have worked hard to regulate over the years. I am impatient. I am kind and compassionate but do not wear out my welcome mat.


I am also ambitious. I like being recognized for my accomplishments but it’s not a primary motivation for me. I like being better at something today than I was yesterday. I am likely my harshest critic.


I am shy, and I am a complete ham. I love art and music and dance; I draw and sing well but I’m a complete klutz and envy those who move with elegance and grace.


My tastes in the arts, in interior design, in—everything, really–are eclectic. I love Mozart and bluegrass fiddles, Shakespeare and Lewis Grizzard, Norman Rockwell and Monet.


I love my pets. Honestly, if something happened to my kitten, I am quite sure I would be a basket case. But I do eat meat and wear leather (if not fur). I live in the country, not far from where I grew up, but I have also lived in urban areas, traveled overseas and met and worked with people from all over the world.


I try to see both sides of an issue and to be fair and not judgmental. In some ways I am conservative, and in others, quite liberal. But don’t label me one or the other, please.


I have a condition that has changed my life and disabled me to a certain degree, but to simply look at me you’d likely not know it.


I am admirable in some ways, and in others, not so much. I am what I am, and I don’t fit into a tidy little box.


I am also a fan of a particular actor named Richard Armitage.


We don’t fit into tidy little boxes, either, this fandom, this group of well wishers, ardent admirers, fangurlz (and boyz)–whatever you may call us.


We come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, backgrounds, nationalities, political, social and religious ideologies and sexual orientation


What unites us is our desire to champion and to celebrate the talent, versatility and charisma of a lovely human being, a man who happens to be beautiful inside and out.


Here is a man who has inspired us on so many levels, and taken us on journeys of self-discovery with his detailed and nuanced characterizations. A man who has gotten us through some “dark nights of the soul.”


For anyone to dismiss us as a bunch of silly, foolish old fat females, clueless and naïve in our admiration for this particular actor is, well, silly and foolish in itself.


You really need to think outside the box.

About fedoralady

I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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  1. Hi Angie, I think I know why you feel like this .. The Sunday Times interview with Richard ..? Where the interviewer says much more about her own narrow attitudes and self, she is downright insulting and sneering at certain points, – am I right? Richard comes out of it very well but they should sack that woman whoever she is. Maybe the whole idea is to get a lot of reaction to her article and provoke a storm of protest, I don’t know. You are so right in your written reply to that – Bravo!

    • Oh, yes, I have been thinking a lot about what she said and/or implied about the fandom. As I commented at Serv’s blog, I think Tanya Gold is the one who is pretty clueless about what Richard’s fans are really like. We have a very diverse fandom—and it’s far more than what we may appear to be at surface glance. We are collectively a bright, creative, funny, caring group of people with excellent taste!

      • You are SO right! I am constantly amazed at what inspired people love this Guy – inspired BECAUSE they love him, I began drawing and painting that picture of Thorin by Evancarte ( looks like Christ to me)and refound a talent that I’d not used for years, likewise with writing, fiction about Guy/Marian that has become totally absorbing. I’m so happy and grateful to R.A altho’ he won’t ever know it. What is it about him? My friends are amazed at this new outpouring of inspired art and literature. But I’m angry at her sneering put down of Harry Kennedy as well, how dare she say that ? He was gorgeous adorable sweet and – Richard! Same with Dawn, she is so funny and loveable too.

        • I think he would be gratified and quite overwhelmed, that sweet humble man, if he knew just what a tremendous catalyst for creativity he has been within his fandom. All the fiction, the photo edits, the artwork, videos . . . people taking the skills they’ve developed as part of the fandom . . . For me, the fan videos and photo editing I’ve done have been great help in my work for the video production company, too. And one day I just may finish that novel I have underway, one very much inspired by RA. I would never have started writing fiction (I was a newspaper reporter) were it not for RA and his characters.

          Yes, attacking VoD in that way was really quite unwarranted and inexcusable. It was a tremendously popular (and critically acclaimed) show and you can clearly see by Richard’s comments and those huge belly laughs of his in the behind-the-scenes bits on the DVD that he really had a GOOD time doing it. After all the angst of poor Guy *sigh* it was a lovely break for him and a chance to work with someone who was a celebrity crush of his. The vicar was attractive, smart, funny and warm-hearted—why bring up her weight in such a snide way? They made an adorable couple. Since I consider my husband to be my own personal Harry Kennedy, I really did not like her comments. This interview almost told us more about her own personal hang-ups than it did anything new about RA.

