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DHR seeks BCHS’s assistance with elderly couple & their 25 cats: Can you help?


My heart goes out to people who have hearts for animals. Everyone who finds unconditional love and companionship with cats/dogs doesn’t have the financial means to do what needs to be done for them. So I not too proud to reach out to the fandom and seek help for those in need. ❤

Butler County Humane Society

There’s an elderly couple here in Butler County who loves their cats. They’ve taken strays into their modest rural home and into their hearts, taming and feeding them, caring for the formerly home felines to the best of their abilities and their income.

600px-woman-kissing-therapy-cat                         ( Image of elderly woman with therapy cat is courtesy of Bing. For  illustrative purposes only.)
But these pet lovers are now in need of a helping hand themselves.

The couple is trying to care for a dozen adult cats and another 13 kittens who are their offspring. It is simply too many pets for an older couple on a small fixed income to manage and that number will only grow without intervention.

Butler County DHR is trying to help this couple, providing several window A/C units to the currently A/C-free house to help them survive during the intense heat of a south Alabama summer.

In terms of the cat overpopulation issue, social services has turned to the BCHS for help.

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