All Dwarves Go to London … at least they should …


From Zan. I mean, really—-don’t tell me WB can’t afford to send all the dwarves to the London premiere.

Well, There You Go ...

I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while. This may come across as a stream of consciousness piece, but here goes …

Why aren’t all the Dwarves, Kiwi and every other nationality, being invited to the World Premiere of the final chapter of their work?  Why are people who weren’t connected in any way with this trilogy being treated to this honor?  If the first is due to “budget concerns” as was suggested,  then the latter should not even be presented as an option.  Or am I being naively simplistic in my reasoning?

I don’t have any fancy charts or nimble number play, as seen here (nice work, Frenz and AB) and on other sites throughout the fandom.  I’m not that talented.

What I do have is a sense of fair play that is confused.  And even angry. Confused because these men worked hard and long to bring the vision of…

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    • Seriously. These three films will likely earn close to 3 billion dollars and the costs will be less than a third of that. You can’t tell me a big studio like WB can’t put its hands on the resources to send the Kiwi actors to London for the big premiere of the final installment. No offense to the actors playing the other characters, but the dwarves bring heart, humor and soul to the films. And they worked hard for their money! Badly done, WB. Badly done.

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