    • Thank you, Helen, Serv did a fantastic job with her post–but Gold’s snotty attitude towards fans just kept rolling around in my head. So I had to respond in my own way. And I may not be done . . .

    • As do I! That reviewer/interviewer Tanya Gold aired more about her own wretched attitudes than anything else. She needs a shrink, not a byline.

  2. Try very hard not to let stupidity and ignorance reach you. And, like you, I have read EVERY article about RA, and every interview he has given, and I’ve never heard him use the ‘F’ word. I can’t believe that he might have while giving ‘her’ the interview. Why would he change!!! I wonder what he thought of that interview. You never have to justify yourself with the people who read your blog. We are YOUR fans too.

    • I can’t say for certain he’s never said it in public (outside of his roles), but you are right, it’s not like him to use a lot of profanity in interviews (Martin, on the other hand . . . ) The whole thing just felt “off.”

      And thank you for your kind words, Mame. Much appreciated. 😀

  3. Just been thinking, … the opening gambit of ‘the naked dream’ while perfectly genuine sounds like a red -blooded male flirting provocatively with an attractive female, and Richard does ‘light up’ around sexy females e.g Mylene Klass on ‘This morning ‘ interview where they openly flirted with each other and she dropped all her questions on the floor, and he murmured ‘I’ve made you go all fumbly haven’t I?’ Then she asked him about Lucas having tatoos and he invited her in a very sexy, husky low voice,’ Come and find out !” Then laughed out loud saying ‘ That’s my new chat up line!’
    I found his admission very sexy as you had to then picture him sleepwalking naked …mmm quite traumatising!! And Very Nice too.

  4. Brava, Angie–as someone who shares many of the same qualities with you (well, okay, I’m lots older and not blond), I was completely incensed by what that particular interviewer said about Richard and his fandom and spent a large part of the weekend ranting. I am neither naive nor easy to please in any respect as to the entertainment I seek out–and over the last ten years, this wonderful, talented, lovely man has seen me through more down times and crises than I care to remember. As well as inspiring me on many levels to take up endeavors I had give up on long ago. Wherever the rest of his life and career take him, I will be there cheering him on every moment–it’s the least i can do.

    • Yeah, Stephanie, some people just don’t “get it” in terms of how we feel about RA and why we love him so much. It’s not just his good lucks or sex appeal; it’s not that we actually think we are going to marry him (as Jaya who commented here appears to think LOL). He’s been a comfort, an inspiration and a catalyst for creativity within his fandom. He’s done so much for so many people he has never met, bless him. Of course, we will be there to support him and cheer him on no matter what.

  5. I couldn’t have said it better, Angie. You hit the nail on the head. I recommend you send this piece to the author of the article.

  6. I agree with you wholeheartedly, Fedoralady. I am a middle class factory worker with a couple of college degrees (because getting jobs in either field didn’t pan out). That being said… about a year ago I stumbled across this magnificent actor named Richard Armitage. and I recognized in him something amazing. So I watched more of his work, and I fell further down the rabbit hole. Here was a man who could convey so much with the slightest expression and didn’t even need to open his mouth. Everything about him feels genuine, and in this day and age, that seems rare. I joined a couple of Facebook groups to learn more about him and I have met some of the most amazing people from all around the world. As you said, there is no perfect little box for us.

    • Thanks for commenting, and welcome, Maraphina. Richard does have the most amazing ability to express so much without speaking a word.
      Richard is, I believe, the real thing, and I have so much admiration and respect for how he conducts himself, the way he treats people, as well as his phenomenal acting ability and versatility. There are actors whose talent I admire; their personal lives, not so much. RA is kind to his fans, gets along well with his co-workers, never speaks ill of others as far as I can tell, has never pitched a public fit or started a brawl . . . a good guy.

  7. It’s not funny–but there are already several copies of the magazine with this interview on sale at Ebay–maybe they’re trying to start an international bonfire.

