Tsk, tsk. You just gave yourself away, “A.”


This comment from “Fiona” showed up in moderation yesterday for my “In Case You’re Curious . . . here’s Miss Capper.”  (Click on link at bottom of post to read post.)

Now I know a troll when I see one, so it was moved to spam.

The reason he has no girlfriend and is never seen with a woman is because he’s gay. I thought everyone knew that by now?

And then today this one appeared from “A.”

I see the gay comment was deleted. You people are delusional if you think he’s into women. He’s in a relationship with Lee Pace. They are seen everywhere together and they’ve stopped hiding it. Good for them!

Also sent to spam.

How many of us think that Fiona and A are one and the same person, the same individual, who, with a few flunkies, has been trolling RA and his fans on Twitter and blogs ad nauseum in recent months?

Did you think I didn’t post your comment  because I was a coward who wouldn’t face “facts?” Nope, it’s because I don’t believe in kowtowing to trolls. I’m a big girl with a big purple cast on my arm and not in mood to play your games.

Who is truly delusional–the fan who loved, admires and accepts the brilliant, beautiful, kind, generous and amazing Richard Armitage no matter what his preferences, sexual or otherwise, may be, or the individual who feels the constant compulsion to troll RA-related sites trying to promote his or her own agenda at all costs . . . hmmmmm.

I know which one I would pick. 😉

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I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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  1. For all the inflammatory talk about homophobic, protectionist, delusional RArmy fans I’ve not seen any evidence of it. I have seen a great deal of what you’ve described above and I’ve seen obviously planted homophobic slurs and attacks on Richlee shippers/supporters given as proof of their slanderous claims. I have concluded exactly what you’ve said: there are trolls who purposely bully anyone and everyone who doesn’t fully completely kowtow to their arbitrary position. In reality, most of the comments about RA’s sexuality I’ve seen have been neutral and along the lines of “doesn’t matter as long as he’s happy”. Not jumping on the fanatical bandwagon to confirm a relationship with Lee (or Annabel or Fluffy the German Shepherd or …) does not mean denying the possibility of such a relationship. It simply means it doesn’t matter with regards to appreciation of The Man and that maybe it’s not appropriate to obsess on ANY relationship (real or assumed).

    The offensive accusations against non Richlee-ers are so blindingly antagonistic, inflexible and consistent in tone & wordage that they can’t be the work of hundreds or thousands of ‘enlightened’ fans. I don’t for a moment believe that all (or most) shippers/supporters are as rabid as the deafeningly vocal trolls. They are the work of a few who make it their hobby (or life’s work?) to attack, enflame and demean even the most casual doubter or anyone who dares be neutral. The bullying by so few trolls disguising themselves as human rights advocates is exhausting.

    RA could take out a page in every major newspaper in the world decreeing his heterosexuality, get married, and show up to a public event with a very pregnant wife but the trolls would simply scream “Beard! See what you RArmy loonies have done to this poor man? You’ve forced him even deeper into the closet! You foul homophobic hetero-maniacs.” However, if he sits beside Lee he is obviously in love with him, shagging his brains out, aren’t they cute together, and if you can’t see that you’re stupid, don’t love him, and are a raging homophobe.

    If it has to be discussed (ugh) by anyone of any pov, how I would love to hear people say “this is what I’m thinking but I don’t have all the facts so I might be wrong.” Yeah, dream on, right? THANK YOU for not giving space to people who are closed to alternative ideas. Thank you for standing up against bullies and trolls from any special interest group. Keep up the great work!

    • It is the absolute insistence by any individual or group that THEIR POV is the absolutely right one and everyone else is clearly wrong and even “delusional” that bugs me–not just in terms of RA, but in terms of politics, religious beliefs and other matters. Maybe it’s the Libra in me, I don’t know, but it strikes me as just plain wrong. I think people see what they want to see, hear what they want to hear, and infer from whatever “evidence” there may be what they want to find in the first place. I just don’t want to see a few rotten apples–and I do believe it’s a very few–spoil it for everyone else. And I still believe people have a right to a private life and to live their lives as they see fit. People need to “tend their own business and stay out of other folks’ lives.” That’s how I was raised.

