Part 1 of Judit’s “Crucible” Odyssey: A Hungarian RA Fan ‘Seizes the Day’

Part 1 of Judit’s “Crucible” Odyssey: A Hungarian RA Fan ‘Seizes the Day’

Dear friend Judit, aka the Hungarian Honey, was lucky enough to not only see RA perform live as John Proctor in “The Crucible”–she saw him three times, and once from the front row!  Now that she has pretty much regained her equilibrium after meeting HIM she is sharing her experience with us here at TAE in installments.  Now, Part I of Judit’s own “Crucible” story . . . with lots more to come!  Thank you, Judit, for dishing all about your experiences with us. You rock!


I know RA had talked about going back to theatre often, but when he moved to NYC I had given up hope that it would happen (yeah, my usual optimistic self taking charge again!), and I thought if it were to happen it would happen on Broadway…

So, I was very sceptical when the rumour first surfaced about him being in talks to star in a play in LONDON!  Especially as the source was the Daily Mail and we all know how reliable they normally are.


In any case, a few days after I first read about the rumour, I joined the Old Vic’s “friends” circle (there’s a yearly membership fee in exchange for which you get a tiny discount from ticket prices, you don’t get charged booking fee when booking online, plus you get newsletters and, as it turned out, I also got a Crucible flyer in the post some weeks later). I thought, “I had better be prepared IF the rumours indeed turn out to be true!”


And then…all of a sudden there it was–a confirmation of Richard being cast as John Proctor on the Old Vic’s website! Needless to say, the Armitage Army “fell upon the online booking system of the Old Vic like an ocean” (to paraphrase John Proctor!).




For the first time ever in my life, I found myself in a virtual/online queue!! I think I was about 300th when I first logged into my account and clicked on ’book a ticket’. Luckily, I had someone to share the excitement with – I phoned Helen in London, so we basically “queued” together, she in London and I in Budapest, watching our respective numbers go down to zero.. There was an awful lot of OMG-ing and exclamations along the lines of “can you believe this is happening??” (all this was made more awkward by the fact that I was at work, and this whole scene was witnessed by our accountant and a student who was doing her work experience with us – good job neither of them speak English!).

Helen and myself decided to go for an early date in the run, as we were afraid that RA might miss some dates later on in the run due to Comic Con in July or ITS premiere in August…

And, we were very lucky to score first row tickets for the 30th June…!

Later on, when I booked my flight tickets to London, I was more and more tempted by the idea that if I was going to spend five days in London, why not go for more than just one performance??

In the end I just couldn’t resist;  I booked a ticket for 27th June and then, yet another for the evening performance of the 28th..

I know it sounds excessive but I was thinking, who knows if I’ll ever have the chance to see RA perform live on stage again?? Why not make the most of my time in London??

Yes, of course he might do another play in a few years’ time- but who knows where I will be then? Whether I’ll still have a job by then? And my health?


So I decided to just seize the day–and I went for it!!! Boy am I glad that I did!!!


Next chapter:  preparations!  (coming up soon!)


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  1. Oh, you are tormenting us, Judit, cutting your story into three parts :-D. But I love reading it, because it is always particularly special when you actually have met the fan in question in RL – and I can just about imagine your lively lovely self as you were deliberating what to book and preparing. Can’t wait for the next part.
    Thanks to Angie for posting this! x

  2. My pleasure, Guylty *hugs* 😀 Who knows, it may be more than three parts when it’s all said and done LOL Even though I haven’t met Judit in RL I do feel as if I know her from way back, so it’s a joy to be able to share her story here.

  3. Hey, Judit, you have been busy writing! and you always do it so cleverly well.
    I shall never forget that morning: fingers fumbling, heart racing, stuttering and stammering, OMG-ing (as you said) and squeaking, adrenaline pumping. You were about 14 ahead of me in the queue and I was convinced that by the time my turn came all the tickets would be gone. The exhilaration when we both secured front-row seats and then the torment when we discovered that we’d booked Row F (*how* could that be front row???). Generally behaving like giddy schoolgirls: I was in a far far worse state that morning than on the actual night!

