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Post 3 & Change of Plans: Invisible Illness Awareness Week Continues


Post 3 for Invisible Illness Awareness Week–had change of plans after going on a mission of mercy. Read on!

Musings from a Mid-Century Modern Girl

There’s a slight change of plans afoot, my friends. I was going to blog today about how friends and family can best support those of us battling invisible illnesses. And I will still cover that topic, but I need a chance to chance to rest and recoup a bit. It was a busy day!

This afternoon I went to Montgomery to see the neurologist about my worsening headaches and problems with taking tumbles. We are going to try two meds that should not give me suicidal thoughts and crying jags (as did the Topomax) and it seems I am also a candidate for Botox injections, which have a proven track record of efficacy for migraine sufferers. I will keep you posted!

In addition, Spouse and I went on a kitten rescue mission. We captured three of seven kittens abandoned on a road near us (I’ve dubbed them the “Crick” Bank Kitties), brought…

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Trading In Your Old Life: Post 2 for Invisible lllness Awareness Week


Day Two post in support of Chronic Invisible Illness Awareness Week. How I was diagnosed and ways to adapt to your “new normal.”

Musings from a Mid-Century Modern Girl

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned I had been battling my invisible illnesses of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for more than two decades now.

And I have to tell you it has been a life-changing experience, one that has required a lot of adjustment.

From Elation to Concern
I was first diagnosed by a physician’s assistant at the medical center at Maxwell Air Force Base. As it happened, he had been trained by a civilian physician who regularly treated FMS patients. After listening to me explain the types of symptoms I’d been dealing with for months, he nodded thoughtfully, then started pressing certain spots on my shoulders, my back, my hips . . . I almost jumped off the examination table.

Every spot he pressed stung and burned. You see, I was in a full-blown FMS flare, and the potential trigger points were all “fired up.”

big Trigger points for FMS front and…

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Invisible Illness Awareness Week: What you can’t see does hurt us


I’m blogging all week–Invisible Illness Awareness Week–on my personal blog, Musings of a Mid-Century Modern Girl. Check it out!

Musings from a Mid-Century Modern Girl

Twenty-one years ago I had invasive surgery on a troublesome right knee (injured in a car accident in college). I had six months of intense PT before and another six months of PT after the procedure.
In spite of my best efforts, I found myself struggling to bounce back and it got really frustrating. At the time, I was just 34, still young(ish), yet I felt more like a senior citizen most days.
I remember a few months later talking with my department store co-workers as we left the store late one night.
“I don’t feel too great. In fact, I never feel really good anymore . . .”

I don’t think I’ve felt really good–well rested, fully alert and pain-free–in a very long time.
Look at me on the outside, and other than the excess weight I clearly carry, you’d probably think I’m pretty healthy.


Unfortunately, it is all an illusion. There are so…

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So, what kind of ‘tipsy’ is tipsy Armitage? I admit I’d like to know, wouldn’t you?


I found this little chart on Pinterest and saved it. For what it’s worth, I’m glad to see I am a happy drunk rather than a sad one.

Earlier I was filling out some of the gazillion forms required for my neurologist appointment Wednesday. Among the many other health-related questions, I was asked how much alcohol I consume on average–how many drinks and how many days a week.  I asked Benny, “Uhm–do you think drinking something alcoholic roughly once or twice every couple of years would be the equivalent of ‘never,’ kiddo?”  He agreed.

Now, I haven’t always been such a Sober Sallie. In my long-ago college days, when the legal drinking age was 19 instead of 21, I did imbibe (albeit in the safety of our on-campus apartment and not out roaming the streets). And purportedly, I was very entertaining when I got tipsy. Silly and giggly and quite a lot of fun.


I think my widow was definitely a sad drunk. Probably a Pisces, since she drank like a fish.

