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ICYMI Richard interviewed by Andrew Marr: “You Leave Drenched in Sweat”


Screencap from interview courtesy of Fly High at Richard Armitage Friends Network on Facebook

A few of the quotes:

“They are living and breathing it with us . . . ” (referring to “The Crucible” audiences)

“I think Spooks may be the last of its kind . . . we shot on film. It was slightly ahead of its time.”

(When asked about the “romantic enthusiasm” often displayed by actors who had appeared in the LOTR/TH films)

“You feel as if you are making a home movie in Peter Jackson’s back garden. New Zealand is such a magical place.”

(When asked about doing future roles, including Shakespeare, on stage)

“If you are asking me that today, I’d say ‘enough already.’ (laughs) But no, there are other roles I would like to tackle . . . I didn’t know if I could do it before I started . . .”  And now he KNOWS. 😀  Even if he hasn’t actually read any of the reviews! Boy, will your cheeks flush red when you finally do, Mr. Humility!

And I am guessing that Mr. Marr hasn’t seen The Hobbit? Pssst, Richard plays a dwarf, Andrew, not a hobbit . . .  😉

Mr. A, when considering more stage roles—consider coming to the U.S. and your new “home city,” NYC. Because I might be able to beg, borrow and/or steal enough to make it to see you!