    Like guylty, waiting with anticipation for Part The Second!

    • Oh, she thinks it’s terrible, her writing, Wydville. I told her on Twitter she was far too self-critical, and trust me, I know all about that. I think she expresses herself very well and in a language other than her native tongue, too! What am I going to do with her?? *tsk tsk* I can only imagine how giddy and excited and fumbly y’all were that morning!

    • Ah dear ma’am, thank you kindly for the compliment!!! It was so clever of you to suggest that I phoned you as I was in such a state I would not have thought of it myself.. I shall never forget that morning either and I’m so lucky and blessed that I had you to share it with!!! And yes, we were giddier than the giddiest of schoolgirls. Heaven only knows what my poor colleagues must have thought of me!!!

      • Not clever at all – I needed the moral support!
        Having someone with whom you can share a great experience makes it that much more special and part of what has made my Richarding so memorable this year is that I’ve experienced so much of it with you. Oh Lord, I’m gushing *soz*

  4. Now that you have whetted our appetite for this exciting experience you are so generously sharing with us, I can’t wait to read what comes next. I too find it hard to remember English is not your first language. You are amazing!

      • I went on the 30th June too! It was epic performances all round, and when Richard made his final exit he brushed my arm – had an aisle seat! He was in tears- who wasn’t! I defy anyone not to be moved by tbis production, Mr A admirer or not.Am looking forward to seeing it again in August 🙂

        • Hello, Meryl and welcome. From everything I have read about the Crucible experience, it is certainly an unforgettable experience that will touch you. Lucky you to get to look forward to seeing this fantastic production again! 😀

        • Wow, Meryl, thank you so much for sharing this!! So glad you’ll be able to go back in August. It’s definitely worth watching multiple times!!!

        • Wow! You were there on the same night as Judit and me! And sitting not so far away from us to boot. If only we had known… We were blessed to have so much of the “action” play out just in front of us but I have often wished I could have seen that final exit from your viewpoint – lucky girl. And yes, I was in tears too – not so the self-confessed I-get-so-carried-away-I’m-an-embarrassment Judit!! I went to the loo immediately after the performance and there was a woman there wiping away rivers of smudged mascara; she told me that she had unashamedly sobbed!

          Lovely to hear from you and hope you enjoy the August outing even more – which seat will you have for that one?

          • I have to say, I am one of those who gets emotional at such moments. I would definitely have to go for all waterproof cosmetics to make it through such an event reasonably intact. 😉

          • I’m actually quite surprised that I didn’t cry. I’m still trying to figure out why. I normally cry at the drop of a hat. I think I was probably too wrung out emotionally to cry. Heck I could hardly get up from my chair!!

            • I suspect that is the case, Judit. Your emotions can become so overwhelmed there’s nothing left to wring out. As for getting out of the chair—between my customary stiffness coupled with the emotional wallop, I’d probably just fall out of the chair and have to crawl out LOL

  5. Hi Judit, Lovely! You are building our anticipation nicely for the next installment. Thanks for sharing. And thanks to Fedoralady for hosting you. I’m putting this link on my blog’s Crucible post.Cheers! Grati ;->

  6. I agree with Guylty, it really is special when the person meeting RA is someone you have met in RL, makes the vicariousness of it so much more personal. It was such a delight meeting you in Budapest last year Judit, and I am beyond thrilled that you have had this opportunity to see Richard perform and to meet him. Thank you for sharing, looking forward immensely to the next part! (hugs)

    • It was so lovely to meet you too, Mezz!!! ❤ Yes I'm incredibly lucky and thankful to have had this opportunity.. See, miracles do happen- I never would have thought I'd meet Pat Rafter in person let alone have a chance to chat with him, and lo and behold it happened last December! And now this with Richard- only had to wait 2,5 years for this which is nothing- in Pat's case I had to wait 16 years!!! LOL (((hugs)))

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