A couple of years ago, I played a rich widow in a mystery dinner theater production. This lady liked her liquor a little too much and started making a lot of accusatory remarks about certain acquaintances before she ended up dead in the library. Afterwards, I was told I made a very believable drunk and I suspect from the sly glances they gave me that some people thought I did indulge . . . but as I told them, “Really, it’s all a matter of observation–and distant memory.”                                                            

So all of this got me to thinking, “What’s Richard Armitage like when he’s had a little too much to drink?” Is he giggly, jokey, playful? Somehow I can’t see him as the mean and moody type . . .

He’s told us a couple of drinks at a club turn him into “an animal on the dance floor.” Mmmmm, I’d like to see that. Richard taking off his jacket, loosening his tie, and with a slightly wicked grin, stepping onto the dance floor . . . and extending a hand to you to join him.




Remember these moves from his 2003 promo shoot for “Cold Feet?” Somehow I suspect that genial dorkiness just might show itself in a tipsy Armitage tripping the light fantastic.  Or how about some sexy snake hips tango, purportedly his favorite? Mmmmmmmmmm . . .


If you’ll dance with me, Mr. A, I’m there with you!



He’d apparently been indulging a bit at the Saturn Awards before receiving his trophy for his performance as Thorin and it certainly looked like he was having fun that night.  One could fantasize about having a right old Bacchanalia with this chap  . . .


Or a little dirty dancing, maybe? *wibble*



And just look at RA and his cast mates on the final day of Hobbit filming (July 23, 2013). Oh yes, there’s been some partying. An RA looks as if he’s full of mischief! Mischievous Armitage, I like.



Tipsy Armitage. It is such an appealing idea to me . . .

Happy Ending for Hoot! Lost Georgia Kitty Reunited with Mom Jocelyn. Social media rocks!


What can I say? I am on a blogging roll tonight! Here’s a story with a real happy ending that emphasizes the positive side of social media. ❤

Butler County Humane Society

I really love a story with a happy ending, don’t you? And this is a story where the positive impact of social media really does shine.

Remember Hoot, the shy young striped tabby who escaped from his mom’s car when she stopped near Greenville on her way to Texas from Georgia this summer? Jocelyn McPherson was one sad young lady when she called and called but never could get Hoot to come back to her. Well, imagine how you’d feel in the same circumstances.


Jocelyn stayed overnight in Greenville and keep looking and calling at the rest area where he’d disappeared, but to no avail.  As much as she hated to leave him behind, she had to continue her trip.  Jocelyn contacted me via the BCHS page on FB. I, in turn, put the word out on my personal page and the BCHS page that there was a missing kitty and a worried mama.

Over and…

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Comparison is the thief of joy; or, accepting who I am where I am right now


Thoughts on the pit of comparison and envy via my personal blog, Musings of a Mid-Century Modern Girl . . .

Musings from a Mid-Century Modern Girl

the_sin_of_envy_by_sorabelle The Sin of Envy by Sorabelle

We’ve all heard that old saying about the grass always being greener on the other side (personally, I love the title of the late, great Erma Bombeck’s book, “The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank”).


I like to think that I am not a particularly envious or jealous person; when someone I know has something wonderful happen in his or her life, I am truly happy for them.

But I have to be honest.

There are times when I look at others who do not seem to have the health challenges or the financial struggles that I continue to experience and–hey, presto!- there go those unpleasant twinges inside. I see people who are able to do things I cannot physically or financially accomplish, and I sense myself turning a certain shade of green that really isn’t a good look on me (or anyone else).

photo edit by ravenxcorps Eye of Envy photo…

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New GoFundMe Campaign targets life-saving heartworm treatment


I ain’t too proud to beg when it comes to animal welfare. Found out our humane society owes a BIG vet bill-if you can help, click the link! Thank you. ❤

Butler County Humane Society

Here at the BCHS, it is all about the animals–and that includes providing life-saving medical treatments that will allow these pets to find their fur-ever homes.

Heartworms are a serious problem among canines in our part of the US. Many homeless animals taken in at the Greenville Animal Shelter test positive for this disease. While rescue groups around the country are happy to take many of our wonderful dogs, they must test heartworm negative before it can happen.

