So, do you practice safe selfies, Rich? And other stuff on my mind this week.


In case you missed it, Russia’s Interior Ministry has put together a leaflet aimed at reducing the number of injuries and fatalities occurring when Russian citizens take selfies. According to the Ministry, there have been more than 100 injuries, some quite serious, and at least 10 fatalities since the beginning of the year due to people attempting what I dub “Danger Selfies.”



A worker taking a selfie before detaching a Ukrainian flag placed atop a skyscraper by protesters in Moscow, August 20, 2014. PHOTO: Ilya Arlamov, AP.

How exactly do you kill yourself with a cameraphone? Well, try striking a cool pose with a “non-lethal” pistol while taking a selfie. That’s what one 21-year-old Muscovite did. Bad idea.

A teenager tried to photograph herself standing on railroad tracks and died. Guessing she didn’t stop, look and listen.

Young people, who cannot imagine a world without constant self-documentation, it seems, want to post selfies with wild animals, on tops of high buildings and in other spots and situations that aren’t particularly safe.  We call these “Hey, y’all, look at this!” moments in my neck of the woods, and almost invariably, those moments do not end well for the person calling attention to themselves.  Body parts often get blown off/burned off/gnawed off or broken into a million bits.

There have been electrocutions, falls and yes, even deadly grenade explosions whilst young Russians attempted to capture their Kodak moment, hoping, I suppose, to one-up all their friends on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook.

Now, I am certain that Mr. Armitage, in spite of his professed love for “danger sports” and a certain fondness for selfies since joining Twitter, would never be as stupid as some of these folks have been.  When you are young, you think you’re ten feet tall, bullet-proof and quite possibly immortal.

When you’re 40-plus, hopefully, you know better.

So Mr. A, have fun slapping meat on your face, looking ridiculously attractive, boyishly sweet, posing in sports jerseys and the like. Just don’t do any of it perched precariously astride a tiger on top of a skyscraper with a live grenade in your hand, OK? Practice safe selfies. ALWAYS.





At least you and PJ didn’t decide to take your selfie stick and hop up on those dodgy bricks in China . . . *shudder”


Richard will be part of the Hannibal panel at Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend, so I am sure he will have the chance to take lots more selfies if he so chooses. 😉

Speaking of Comic-Con . . . some cute artwork by Dorkly Comics, found on Pinterest


e5581d661106d939de606d4462f0a99b (2)bf993613143f200459d77c16f318bb24







Speaking of Hannibal . . . I felt as if I had shot myself up with whatever Gillian Anderson’s character was tripping on tonight. There was the use (or near-use) of a variety of instruments of torture and death (guns, knifes and power tools among them, close-ups of droplets of blood, lovingly photographed). The series is certainly not lacking in high production values.

This ep also had a lesbian love scene with a kaleidoscope visual effect that was pretty but left me asking, “what’s the point unless it’s just to make it all the more aesthetically appealing? Is it to contrast with the blood and pain to come?” The episode ended with Hannibal and that poor old glutton for punishment, Will Graham, in yet another fine mess.  One episode to go before Richard arrives on the scene . . .


Here are links to some articles giving details of “death by selfie” problem in Russia:

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  1. ROFL! The selfie he posted before the Saturn Awards, with his head through the “Saturn-like” lamp looking out over NYC… raises the question in my mind. WAS that a safe selfie, or might he have burned and/or blinded himself? =)

  2. I saw a video somewhere of a girl swimming with a selfie stick that she wouldn’t go of, even when she started to sink. *shakes head*.
    Some of RA’s selfies appear to be taken from relatively close to him (arm’s length), but some recently look like stick-ers. (In the Great Wall photo, the stick was PJ’s iirc).

  3. Interesting, although it’s hard for me to understand selfie taking as most people I see practicing it as evidence of narcissism (unless we’re using that term in a very casual sense). I honestly think that I observe more day to day dangerous situations with people walking through traffic / on campus with their headphones and music on, oblivious to the world.

    • I do not personally think of selfies in general as narcissism (as billed by one of the online articles). In the case of the extreme selfies, it seems more of a need to sort of one-up friends, co-workers a bit—look where *I* am, look how cool this is, don’t you wish you were me? Of course, I could be wrong. I just found it fascinating the Russian government actually felt the need to publish this leaflet. And I agree—people with music blaring in their ears or trying to text while walking/driving is a lot more common and much more potentially dangerous. There was a woman here in town who was killed by a freightliner while she was standing in the middle of the road. We still aren’t sure what the circumstances were—but you would have to be awfully distracted (or intending to do yourself in, perhaps) not to notice a giant truck headed straight for you . . .

      • I can’t comment on the likelihood of widespread Russian deaths as a consequence of this or the numeric occurrence of such deaths there, but the Russian government has been on a tear for the last few years about unsafe, “un-Russian” influences on Russia’s social life.

        I’m always astounded by the occupation of people with their media. Somehow, I missed certain aspects of that boat. I think sometimes I am the only person without a “device” operating in the meetings I go to.

        • Ah, and I would guess they see that as a very Western, and therefore undesirable influence. Gotcha. Serv, I am one of the few people I know around here who doesn’t have a smartphone—well, it’s moderately smart sort of a Blackberry rip-off, but I don’t use it for surfing the internet, texting or taking photos. I only use it to actually talk to people. And I am fine with that. It used to drive me crazy when I worked full-time for the paper and someone would come in the office with their phone glued to their ear, talking away the whole time. And they want service, but they still want to be using their device while you are trying to figure out what they want. To me, that is rude. Same thing if you are having a meal with someone and they can’t stay off their iPhone.

          Young people today seemed to be surgically attached to their mobile devices. When I was sitting in on rehearsals taking photos and video of the big dance production, I noticed virtually all the students except the VERY young ones had phones or tablets to pass the time when they weren’t on stage. They can’t imagine life without them! And I have footage of one of the girls down in the dressing rooms with her selfie stick . . . which the dance instructor mistook for a golf club (she’s a couple of years younger than me).

          • I suppose the human race will survive one way or the other. When the novel-reading craze hit eighteenth century England there were similar discussions about how books were ruining the world. It’s the threshold between worlds that is jarring, I guess.

            • Yes, what’s that quote from Austen about books ruining a girl’s mind? I guess I really feel my age at certain moments like this. I did notice a woman reading an e-book while waiting for the show to start the first night . . . which seemed to me to be a nice way to pass the time after getting there early to get a good seat.

              • and with a Kindle you can read in a setting where you wouldn’t have been able to earlier. I still carry the book I am reading around with me, but that doesn’t work everywhere.

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