Cinemablend: Hannibal, HACF two of ‘great shows not nearly enough people are watching’


I was reading an article online the other day, and it recommended other stories, and somehow or another I ended up running across a link to a Cinemablend article by Jessica Rawden titled “7 Great Shows Not Nearly Enough People are Watching.” My curiosity was piqued and I had a look.


The number one show on their list? “Hannibal.” Of course, as you all surely know by now, Richard is currently filming his role in this critically acclaimed NBC series as serial killer Francis Dolarhyde, aka the Tooth Fairy, featured in the Thomas Harris novel and film “Red Dragon” (and the movie “Manhunter”).  Another show on the list which some of us found addictive during its freshman season, offering the “collateral attraction” of Thranduil himself, Lee Pace is “Halt and Catch Fire.”

Here’s what the article had to say about “Hannibal”—

‘NBC’s Hannibal is currently gearing up for its third season premiere. While the drama is probably one of the most-watched on this list, it has potentially been up for cancellation every season, thanks to airing on network television rather than on cable. This time around, NBC will air the series as part of its summer lineup, and we hope that will prove to be a good spot for the thrilling drama. Give Hannibal a watch; it may give you nightmares, but in this case, that’s a good thing.’ 

I am hoping the black humor and stylized approach to the murders reputed to be found on “Hannibal” will keep it from being too much of a stomach-churning experience for me. Then again, it’s going to feature the incredible Richard in six episodes of US television I don’t have to do anything of suspect legality to watch, so I will be on board anyway. 😀


The article says this about “Halt and Catch Fire”–

‘Halt and Catch Fire is one of the rare cable dramas with lower ratings that still managed to nab a second season on the network. It’s a tough series to sell, following the rise of a computer start-up in Texas and the various problems the team encounters as they attempt to do the impossible: create a brand new computer brand. Regardless, Halt and Catch Fire had one of the most compelling pilots we’ve ever seen, not to mention an intense first season featuring incredible performances from Lee Pace (Ronan in Guardians of the Galaxy) and Scoot McNairy (Argo). Maybe this time around, more people will be willing to plug in to the series. If not, it’ll stay on our under-watched programs list.’  

I really do hope more people give HACF a chance–it definitely captured my interest in that first season, in spite of the fact I am not exactly a computer nerd (A nerd, yes. Computer nerd, no.) The series offers intelligent scripts, some fine acting on the part of Pace and Scoot McNairy in particular, and enough twists and turns to keep you guessing and thinking. It’s a bit of a nostalgia kick, too. 😀

You can see the entire article by clicking on the link below:

I am currently spending a week here with my sister and BIL . . . and packed the novel “Red Dragon” to read and the DVD of  BOTFA to watch on the computer at night when I can’t sleep.  So RA came with me–


–but then again, he always is with me. You all know what I mean. 😉



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  1. I started watching Hannibal like a good fangirl in preparation of RA’s appearance in it. Try as I might I cannot warm up to it. I know it has a very passionate (but apparently small?) fanbase, but I quite simply do not get the appeal. Way, way too stomach churning for me. I keep watching because I’d really like to figure out what attracted RA to this project. I seem to remember him saying recently in an interview that he turned down many jobs because the role would have required him inflicting violence which he did not like. And then he takes the role of a serial killer in THE most violent/blood-soaked show I have seen on TV (I do watch some violent stuff, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story- Hannibal is far more gory than either of those two shows IMO)
    Maybe it was the opportunity to work with Bryan Fuller that attracted him, plus national TV and the exposure that goes with it.. Granted, the writing IS clever. As for the black humour – I found Fargo far better in that respect.
    And please, please somebody tell me that Francis Dolarhyde will have a nice British accent….
    I watched the first season of Halt and Catch Fire because of Lee Pace, he was excellent in it but so was the rest of the cast. The technical stuff obviously went way over my head, but I found the characters intriguing enough to keep my interest until the end of series 1. I will definitely watch season 2.

    • Hey, Judit! Nice to see you here, my friend. ❤

      Since I haven’t seen any of Hannibal, I really can’t say what my response will be. I have seen Mads Mikkelsen in a couple of other projects and to be perfectly honest, he kind of creeps me out anyway (sorry MM fangurls!). I can’t seem to warm up to him. I am also curious as to what attracted RA to the project—while he has shown a distaste for gratuitous violence, we know he is also attracted to playing bad guys, especially if he can layer the character and make him more than a one-dimensional baddie.

      So perhaps that is part of it; and working with Fuller and making new and possibly valuable contacts for future projects may be well be part of it, too. I will continue to trust his judgement—he’s a pretty savvy guy, that Armitage. BTW I *love* the film Fargo, have never seen the TV show. Love Frances McDormand, William H. Macy, Steve Buscemi—just a great movie.

      As I mentioned, I have “Red Dragon” with me (not your typical beach read LOL) but haven’t started it yet as I am reading a book about Vivien Leigh right now.

      Yeah, some of the technical stuff in HACF is really beyond me, too, but it has enough other things going for it that I really wanted to see more, and was so happy they renewed the show for a second season. I want to know what happens to these characters! Since seeing the first season, I’ve caught some reruns of other US shows in which Scoot played a guest role and it’s funny how different he looks and acts as those characters. He is really quite a versatile actor. And of course, Lee is Lee, so that’s all good.

      • I didn’t mean to imply that I don’t trust RA’s judgement…Hope it didn’t come across that way. Mads Mikkelsen kinda creeps me out too – no offence! Funnily enough, I’ve never seen Fargo the movie, but watched the series recently mainly because RA mentioned it was good, and I liked it- despite all the violence in it. Yeah I think I’d choose Vivien Leigh over Red Dragon too- especially on holiday! Enjoy!

        • Oh, I didn’t think that’s what you meant at all, Judit, no worries. I guess I’m just saying he seems to be on target so far in his career so I am thinking he will keep up the good work. I think you would enjoy the Fargo movie, too. One of my favorites! The Vivien book, as well as being a good read, has so many wonderful photos that I have never seen before. And when it talks about Vivien and Laurence’s stage tour that had fans lined up overnight to get tickets, etc. it made me think of RA mania. ❤

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