  8. Im sorry but you do fit into a box. Youre all fat white middle aged women and its embarrassing to watch you all squealing over him. Hed never want you even if you were straight. You have the audacity to call us delusional for behleveing hes with lee, yet you fail to see whats in front of you.
    Youre a cardboard cut out, you all love reading, traveling, youre all overweight and tes youre all middle aged and white. Just walking stereeotypes. This is exactly the sort of post someone would make. You have only confirmed what everyone thinks of you. just stop embarrassing yourself you silly delusional woman, he isnt going to marry you.

    • Jaya,
      How surprised you are going to be when I let your comment stand.

      You’re correct in one thing, he’s never going to marry me–as that would be bigamy. I’ve been happily married for almost thirty years to a wonderful man who is attractive, smart, funny, talented, and who possesses a quiet self confidence. I have great taste in gentlemen, and RA is a gentleman, an incredible actor and thoroughly nice human being. Two years ago I wrote a post about Lee Pace introducing him to my readers and actually predicting the two men would get along very well. I’ve been a fan of Lee’s for while, though not as long as Richard, and I also find him very talented, charismatic and lovely. I am catching up on “Halt and Catch Fire” even as I type this.

      Do I fail to see “what’s in front of me?” Oh, you mean the possibility of a romantic relationship between the two men? Actually, I think they’d would make a beautiful couple. But I also think both men are entitled to their privacy, something each highly prizes, and not to be hounded by ANYONE, even those who claim to be fans, to make some sort of “announcement.” I want to see Richard satisfied in all facets of his life, personal and professional, and to be with whomever makes him happy and loves him as he deserves to be loved. I can say that from the depths of my heart and mean it.

      You obviously know very little about the actual fandom, especially in the wake of The Hobbit trilogy which gave it even greater diversity. I’ve met fans of ALL ages, and they certainly aren’t all “white and fat.” They are male and female, straight and gay, students, business people, teachers, doctors, lawyers, journalists . . .

      Cardboard cutout? You don’t know Fedoralady! And you don’t know this fandom. “Hed never want you even if you were straight.” Huh? I *am* straight. My husband certainly thinks so. Oh, you mean if Richard was straight!

      I don’t think I’ve embarrassed *myself* at all.

      • Eso es mear fuera del tiesto, bonita.
        I suppose you are a slim, empty head, overexcited teenager with so much to learn, Jaya…
        And the first lesson you are going to learn is not to judge ANYONE. Because even knowing well a person (or believing It) you can fail. And remember “quien a hierro mata a hierro muere” (who kill with a sword, die boy a word)

        • And in addition to the points that you and Angie have made, Antonia, Jaya may wish to consider buying a dictionary, a thesaurus, use spellcheck, and take a basic writing course, as her post was almost incomprehensible. But then again, when a troll is 12…..

            • Well, that helps explain it, Serv. I thought it might be someone texting and multitasking and doing a poor job of it ( I have to say I’ve seen some native English-speaking peoples’ posts that made them appear semi-literate).

            • Thank you Serv. That really does explain it. This may sound judgemental, but as my mother is not a native speaker and my father’s first language is Spanish, due to where he was born, I can honestly say that if I wanted to convey something in *their* languages, I’d first write it out, put it thru a translator and THEN post it. But that’s probably too much trouble for a troll….

              • I meant to write ‘at agonistes’. :-p
                I didn’t see the comment at me+richard. Was it more like the comments here, or at perry’s blog?

              • I block ad hominem and fan policing comments. BTW, it’s one of the features of a sockpuppet that they try to appear to be different people. The computer knows, however.

              • Yes, that one JA fan kept using different names and appearing in different places. We also had a troll who was stalking me at the newspaper who would get blocked and then try to come back on under different guises. What he didn’t know was that when we blocked him, while HE could still see his comment, no one else out there but us could see it. Drove him nuts when no one responded to his bait. Which we found highly amusing.

              • If she was using the same name (jaya) at both places, she wasn’t trying too hard to look like different people.
                Odd. It just reminds me of some other odd stuff.

              • You don’t see everything the blogger sees, including the multiple sockpuppet attempts that don’t get published. Oh, and oddness? You don’t say. Just keep in mind that not everyone you see on a screen is who you think they are. Then again, I imagine you knew that.

              • I had a spurt of spam that didn’t get caught by akismet at WP arrive in my inbox yesterday. Of course, I didn’t approve it. Usually it gets caught and stopped before it ever gets into my inbox. There is a whole heapin’ helpin’ of oddness out there in the big wide internet world.

