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So much good news! Students, businesses supporting animal welfare in community


Just so ya’ll know what I’ve been up to part of the time . . . ❤

Butler County Humane Society

Here’s Herbert showing off one of our new BCHS t-shirts! We have also received the check for $373 from plus an additional $12 sent to us by an overseas friend who had “notes left over from her hols in the U.S.” Many thanks to all who participated in this crowdfunding campaign. Contact Herbert at 382-4611 if you have not yet picked up your shirt (s).

BCHS volunteers also raised almost $400 over three days at Tractor Supply in Greenville selling t-shirts, calendars, raffle tickets on gift cards, and taking donations. Way to go! ❤

The BCHS loves seeing people from across the community (and far beyond!) getting involved in our mission!

We have two young boys who are each producing a video project tied to the Butler County Humane Society and the Greenville Shelter. Students at Fort Dale Academy in Greenville, theirvideos willfocus on ways to donate and how…

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