What do you know? Mr. A and FD have inspired me again.


So, yes, I did watch the first episode of “Hannibal” featuring Richard as Francis Dolarhyde last Saturday and I was going to post about it. However, I got so wrapped up in the humane society calendar project and trying to get some photo galleries up before the recital DVDs go out so that I can pimp my stills, that I just never go around to posting. Life’s been busy, but in a largely positive way. Hopefully, my efforts will pay off for the humane society and fatten my own bank account–two things that would be awfully nice.

I have managed to work on a few Hannibal-related photo edits in between editing submitted pet photos and I thought I would share them with you, along with a few thoughts.

ra as francis fractured edit

I am not sure what the diagnosis for Francis’s mental illness would be (I think we can all agree he is mentally ill). Paranoid schizophrenia has been suggested and it seems a fairly spot-on diagnosis.

However, seeing Francis’s struggle with his inner demons and how unhappy he is with life, his desire to reinvent himself–to Become–his battle with those voices in his head–I could only think of the word “fractured.” He’s broken inside and looking to be put back together. Sadly, he seeks that wholeness in such horrific ways.   It’s amazing how much Richard telegraphed about the character without dialogue.

I remember Sir Peter Jackson talking about the quality of stillness Richard brings as an actor, how one can be captivated by this man when he isn’t even speaking a word. We saw that in this episode introducing us to Dolarhyde. Whether still or moving in that sort of stylized dance,  straining and contorting his muscles in an almost tortuous way as part of his terrifying metamorphosis into the Red Dragon, I simply couldn’t take my eyes away.

dolarhyde demons hideI find words from “Imagine Dragons” songs running through my head when I think of this character, too, and used some quotes from two of their songs in the photo edits.

francisbeastinsideedit2francishidetruthRichard has talked about the tragic romance between Francis and a character that will enter the picture in the next episode, Reba. This blind co-worker manages to get under his skin and awaken tender feelings inside.


I admit I am very much looking forward to the episode featuring the visit to the zoo and the opportunity to touch the sedated tiger, a visit arranged for Reba by Francis. I suppose it was my favorite passage in the novel “Red Dragon.”

FRANCISREBAWAKINGUPI don’t think I can be considered a “fannibal,” but I am impressed with Richard’s interpretation of this complex character, a serial killer for whom one can feel some pity and compassion, even as you are repelled by his heinous crimes. Yes, I am actually looking forward to the next episode–although I won’t be able to watch it until later that night. I have an event to cover for the paper and hopefully, I will also sell some more stills. Fedoralady wears a lot of hats.


I will leave you with one more image that I simply lightened so we could enjoy all the hard work Mr. A put into having that muscular physique described in Harris’ book.  Thank you, Richard. Even when a role you undertake isn’t a first choice for many of us, you make it worthwhile to watch on a number of levels.


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  1. I love your edits with the lyrics of the song! I too look forward to this week’s episode. I bet Francis will make us cry at some point.

    • Thank you, Mujertropical! I really like it when I can use song lyrics with my photo edits. 😀 And yes, I suspect that I will end up weeping for Francis before it is all over. *sniff*

    • Thanks, Jholland. I agree–he really never has let me down with a performance. I always remember what George Kennedy said about his friend, Jimmy Stewart. “You know, the picture itself may not be great, but Jimmy will be great in it”–words to that effect. I tend to think he elevates the ordinary and makes the extraordinary even more so.

  2. Always a pleasure to see you edits. And glad to see you re-inspired. For me, it’s the first “regular”, real-time experience of Richard’s work within the fandom, and I find it really exciting to see the commentary on blogs and tweets. It must have been fabulous back in the day when you all watched Spooks together…

    • Thanks, Guylty. It’s good to feel as if I’ve gotten back a bit of my mojo. My sleep has been crappy of late; all our summer heat and humidity has flared things up on several fronts re my FMS, arthritis and CFS. While physically I don’t feel so wonderful, interestingly enough my mind is whirring away with ideas and the creative juices seem to be flowing. Perhaps we have to suffer for our art? I remember watching Spooks as soon as some kind souls uploaded it to the internet, staying at the office after clocking out just so I could see Lucas North without all that infernal buffering, staying on the edge of my seat as I took it all in. I watched Robin Hood on BBC America and blogged about the eps on Live Journal (haven’t been there in ages). So yes, this reminds me of those days and how exciting (and on occasion, frustrating, when the sodding writers lost their way) it all was. So nice to see him on an American TV show that I don’t even have to pay extra for (we dropped all our premium channels a while back to save money. Although *cough cough* I do have the all the eps of the most recent season of Game of Thrones on my laptop. I will say no more . . . *appears to look as innocent as possible*).

      • Great stuff as always, Angie. VERY nice! And as from one former-Live Journal-er to another, I can say you seriously rocked. That time was fun – cannot believe it was 6 years ago – (though I had to go in to work on a Sunday to catch RH) , but it’s NICE seeing Richard manifesting another complex character, in REAL TIME. Yaay!. How all of our lives have changed, eh? Including Richard. Can’t remember the last time I sat through an an entire hour of TV, with a guest star who literally said nothing. Yes conveyed EVERYTHING! Bravo, sir, bravo!

        • It is hard to believe that much time has passed. RA is a master of facial expression and body language, that’s for sure. And conversely, he can bring characters to life and allow us to visualize them using just that marvelous vocal instrument he has–I still remember “Big Bad Bob” Robert Lovelace from the radio version of “Clarissa.” When he does the audio books, it’s not just a reading, it’s a full-fledged performance. 😀

  3. My fav’ are the (kind of sepia) 3rd one, shoulders and long fingers…Mmm, and the B&W with Reba. Good you have your creative flow back. 🙂

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