“There’s a place for a bit of silliness in all our lives.” Richard’s BBC Radio interview




Photo tweeted by the radio station today of guests RA and Chinese Mike. I think RA should have a higher opinion of his own fashion sense. 😉

It “wasn’t for want of looking and trying” in terms of returning to the theatre after 13 years, Richard said today during his brief radio interview with BBC Two.  He sounded relaxed, in good spirits and in a good place in his life.

(Naturally, my internet chose to crash right about the time he came on, so I missed the entire thing. Hooray for the speedy folks at RA Central for already having it up!)

I do have to say it seems as if the right play, the right venue, the right director and the right cast all came together at the right time for Richard’s return to the stage. I continue to be so pleased and happy for him and all the accolades he’s received from critics and audience members alike.

And there is still a certain smug part of this fangurl who curls her lip at the naysayers and crows, “TOLD you so.” Oh, and to the Spooks blogger who once snidely remarked “the verdict was still out as to whether or not Richard Armitage can actually act?” Well, my dear, the jury has returned and it’s unanimous. He really CAN. And he always could. He’s just gotten even better with age and experience, that’s all.

One of the things I adore about RA is that he takes his craft seriously and really dedicates himself to the roles–himself, not so much. He has the ability to see the silliness, the absurdity in life and recognizes we all need a bit of silliness now and again. Sir, I salute you! Your lack of pomposity and over-inflated ego is most refreshing.  And now, for a bit of my own silliness . . .



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  1. Oooh, what a lovely thought. Now don’t get me started. But we’d only want a ‘willing’ victim wouldn’t we girls ? And what to do with him ? Any suggestions ? I believe he loves chocolate ice cream. Mmm
    think I’ll just go and .. and .. have a little dream

    • I don’t care if he wears a garbage bag and flip flops–I always think he looks wonderful. But I do wish he’d give himself a bit more credit for looking so spectacular.

      • I don’t think he perceives himself as good looking… He doesn’t see what WE see when we look at him. I’m not making any sense am I? Sorry. 😀

        • No, you’re making perfect sense and I think you’re right–I’ve often wondered if he ever looks in a mirror or if he even owns one. O the other hand it’s part of his beauty that he doesn’t see it in himself–but I guess it’s okay as long as we do.

          • You know, with his kind of looks and charm, he could so easily have been a Lifeguard Lee or John Mulligan type of guy—conning women, loving and leaving them. Getting by on those gifts alone. But thank goodness he is cut from different cloth.

        • He’s actually on record on at least a couple of occasions as saying he doesn’t see himself as handsome. Said once he always thought he was a bit “odd-looking.” The forehead, you know . . . I also think there’s part of him that still looks in the mirror and sees the 14-year-old kid who shot up to his full height, with a nose the rest of his face hadn’t caught up with . . . oh, but he’s come a long way, baby.

      • Yep, with that face and physique he can carry off anything. Actually, I think he does have more confidence in his choices now—I suspect working with a good stylist f stylist for the press junket stuff helped him clarify his own “look”—what he looks and feels best in. We were speculating at Serv’s that once he finds an article of clothing he likes, such as those pants we’ve seen so much of, he buys them in multiple colors.

        • I mean, he obviously *is* incredibly good-looking but I’m glad he doesn’t believe in it, or he might get weird about it. I don’t mean vain, but do things like resent his appearance so much that he shaves his head or gains 40 pounds or wear fake glasses.

          • I think that people who are so convinced of their irresistibility can be an incredible turn-off, male or female. The fact RA doesn’t view himself as handsome or sexy just makes him that much more appealing, somehow. Also I think it makes him see much more approachable and easier for me, at least, to relate to.

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