The BCHS is racking up quite a large vet bill with Clay Hill Animal Clinic as a result of providing heartworm treatment for these homeless dogs. Even with the discount Dr. Gardner and his staff give us on the treatment, we need the help of animal lovers here and elsewhere to pay this considerable bill.  Open your heart and wallet and help us cover the costs of necessary treatments for these wonderful animals who all deserve those…

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Debriefing the #cRAftingForCharity Auctions [Results!!!]


Cheeky, Silly Armitage is good for what ails you.

Cheeky, Silly Armitage is good for what ails you.

I love cheeky, silly Richard. Whether he’s telling one of his jokes, reacting with mirth to someone else’s comment, making sly double entendres and naughty sideways glances, tossing fish into a cast mate’s barrel–it all makes me smile.  I want to hug him, have those long, strong arms wrapped around me and actually feel one of those huge belly laughs of his reverberate through me.  I think that would be absolutely marvelous.












speaks onstage at the "Hannibal" Savor the Hunt panel during Comic-Con International 2015 at the San Diego Convention Center on July 11, 2015 in San Diego, California.


Edit courtesy of Fernanda Matias

Yep, I am always ready for some Mirthful Armitage. For all the sturm and drang exhibited by many of his characters, in real life he does seem to be a man who loves to laugh and refuses to take himself too seriously.

Looking at and listening to him is a very nice distraction, indeed, and I am in need of distractions right now.

I have had two bad falls in less than the space of a week, yielding some magnificent bruises and a pretty fair amount of pain. Vertigo hit me after the first fall and my balance (which is never good) has been off more than usual. I’ve been plagued by worsening headaches. My doctor prescribed some medication for the headaches a few weeks ago. The headaches lessened, but the meds also led to morbid thoughts and horrible anxiety spells. I also cried every time I turned around, it seemed.

I decided the headaches were easier to tolerate and I’d be easier to live with so I stopped taking those meds.

I now have an appointment with a neurologist next week and I hope he can provide some insight (too bad he’s not Dr. Track, but I hear he’s quite a good doctor).

In the meantime, I will close my eyes and imagine a sweet smile and big bear hug from Mr. A, along with a  “Feel better soon, Angie.”



Why, yes, doctor–I do believe I am!



I like RA just a little shaggy and grungy around the edges . . .


Every time Richard Armitage’s hair begins to grow out a tad I have a little celebration. It’s not that he isn’t still very attractive with the cropped head, because he is. He could shave his head and tattoo it and no doubt I’d still fancy him. It’s just that for me, Richard is even more attractive when those tempting nape curls begin to sprout in back and that endearing cowlick starts to kick up a fuss on top. When there’s enough of that soft-looking hair to imagine running one’s fingers through the waves and playfully messing it up. When there’s a stray lock of hair that begs to be pushed back . . . 654c9c1752e6bab9c8df1d082a4ab725


I certainly didn’t find Francis Dolarhyde’s scar from cleft palate surgery off-putting in terms of his physical appearance, and the musculature RA honed for the character was, erm, inspiring, to say the least. But I think of how Reba said Dolarhyde’s co-workers described him as “clean.” And he was certainly that: clean-shaven, very short hair, clothing crisp and perfectly laundered, ironed and buttoned up to the last button. Not a hair nor thread out-of-place. That quality I DID find off-putting.  A little disarray can be appealing, you know?


Only later, as Francis succumbed more and more to his own special brand of “Dragon sickness,” did we see him trade his buttoned-down look for sexy black leather (reminiscent, apparently, of a look Hannibal had sported, but for long-time RA fans, it was Lucas North he was channeling) and–ooh, look!–heavy stubble.  This version of Francis scared the ever-loving sh*t out of me, but I can’t deny I thought he also looked very good doing it.  If he’d had nape curls, too—*wibble*


source: Candida Brady


Of course, it was Sir Guy of Gisborne who first introduced me to RA as an actor, and Sir Guy’s raven locks were part and parcel of his persona.  Richard had to wear “baby” hair extensions in the back until he could grow his own “medieval mullet” for the first two seasons.  And then, for RH’s final season–we were rewarded with Guy’s Glorious Mane (and one excellent set of long hair extensions. My compliments to the set hairdresser).