    • Eso es mear fuera del tiesto, bonita.
      I suppose you are a slim, empty head, overexcited teenager with so much to learn, Jaya…
      And the first lesson you are going to learn is not to judge ANYONE. Because even knowing well a person (or believing It) you can fail. And remember “quien a hierro mata a hierro muere” (who kill with a sword, die by a word)

  9. Bravo, Angie. I usually don’t comment on these matters, as I’ve distanced myself from the fanbase in certain ways. But the rude comments about RA and VOD really angered me. Dawn French is lovely, and from what she’s said about Richard in interviews, she obviously adores him and loved working with him. If he was supposedly “Uncomfortable” about working with her, wouldn’t she have noticed it? I don’t think she would be gushing so about him if he had made her feel uneasy or disrespected. I admire Richard now more than ever for having the maturity and class to handle these kinds of interviews in the same way he does with everything else – with intelligence, grace, and wit.

    • Yes, Richard never lets me down, bless him. He really does handle things so well, and makes me respect him and admire him all the more. Those cracks she made about VoD and Dawn were totally unwarranted and just plain mean. I lost respect for *her* through this article. I think this woman has some conflicted feelings of her own about a number of things: weight (she herself is not svelte, apparently) and actors–apparently she thinks they are all a bit dim. Ha!

  10. What continues to be weird about that article for me is that she could have done it entirely without referring to us at all — Richard Armitage’s fans are not part of the story. Lazy.

    • I know, right?? I re-read it a couple of more times last night and tried to figure out just what she hoped to accomplish with the article . . . and why. I tend to agree with the poster at your blog that she was somehow trying to win RA over by appealing to misogynistic tendencies she apparently thinks he has. Listen, straight or gay, that man is no misogynist. You are barking up the wrong tree, hon. And yeah, maybe she just got lazy after she didn’t get her big scoop and threw some needless, mean-spirited crap in there. Sad. A missed opportunity.

  11. I don’t think that we can put anyone in a box, as we change all the time. I am not the same today as I was yesterday or tomorrow. Things change us all the time. My late dad never had a problem with his age and was willing to share it all the time, I think he was proud of it but he never let that number stand in his way either. I also don’t think that my 15 year old son who is a RA fan is white, fat or middle aged. RA has all types of fans. I could only bare to read the article once.

    • Exactly, Katie. We are always changing and evolving, as individuals and as a fandom. For someone to make a blanket statement that we are all fat, white and old or middle-aged females or what have you is just silly and naïve on THEIR part. RA has teenage and pre-teen fans, male and female, right on up through senior citizens of both sexes. When you have great talent and screen presence, you can attract many fans of all types. And RA has got “it.”

  12. I was trying to Access the Times online to leave a comment, but came here and see from a quick scan of the numbers that I am in good company, if a tad late. 😉 Reading that “piece” brought out all of my ascerbic inner-snark on soooo many levels. Wierd, WIERD subtext throughout.

    After all, it is not often that one reads such a blatant opinion piece (ex: “I think,” “I wonder”) masquerading as annoyed psychoanalysis. Annoyed, because she clearly came into the interview with her own agenda and when he didn’t answer her questions in a manner she wanted or expected, rather than being an actual journalist, she a.) made (erroneous) assumptions and b.) heaped her own beliefs onto him. With no research.

    So what did I learn from this interview?

    1. RA was clearly wary of her (justified, frankly) , and restrained/careful in his answers, but being an excellent interviewee, gave her some quotes unique to this interview. Which only serves to raise him even higher in my estimation. Astute, indeed.

    2. Tanya Gold loves her own writing, own opinion, own assumptions, her own stereotypes, and secretly yearns to be a psychoanalyst. To which I say, go get trained, girlfriend. Go with God. Quickly, please. But in the meantime, do some basic research. Richard was smiling thru Dibley as he was having…. FUN! Deal with it!

    3. Once again, the things actors, and others, have to do to promote a project? Are often utter crap. And THIS is supposed to be one of the legit. news print sources in the UK? Riiiiiight.

    • Yeah, I frankly learned a lot more about her than I did anything new re RA. My admiration and respect for him was reinforced through this article and my opinion of her (I was unfamiliar with her work before) is, well, not very good. Left a sore taste in my mouth.

