OT: Each life can make a difference, for better, for worse. An acquaintance who lost a friend.


I hope this link will work for you. My friend Dr. Jean Thompson, a retired English professor at our local community college, shared this with me on Facebook today. It is Dr. David Saliba, pastor of First United Methodist Church in Greenville, my hometown, sharing his personal experience as a classmate and friend to Clementa Pickney, the slain pastor of Emanuel AME Church in Charleston. It made me cry but it also gave me hope.

David spoke at the baccalaureate service we videotaped for FDA as part of their senior package. A warm, personal address with a pinch of humor–he did it sans his loafers, in very colorful socks, as requested by one of the graduates. Love a preacher with a sense of humor.

Peace, y’all.


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  1. Thank you Angie for sharing this. It made me tear up but it also made me acknowledge in my own heart that I must choose love instead of hatred and resentment. Love makes a difference and makes us different. That’s the only way that things will change. God bless!

    • It had the same effect on me. We can’t give in to despair in spite of the horrible things that happen. We have to choose a different way—a way of hope, love and faith. ❤

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