RA in black & white (with a smidgen of color) & more. Collages & Photo Edits.


Just seeing that scan of the RA-as-Byronic-young-actor photo from LAMDA the school tweeted today reminded me (1) how much I love looking at images of Richard from throughout his career and (2) how much I love RA in classic black and white. So I did some editing and some plundering of my stash of old edits.

Of course, being me, I also had to play with that lovely black and white image of our handsome floppy-haired Richard and tweak it a bit. I simply could not resist. Call it theRApy of sorts.

And speaking of therapy, tomorrow I see the local orthopedic surgeon and have him take a look at me, my MRI and my EMG results to see what he recommends re the wrist.  In the afternoon I am traveling with the newspaper publisher to a neighboring county to tour one of their historic old homes and surrounding property. She’s shooting the photos and I will take notes to write the copy for the upcoming edition of the Camellia Magazine. I LOVE old homes, so although I know I will be tired afterwards, I am very much looking forward to it (and getting paid to write it).


BeFunky_73043cea91b38e79954db25bfb387dc7 (1).jpg




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  1. Oh my goodness, I didn’t think that black and white LAMDA photograph could get any better, but…..yummy, you made some delicious ones there!

    • If you start with something really good, it makes it a lot easier. And frankly, I have to have my creative outlets, or I go nuts, even with this stupid bloody wrist. Richard is always inspiring! Glad you liked.

      • I am glad you find Richard inspiring as I really enjoy your creations. Good luck with your wrist, I hope you can eventually get it resolved. I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand two years ago as it I couldn’t hold a sewing needle or even go bike riding…I am glad something could be done about my problem and I hope you will find something to help with your problem.

  2. Thank you for this lovely photo edit. For my liking the last one´s the best :), so classical.
    Good health to your wrist and a wonderful and inspiring tour through the countryside, love old houses too, unfortunately their aren´t many to look around in my surroundings.

  3. The colorized version of the LAMDA portrait is especially lovely and the red on green version brings out the planes of his face.

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