      I sometimes worry about journalistic standards in general. It seems even publications with normally higher standards are slipping. I am seeing a lot more work that needs good copy editing re typos and grammatical mistakes, and a lot more pieces that are just—subpar in content. What a shame when you have such a worthy subject—interesting, smart, funny, insightful—as RA is!

      Also must apologize, Karen, for being behind on posting responses. You asked about my wrist on another post. I don’t know what I did to it but somehow it appears I flared up the ulnar nerve. This is in my left and dominant wrist. I’ve been having trouble for close to six weeks now. Had steroids initially, I have been using ice, anti-inflammatories, trying to rest it periodically and wearing a sturdy support brace. Going to see a doc in Montgomery as a prelude to a neurosurgeon and have an evaluation this Thursday. Hoping to avoid having surgery. I will keep you all posted~!

      • EXACTLY! To all of it! And what were her editors thinking in letting this me, me, me piece even go out? There is apparently some debate raging about this piece….which really makes me wonder that some people (younger perhaps??) actually accept this non-jouralistic exercise,, with a bizarre subtext, as perfectly acceptable??!! If she were a columnist, I could see it, but she’s not! What the….? So he said the f-word a few times. So? He didn’t give her what she wanted, so she provoked him… The opined and took swipes – ITS, VoD, us – WHEN SHE DIDN’T HAVE TO. Which means it was a choice. Or filler, to up her word count? And color herself authoritative? One has to wonder…

        No worries about a delay in answering, especially as I am offline over the weekened. I’m so sorry – it sounds quite painful! Suggestion, possibly already tried: fresh giner and tumeric in blended shakes (stong anti-inflammatories – I am doing this daily for me knee.) I am also on Zyflamend, per my chiro., and it’s working! It’s a homeopathic blend of 10 herbs, including ginger, tumeric, holy basil, etc. – wide spectrum, cold pressed, and the #1 anti-inflammatory in the U.S. I take the “tiny caps” – 3 in the a.m. and 3 in the p.m. You can get them on Amazon or probably at your local .health food store.

        Good luck with the doc in Montgomery. Hope you feel better!!!

  13. This is a wonderful post Angie, and if you don’t mind I won’t go into a lot of detail about it but will only add a little comment of my own. In case any of you don’t already know, I am a short (5′ 2″) 76 year old widow and grey-haired great-grandmother. I could do with losing weight; I suffer from arthritis among other things, need glasses to read with and so on, so can most certainly be described as someone outside the box!!

    Do any of these things stop me from loving this amazing, sweet, caring, intelligent, sublimely talented, lovely man who is gorgeous inside and out, even though I’m *more* than old enough to be his mother, for crying out loud? Not on your life!! I may be all the things written above but I still have all my marbles (well most of ’em) and I’m certainly *not* dead! 😉 I’m a lover of music, read constantly, love audiobooks – especially the ones Richard reads 🙂 good movies, good conversation and a lover of life in general! My life changed for the better when I “met” Richard Armitage all these years ago and I became a much happier person – happier than I had been for years – and (so my friends tell me) look years younger than before. He continues to do me good on an almost daily basis and can always lift me up when I feel down. What does sadden me is people being mean to one another, especially within what Richard once termed “our little community”.

    I decided a few moments ago to look up the messages Richard has posted over the years on Annette’s website – If you read nothing else, please read his message for December 19th, 2013. It reveals much about the kind of person he is and the pride he has in his “well-wishers”, and I was especially struck by his Chekhov quote at the end. I would hate so see that pride diminish because some might swallow any of the nasty, hurtful and uncalled for remarks made by this woman. It’s time to recapture the way things were when I first became part of this community although I know it wasn’t perfect. I felt safe and happy and had *so* much fun. The very idea of losing that is unthinkable.

    Sorry! This is much longer than I intended.

    • Oh, Teuchter *hugs* I love you! It’s those qualities you’ve pointed out in RA that make him such a gem and he’s never let us down, has he? I believe he appreciates and respects ALL his fans and very much wants us to try to get along and be good to one another. And may I say again you are a source of inspiration for me, like a really cool older sister.

      • You are so sweet! As an only child you have no idea how much I appreciate being described as not only “an older sister”, but a “cool” one to boot! 🙂 Hugs!

