Richard interviewed on “Breakfast Show.” Mr. Spacey, if you can film that much, why not . . .


Richard appeared on the Breakfast Show on the Beeb and Marlise kindly posted it for the Anglophile Channel. He discusses The Crucible and the various elements attracting him to the production; they also touch on his work in The Hobbit and being directed by Andy Serkis, as well as Into the Storm and the challenges of an American accent. RA is thoughtful and gracious as always, and looked smashing, but what really intrigued me . . .

. . . was that snippet of video from the production itself. Because this got me thinking. If they can manage to shoot those scenes, why not shoot the whole thing? I know we are already asking for this–a DVD of the performance, that is- by petition and tweet and email and maybe by smoke signal, but seeing that footage really seals the deal for me. Thus far, from all I’ve seen and read, The Crucible is very much a hit. The critics who matter love it and audiences seem to be downright mesmerized. Wouldn’t those who have attended love to have this performance preserved on DVD as a wonderful memento of their experience?


And (hint, hint) wouldn’t all of us who can’t possibly get across the pond or around the world to see this play LOVE to get our hands on it? I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, honestly I don’t–but please, Mr. Spacey, please—consider producing a DVD of The Crucible. I am completely convinced it will be a moneymaker for your theatre, which, I am also certain, could use the monies raised.

Now, I am not one of the fans with abundant disposable income, but unless you are planning highway robbery, I am certain I can come up with the funds to purchase such a DVD. Yep, if I can purchase a copy of that rubbishy epic Cleopatra in order to ogle RA in a toga and Caesar cut, I can definitely do this.

To paraphrase Sting in the old Dire Straits song, “We want our, we want our, we want our DVD . . .”

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  1. First and foremost, the video will need the blessing of Rebecca Miller who owns the rights to the play. As outgoing Artistic Director, I doubt that Mr. Spacey would have much to do with the production of a DVD. In fact, I believe he has returned to the States and has not even seen the production. Hooray for his choice in requesting the play for this year of productions in the round and for choosing Yael Farber as director. It is her ground breaking vision that has made this the 5 star production that deserves preservation. There are still less than 1000 names on the petition to “video the crucible”. How do I know? I just signed it. As this clip demonstrates, this play is bigger than Richard.

    • I directed it towards Mr. Spacey because he is the name most people are familiar with in association with the Old Vic, at least on this side of the pond. I don’t actually know who has final say-so on what gets filmed, aside from the issue of Ms. Miller giving her blessing. I do wish she could have the opportunity to see this production. I have to believe from everything I’ve read and seen there is a very good chance she would approve of Farber’s vision.

      As I said, if I can come up with the money for a terrible cheesefest like “Cleopatra,” I certainly would be willing to invest in a quality production such as this one. I want to see all these talented actors perform in an ensemble . . . it won’t be the same as being there, but it’s as close as I will ever get. Yes, RA sparked my initial interest in the the production, but all I have heard has only increased my desire for The Crucible Experience as a whole!

    • Didn’t RAFrenzy (or someone on her blog) post that Rebecca Miller was married to Daniel Day Lewis and unlikely to ever give permission for that reason?

  2. What I have enjoyed the most of today’s video are “The Crucible” scenes, although I live this-side of the pond I won’t be able to enjoy life the play. In my opinion, if the Old Vic doesn’t launch a DVD on The Crucible is because it won’t be profitable. We all would buy one but, let’s face reality, for a thousand copies bought there would be one hundred thousand torrents. They need the money to run the theatre, Mr. Spacey organized a found rising not so long ago based on House of Cards to collect more. I sincerely hope facts will prove me wrong and to be able to increase my RA-DVD-collection with “The Crucible”

    • Hello, Barsine, and welcome. This was definitely my favorite part of the interview–seeing a portion of the actual Crucible performance. Sadly you are correct–so many people have fallen into the habit of illegal downloads (and I admit I have done that in order not to wait long periods of time to see some of RA’s work. But I *did* buy the DVDs as soon as they were available to me).

