In case you were wondering . . . the camera that would actually survive going ‘Into the Storm’ would be . . .



None of those big expensive-looking video cameras used by Pete’s team or the one Donnie took on his ill-fated expedition to the old mill. They are very much like the cameras we use at Pecan Ridge Productions and, as Mr. Videographer says,  “All that water? Nope. Not a chance.”  (As we’ve also sadly discovered, extremes in heat and humidity without the actual water can also mean curtains for these Papa Bear cams . . .) But they do look so professional when you show up at an event carting one around, trust me.  Even though our little Lumix DSLM records video of just as high a quality . . . into-the-storm-max-deacon-and-kaitlyn-alycia-debnam-careyMax Deacon and Alicia Debnam Carey in a still from “Into the Storm.” Oh, Donnie, without waterproof housing, that camera is about to be toast, son.

On the other hand, that little ol’ camera mounted on the Drunken Good ol’ Boy’s head–that would be a GoPro, says Mr. Videographer–is the Camera Most Likely To Survive Even If The Wearer Does Not.  “Yep, those GoPros com are durable and they come with a sturdy waterproof housing,” says Mr. Videographer. “They’re used for filming underwater stuff, for example. You know, sharks.” Yikes!



Jon Reep and Kyle Davis, aka Reevis and Donk,  who said they improvised most of their lines providing comedy relief in ITSNote the GoPro on that All-American helmet Reevis is wearing.  BTW, Jon went to school with a fellow RA fan, Catherine Windsor, a friend on FB. It’s a small world after all . . .

According to the GoPro website, all you have to do is:

“Dream it. Do it. And capture it with your GoPro. HERO3+ cameras make it easy to document and share your life’s most interesting experiences.”

I’d say being in the middle of this huge tornado and actually living to tell about it would definitely fit into that category, wouldn’t you? 😉



Jon and Kyle strike a pose at the premiere. I know some people who would love to wear those tuxes to the prom. Just sayin’ . . .

And let us not depart today without sharing a nice image of Mr. A himself–

c7cd955115f6da891ee62138992c8c29Richard and Max at WonderCon. Such handsome gents!

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  1. I *was* actually wondering that, esp if taping a goodbye has any point if the device you’re making the recording on is about to be submerged. Not that that kept me from enjoying the film, mind you. Thanks for the info.

    • Didn’t keep me from enjoying it, either. Just a little factoid I thought it would be fun to share. Seems funny the drunken You Tube guy would not only live through it but also have the video evidence vs. the pros . . . and I loved the little scene in the water. Max did a good job. ❤

      • I surprised myself by liking Donk and Reevis, too — but I think it also has something to do with the reactions of the people around one. The people who I watched with yesterday in both showing just loved them and that made it more fun to laugh.

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