At least no photog has made RA pose like this so far . . .


I love Pinterest. One of my boards is “Retro and Vintage” and so I follow a lot of other boards offering all manner of old ads, fashions, toys and other “blasts from the past.” I am especially intrigued by the vintage ads . . . such as the one below.


I can only hope no avant-garde photographer decides Mr. A needs to be twisted into this truly awkward and pretzel-like pose. Such a nice guy should not have to suffer that much for his art, right?


Scan of German magazine article about “Into the Storm”. Mr. A and the gang battling wind machines, water, wires and more. It’s not easy out there for a hard-working actor and reluctant model.

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    • LOL Sadly, yes—Something tells me the photographer wasn’t far from that point—poor Richard. Nearly that entire shoot fit into the “Awkward and Odd Photo Session” folder. Then again, it *did* fit in appropriately with that strange interview . . .

      • I still cringe when I see those pics…in fact, I have to avert my eyes for some of them. I still can’t believe he consented to a couple of those….they are so ….. I don’t even know how to describe them. Lol. And that interview….after all this time it is still so strange. He has never before or since had an interview come out that strangely…she seemed hostile towards him which is just so weird because to the rest of the world he is just so likeable! That interview certainly had a lot of comments though.

        • The word “awkward” keeps on coming to mind every time I look at or think of those pics. For me, that is pretty much the worst photo shoot of his I can recall. It’s not Richard or the clothes or setting, but those awful contrived poses the photographer has him doing! And yeah, that interview told us much more about the writer than the interviewee, and what it tells us does not reflect well on her IMHO. But undeniably she got a lot of people’s attention, and maybe that is what she wanted most of all . . .

  1. I looked at the Bikram asanas once — none of them are that complicated — but he probably has the necessary flexibility.

    • I can only hope, dude, that if such a suggestion was made, Richard’s polite ways would falter as he bellowed, “Oh, WAY to the hell—NAWH!” and ran as fast as those big, allegedly unattractive feet could take him . . . far, far away from that mad photographer.

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