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Great day for Armitage! or, Dream days logging off and logging on


Serv serves us a smorgasbord of RA-related clips and announcements. Enjoy!! And thanks to S for compiling this for us. 😀

Me + Richard Armitage

I didn’t get lunch today — first, because I still haven’t figured out how people eat sensibly who work eight to five. The whole deck seems stacked against you, no? (Any advice?) But second, because it’s just that time of year. At some point during the day I sneaked a peek at Richard Armitage’s twitter from my work computer and saw no new tweets and collapsed the tab and went back to various registration woes.

And then, at 5, logging off my work machine, I thought, why not, and logged on on my laptop and WOW!

A new trailer for The Crucible:

An announcement about the London premiere of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies for December 1:


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