“Richard Armitage . . . the performance of the trilogy” from Empire Magazine


DJ at Heirs of Durin has posted the extensive article featuring quotes from all the principal BOTFA actors and several photos I haven’t seen before. Click on the link to see it:


He flies through the air with the greatest of ease. BTS photo of RA battling stuntmen in gimp suits representing orcs–from Empire Magazine.

OK, I confess. First thing, I always look for any quotes from and/or mention of RA in these stories. Then I read what it has to say about the other actors.

While I am at it, let me confess to something else: no offense meant to Evangeline Lilly or Orlando Bloom, but when I see previews of upcoming holiday films and their names, along with Martin and Sir Ian, are included amongst the stars of BOTFA in bold print–and Richard’s isn’t–I am major-league irritated. Call it Armitage Protection Mode if you well; call it the fact I have been miserably sick the last few days and am feeling more prickly than usual, but Thorin and the actor who plays him are simply more important to these films than those two are.  Martin as Bilbo may be the heart of the trilogy, but Richard as Thorin is the soul.  Thorin is described in the article as “the catalyst for conflict” for the final film.

The Empire writer, Ian Nathan also refers to Richard as the actor arguably giving the performance of  the trilogy.” There is also a mention of how Armitage clearly loves “the dark juice of his character.” 



One of five covers for the December issue of Empire. I like it. 😀

And we all know he does dark and juicy well (Sir Guy is lounging in the corner, one saturnine brow raised and a smirk crossing his stubbled face. “Indeed,” The Dark, Juicy Knight purrs).


I am beginning to look forward to the film more than earlier–I have had conflicted feelings about the final film, and the need to say goodbye once more to a beloved, charismatic Richard Armitage character. I know that he will give a fantastic performance and I will need to get out the handkerchiefs. He may not receive a single award for all his hard work and artistry and commitment to the character, but it won’t be because he doesn’t deserve it.

And of course, just like Guy and Porter and Lucas and Proctor and any other of his characters who have “officially” shuffled off their mortal coils, Thorin will be So Not DEAD.


As Guy can tell you, it’s a pretty sweet deal.


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  1. It really aggravates me too that Richard/Thorin is not featured as a star of the film. Evangeline, Orlando, even Aidan are great, but why are they the focus?? Stupid marketing. Totally agree, he will never die. One of the latest interviews indicated that we don’t know that he actually dies. And RA’s tweeting about how we don’t really know what PJ will do with story…. Well, we’ll know soon enough, I guess!!

    • I mean, look at the credits–Richard is up there right after Martin and Sir Ian.He has been in the first two films and I expect he will in the third. Obviously Peter Jackson knows who the stars of the films are, but some people seem to be a little slow on the uptake. Between having limited internet access for about a week, then none for several days, trying to get some work done for the paper and PRP and getting sick on top of it all this week, I am way behind with all the online RA-related stuff. I have to admit I would be surprised if Thorin doesn’t die–I think it will be clear it is ultimately a heroic death from a brave warrior who belatedly realizes the error of his ways. I know PJ has tweaked the book==bringing in characters not featured in TH and even inventing a girl elf warrior for a hinted romance with Thorin’s nephew–but I would be surprised if he actually allows Thorin (and Kili and Fili) to live if he wants it to segueway into the LOTR films. But as you say, we will know soon enough! 😀

      • I don’t think he will let Thorin live. I think he will fudge some kind of afterlife happy ending. He can’t let him actually LIVE! Or Fili and Kili! At least, that’s what I think. I think he may soften the endings to show they live on in the afterlife. But, who knows! LOL! Hope you are feeling ok. I have been not well myself these few weeks, so I can only hope you are doing better now. xx

        • Yes, I am thinking we might see them united and “living on” in a sort of Valhalla scenario. Just my guess. I’ve gotten some sort of seasonal crud and I think I *might* be on the way to shaking it. I didn’t throw up any of my meal tonight and haven’t had a high fever today. Just feel “as weak as tater water.” (an old Southern expression) Hope you will be doing better, too. The holidays are a terrible time to be sick and we have a video project to shoot Tuesday night, so I need to get well!

          • So hoping you will be feeling well for your Tuesday shoot! I know how important work is for you. Glad you haven’t been feverish. I have so much gastrointestinal upset due to job stress. Keeps me from living my life, which is horrible. Rooting for you to be well!! 😀 😀

            • Thank you, I will take every bit of rooting, positive thinking and prayer I can get. This holiday concert project is a fundraiser for one of the school’s music and drama depts. so it won’t be a big money-maker for us, but it will bring in some always-needed income. We have a bigger project coming up mid-month that should hopefully be more lucrative.
              And I am trying to hawk some Christmas cards I designed with a photo of our downtown theater all lit up and Christmas lights decking out the area beside it to make a little more dosh. They should arrive this week. 😀

              Gastrointestinal issues can be horrible. Having so many issues of my own, I don’t wish them on anybody. My sympathies! My life hasn’t been the same since the FMS–which I have had for almost 20 years now.

  2. I must say, I agree with you concerning this film and Mr, Armitage..The book is not about ELVES
    nor is the movie, yet just about every trailer, every ad is. “The Company of Thorin Oakenshiled”, including Bilbo and Gandalf is what the Book/film is about however…I get really angry when I see someone get slighted, and Mr. A’s Thorin certainly is getting lost in translation, nothing against Orlando Bloom or Miss Lily…Give credit where credit is due, Mr. Armitage brought Thorin Oakenshield to life in a way I never expected and deserves credit for a job very well done !

    • Thanks, grandtess and welcome! Yes, we are of like minds here. I think Richard’s performance as Thorin has been a revelation for many unfamiliar with his work. I know it has brought him many new and much-deserved fans and a broader fan base, which I think is a great thing. When I heard he was cast as the lead dwarf, I admit I was a bit amused at the thought of our tall, graceful RA as a very short, stocky dwarf, but I never had any doubt he’d make it work and he’d make us all believe–and I think he has, magnificently so.

      The marketing to some degree seems to be trading on the fact Orlando was in the original trilogy and had a lot of fans from that and POTC franchise. Lee was in Guardians of the Galaxy, one of the biggest films of the year. As for Lilly, well, other than Cate she is the only female with a prominent role and Galadriel doesn’t have any action scenes. 😉 Yeah, the elves are look good and know how to kick ass, but they AREN’T “the” stars. Not in my view.

  3. I saw a BOTFA trailer with not one glimpse of Thorin, but you better believe flippin Legolas and Tauriel who weren’t even in the book were in the trailer(sorry for the tangent). Richard never seems to get the credit he deserves. Everyone from Hobbit purists on down has said that Richard as Thorin was a gift, so why does no one else see it? (I’m lookin at you WB)

    • Oh, tangent away, SHM, tangent away! And welcome. Yeah, I guess that tends to rankle with me, characters that weren’t in the original book (and in Tauriel’s case, didn’t exist at all in Tolkien’s world) seemingly being given precedence over a character that was in the book and played a pivotal role, to boot. I’m not sure what it takes to impress WB. OK, Evangeline was in a hit TV show in the US. Came anyone name a list of EL films for me? Orlando (forgive me, Bloom fans) is basically known for only two roles, Legolas and his character in the “Pirates” films. Richard has impressed again and again in several TV roles, has done a bang-up job of Thorin, has conquered the Old Vic with an amazing portrayal as Proctor, and has indie roles coming up that should give us more impressive performances.

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