RA on Good Morning Britain. All Richard wants for Xmas is . . . to smell good?


This is a “rough cut” posted early this morning that will be edited later. Nothing really new here in terms of revelations about the film or RA’s career–not that I expect it from this kind of interview anymore anyway. But we DO get a glimpse of his purple “Christmas” socks 😉 and clued in on what his worst Christmas present was (a homemade emu? Guess you have to be a British kid of that generation) and what he hopes to get this year from Santa.

So . . . Mr. A wants aftershave, does he? Hmmmm . . . wonder what he prefers–woodsy, clean, citrus, spicy, or some other under notes in his “smellum good” as my daddy used to call his aftershave (“Old Spice” being his favorite). If you were creating a signature fragrance for RA, what would it smell like? What would you name it? Oh, the possibilities . . .


On a personal note, I finally broke down and went to see the nurse practitioner yesterday. Pre-pleurisy in the left lung. Steroid shot, courses of oral steroids and antibiotics along with cough pills prescribed, lots of fluids recommended.  Can already feel the intensity of pain in the rib cage area lessening. Looking at above photo doesn’t hurt, either. 😉 We’ve been bombarded with flu, strep throat and other crud in our communities this year. Wishing YOU a healthy, safe and happy holiday season.

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  1. Oh Angie, I hope you feel better soon!!! We have some vicious viruses here too… take care, it is taking while for people to get over.
    And re: sig fragrance for Armitage…. whoa the very question kind of … bothers me 🙂 And work beckons. This man, oy. And impossible to see that Proctor pic too many times 🙂

  2. For RA I’d love the Burberry London Men’s Aftershave with it’s warm spicy tones for winter, and then some Burberry Sport Aftershave when he goes skiing ‘up a mountain’ after Christmas. Get better soon!

  3. I was guessing he was thinking that was what his nephew would give him (so he didn’t care what kind), but it was just a guess. I remember seeing the emu but only very vaguely. Hope you are doing better soon. Pleurisy is no joke.

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