  14. This is only My opinion, you understand–I think Jaya is a mean-spirited troll (thanks, Serv) and would totally deserve to be blocked if any of the bloggers felt like doing so. That said–if she is so against his long-standing fandom, why on earth is she running around leaving comments on blogs about him and/or us? My Mom, bless her, was a diehard fan of Elvis Presley until the day she died–the only time I ever saw her get ticked about a fan article was when a reporter referred to his fans as “fat, bleached blond, middle aged women in polyester pant suits”–NONE of which my mom was at any point in her life. You can’t box any group of people for their allegiance to a supremely talented performer who also happens to be a perfectly lovely man. One of the reasons Barry Manilow has been a star for over 4 decades and will probably still be one until the day we lose him–Richard is an incredible man in all aspects of his life. He has inspired and comforted me in many ways over the years. For that alone, I will always love and revere him.

    • Jaya actually posted two comments, one of which I simply trashed. I didn’t want to give up that much real estate to a rabble rouser, and she was insisting something had to be true when facts were not in evidence, shall we say. This reminds me of a rabid Jonas Armstrong fan who kept popping up and talking trash about RA and insisted nothing remotely negative ever be written about JA. I mean— gently suggesting you thought he was not the best choice to play the hero sent her into a hissy fit. Well, gee, this is a RICHARD ARMITAGE fan blog. If you don’t like it, stay away.

      • Amen to that one, my dear–no one is making her come here and I for one would just as soon she didn’t. I come here to learn, share, and enjoy myself–not to read silly rants by someone who obviously has nothing better to do with her time than take potshots at a wonderful, talented man and his devoted fans. Of which I am, quite proudly, a member.

  15. I read the article with a sense of disbelief. I wanted to see the actual website because I thought that something so disjointed and badly written must be bogus.

      • A lot of people are describing the article as ‘disjointed’ (I can’t remember who was first to use the adjective, so I apologize if I don’t give them credit). That’s really an inescapable term.
        To me, it seems like it was a collection of quotes edited for cynical affect and loosely held in a matrix of spiteful insinuations and contemptuous pronouncements.

        • That’s as good of a description as any I’ve seen of it, Cill. I have wondered if the editor gave her a specific word count and she didn’t have enough material to actually fill it (I think Karen mentioned this) and she simply started throwing in her own POV . . . and wasn’t in a particularly pleasant mood while doing it.

          • If she was short of word count, perhaps she should have quoted RA in full more often, or even put in her own questions as a quotation. (But then she might not have been able to edit for spin, would she?)

          • Yup, that was me. I still wonder about that wordcount aspect. Clearly the editor conmpletely abrogated their reponsibility and let her do whatever. Talk about needing a beta, let alone an editor…!! She had a great lead-in paragraph, then never followed it up. Whu??? Lazy, lazy, as was noted above.

            Cill, that was a WONDERFUL assessment of her writing! NICE! Completely contemptuous, patronizing, and def. edited spin. And clearly, Richard “saw her coming,” and responded accordingly. What a surprise…

  16. Tanya Gold on Richard Armitage. is quite laughable – I did scan for previous articles, and was not overly impressed. Most articles were more about her reactions/ mindsets, and so on; this latest was naked self-revelation. As for Jaya – aw. Get a life, child!

    Teuchter, may I join you in senior citizenship? Past middle-aged! Jaya got one thing right: I’m white…and there are more than a few Armitage fans who are not white! So she is way off-base. As for the rest, I’m ALMOST 5″1′ , weighing in at about 100Ibs. Never been blond in my life…..etc. etc. Poor Jaya-child, or whatever.

    Both these people are enjoying themselves fan-baiting….rather pathetic?

    • Certainly Fitzg! Love having you aboard. 😉 Regardless of what some people (including Richard) say, I don’t actually consider 40 as middle-aged! There are SO many people living to be 100 or more that I think you have to be at the very least 50 if not older to be included an that category. I still can’t get my head around being 76 when my mind tells me otherwise!! 😉 I’m “white” too; a mixture of Scottish and English with maybe a touch of Spanish thrown in the mix? Sadly it’s many many years since I weighed 100lbs.:( Lucky you!

      As you see I’m ignoring the Tanya and Jaya topic!! 😀 Life is too short to read what they and others of that ilk have to say.

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