  2. Now I’m totally confused. R.A has said quite categorically that he is hetrasexual but it’s no-one elses business, (I agree) and I read the interview ‘Beau with a Bow’ where he talks about all the girls he’s loved..He so obviously lights up and openly flirts with women who are attractive to him, Annabel Capper has also been to quite a few of the Crucible performances ( she was behind us in row H) and was probably the mystery woman hiding behind him when they emerge together from some hotel and Richard seems to be dressing on the run! Other quotes from him are that he would love a wife and family, and doesn’t want to be an ‘old’ dad. And he’s perfectly entitled to have good friends who are gay – doesn’t actually mean HE is though. I love him whatever, but just want to ‘balance the books’! Get better soon Angie, – hope you’re soon ‘in the pink’ (not the purple!) Loved Judit’s account by the way.

    • I don’t know that he’s actually said in any interview he specifically was straight because he prefers to talk about other things than sexuality–but he has certain indicated an interest in women, has had relationships with woman and yest, he can be delightfully flirtatious. My view is that RA has respect and affection for the opposite sex, and all the women with whom he has worked seem to adore him. That speaks well of him as a human being.

        • What I am saying is, he’s never made a public statement (of which I am aware) declaring himself to be thing or the other in terms of sexual orientation. And I personally don’t think he needs to or has to. I don’t think I have go public about my inclinations, either, not that anyone would care LOL In the tweets today he said something about the importance of being respectful of others regardless of race, color, creed, religion, politics or sexual orientation. And that’s my view.

          • Pretty sure it is the same person. And no, I don’t think his fanbase–which is a lot more diverse than these folks seem to think–is causing his career any problems. And YES he is such a good person, so giving of himself in terms of his craft, his fans, charitable endeavors==let’s give him some privacy just as we would want to be given.

  3. WELLLLL…wonder if this is the same “Jane” you mentioned in another post. Never could figure out how “40-something bored housewives” could ruin his career, I think we’re the reason “Into the Storm” did as well as it did – 3 weeks in the top 10! I think this is one area where Richard wants his privacy, and no matter which way he goes, I think we should respect that. He’s entitled to a little bit of privacy, isn’t he?

  4. Hi fedoralady, love your blog and I hope your arm fully recovers soon. I think this is my first time posting even though I’ve been lurking here since March when my RA obsession began, :-))).

    Re: topic at hand: Jollytr said it all for me already but I’m going to add that its been extremely frustrating as a new fan to go on Tumblr and read someone’s rant about some RA fan’s behavior at The Crucible SD and then to group the whole RArmy or fandom in that category. This kind of lazy, divisive and reactive thinking happens every week two weeks it seems. It doesn’t take much for a handful of trolls to go on IMBD, Twitter, Tumblr and fan blogs to inject their venom. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who sees through them. These people cannot live with ambiguities or uncertainties and so they rage.


  5. Hi Fedoralady, I would like to speak a better English…..but you’re right when you say STOP to the rumors ! If we are real fans, we love Richard as he is, but almost with his qualities ! It does’nt matter who he loves, he is still the same man, with a big heart, so generous, so kind, so respectful of the others, and handsome ! nothing changes !
    Please, stop dishonor him with rumors without basis ! Let Richard live his life in peace !

    Thank you for your blog and your fantastic work ! you are a wonderful person A…..;) I hope you will feel better soon ❤

  6. I’d still like to know when any of these people think he even has time for a personal life–relationships take time and effort and all of Richard’s seem to be channeled into his career.

      • Mind you, I wish he would give himself something of a break post-Crucible–but I don’t see that the lack of a personal relationship is necessarily detrimental to him right now. His focus is on his craft, and for him, that seems to work.

  7. I have been thinking about this some more, and I think what irritates me most, is that posters like ‘A’ and ‘Fiona’ are not only there to push an agenda, but also to make other fans feel ashamed of liking RA and showing it freely. They aren’t around to ‘support’ anything. They’re here to tear people down and ruin other people’s experience. They *want* to drive other fans away so that they can have their own fantasies as uninterrupted by other people’s desires as they are by reality.


      • Whatever their agenda or purpose–good luck with that, people. Most of us who care about Richard and his career do so because we appreciate a truly unique and talented man who seems as concerned with giving back to the world in appreciation for the blessings he’s gotten–and worked so incredibly hard for, I might add. If these “trolls” truly have nothing better to do with their time, I guess I feel sorry for them–it that’s what it takes to make them feel better about themselves, that’s just sad. You don’t lift yourself up by trying to bring someone else down.

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