      I don’t think it would *just* be RA fans who would want the DVD, however–people who had barely heard of him have also praised the show. So I am not going to give up ALL hope. We shall see! 😀

        • Well, hey, it’s worth it just to make your RA collection more complete, right? 😉 He really does look quite fetching with those bare legs and the early Guyliner. 😉 That poor actress playing Cleo–she was lovely but I have seen elementary school pupils act more convincingly.

  3. HI Angie, my hubby says that even if they were thinking of releasing a DVD of this wonderful production, they would never say so until theatre runs its full course because otherwise people wouldn’t perhaps bother to go see it for real, thinking ‘ Oh, I can always buy the DVD’ I’m really hoping though it will happen ‘cos I’d certainly buy it, and we did go to see it as well.

    • And that really does make sense on their part. Although for me, the live experience would be something I’d want to have even if I was getting a DVD, too! However, I know that everyone doesn’t feel the same way. I am just holding out hope the DVD will eventually happen . . . fingers crossed!

    • Good point (although, as you say, I think most of *us* would see both). I can’t accurately recall – and maybe somebody can put me right – did they not film a live production of Hiddlestone’s Coriolanus sometime towards the end of its run and show it in cinemas around the globe? If not a DVD, maybe the Old Vic, Ms Miller allowing, could do something similar.

      • I believe some RA fans went to see it when it was shown in the cinemas . . . my hope would be if they did that, it would actually show somewhere within a reasonable distance from where I live. If it was in Birmingham (AL) for example, we could spend the night with my oldest sister. If it was in Atlanta, as long as the production is, we’d definitely have to pony up for a hotel room (that can be a one-day trip but it’s a long one . . . unless you do it in a limo, and then it’s a lot of fun )

        • Shakespeare is in the public domain so no rights issues, traditional stage layout so fewer production issues and Tom Hiddleston’s play also had national theatre sponsorship funding.

          • Oh I realize there are a number of obstacles and challenges, don’t get me wrong. It’s certainly not as if I am *counting* on this—it’s much more of a “what if” and “wouldn’t it be lovely if” scenario for me, and, I suspect, for many others. I am someone who struggles enough with real life issues such as chronic pain and increasing disability that I need a few flights of fancy along the way. Such as those lovely new pics of Mr. A!

  4. You are so right. That is one thing I can’t stand about theatre productions – that they are lost forever when the last curtain falls. I really would like to watch some plays again on DVD that I have seen in the past, but just can’t because they don’t exist – lost forever….(sniff).
    It would be absolutely great if they filmed that production. I mean – I live in New Zealand and can’t just fly around the globe to watch it in London!!!

    • Heike, it’s one reason I would hate to lose Mr. Armitage completely to the stage, especially if it was in London. That would be great for some of his fans, but for the rest of us—well, not so great. Even NY would be tough for me right now. But many wonderful and well-regarded actors—Sir Ian and Sir Pat Stew come to mind—move between stage work, television and films, even big blockbuster ones. Long gone, I believe, are the days when to be considered a really legitimate actor, you ONLY worked in the THEE-Atre. Now even movie stars still considered bankable are taking on television (and sometimes the roles are better than the ones that films offer them). However, being in critically acclaimed and commercially successful stage production such as The Crucible appears to be can only enhance one’s CV! So very happy for him after the years away from the stage.

  5. It’s a nice teaser but nothing compared to actually seeing the play. I also noticed that Richard neglected to take his shirt off when kneeling over the bowl to wash! It seems unlikely to me they will film it for selling (an archive film is a lot less unlikely) but nothing wrong with hoping.

    • Yeah, I guess they were saying, “Hey, you want to see him shirtless, then come see the play!” Sadly that just isn’t going to be a reality for a lot of his fans. That’s my POV, kap, no harm in hoping and dreaming!

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