In the beginning, that mane was a wild, dirty tangle worn by a drunken, vengeful man half-mad with grief and self-loathing AND OHMYGOD WAS I SMITTEN.  And introduced to the great art of hair acting via Richard Armitage.



We had two Guyless episodes (during which RA was shooting some additional scenes for Spooks) but oh, how it was worth it when Glamour Guy (fresh from Prince John’s Red Door Spa, it seemed) reappeared before our eyes.  Still, Guy being Guy, he wasn’t completely tamed (even if his lustrous locks were). And we wouldn’t want him any other way.  He was like a gorgeous black stallion . . .  proud and defiant.  And the way he could toss that mane with arrogance, anger and frustration!

5_033guybeautyBeFunky_5_1118f9ae10f_o (1)5_089

I loved how Richard incorporated his long S3 locks into Guy’s character arc. And how he equally “rocked the locks” when it came to Thorin’s beautiful long tresses in The Hobbit trilogy. Hard to imagine that character without the long, wavy dark mane shot through with silver and those fetching braids . . .


Of course, like Guy, Thorin was also magnificent when he wasn’t in the midst of a fray. Behold, Glamour Dwarf!

Richard kept his real hair quite short during the period of shooting TH (not surprising with that dome he had to wear atop his head plus that voluminous wig) and it was short for “Into the Storm” and close-cropped for his role in “The Crucible” on stage in London last year.  It will also be short in “Sleepwalker” and “Pilgrimage.”

For the role of Chop in “Urban and the Shed Crew,” we get Richard with long hair as he dons extensions once more.  Chop is definitely not a character that looks as if he just stepped out of a band box and I doubt “clean” is the first adjective that would pop into people’s minds when describing him. He’s shaggy-haired, doesn’t appear to shave too often, and mostly likes to dress down in fatigue jackets, plaid shirts with rolled up sleeves and faded jeans.  And I think Chop’s rather beautiful even when he’s a bit bloodied up and in need of some first aid. 213b91d0fc677a0e3e58cf34ccb07aaf (1)



untitled (4)


And OK, it looks like it would be fun to get up close and personal with Chop . . . as Anna Friel’s character does here. 😉


Richard and his ChaRActers clean up nicely, no doubt about it.  But there’s something about the man of many faces when he’s more casual, shall we say–the “blue jeans and t-shirt or plaid shirt” RA–that is really appealing to me. Perhaps because I can more easily relate to that image rather than the gobsmackingly stunning man in a designer tuxedo . . . perhaps he seems more approachable, more like someone I might know in real life?  Someone I might sit down and share a snack with and shoot the breeze?



Maybe it’s the plaid shirts with the rolled-up sleeves . . . the hairy forearms . . . and the floppy hair.  And stubble.  *sigh*

Whatever, he’s got it.

(Yeah, baby, he’s got it!!)

And I like *it*with a little extra hair on top. 😉


The Big Charity Auction is Underway with Bounty of cRAfty Booty to Bid Upon!


Just a few of the RA-licious goodies up for auction right now . . .











Guylty has organized an online auction featuring wonderful RA-related items hand-crafted and donated by RA fans around the world. The very worthy cause is a fund aiding the youngest of the Syrian refugees via Save the Children. I have links to all of the auctions below. If you don’t wish to bid on an item, you can also contact Guylty about making a donation through some other channel. So browse the offerings and make your bid(s)!

Multi-chaRActer-Package for #cRAftingForCharity

Multi-chaRActer-Package for #cRAftingForCharity

Wow! Take a look at this fabulous Thorin/Thornton package going up for #cRAftingfForCharity!

Guylty Pleasure

Alas, my dear friends and readers – you may rejoice. The promo onslaught is nearly over. But there is one more sneak peek I need to tease you with because you are in for a treat. Reader and fellow sister-in-RA Pat blew me away when she got in touch a week ago. Full disclosure: I did not know Pat at all, we had not previously been in touch, but she e-mailed me with an amazing donation to #cRAftingForCharity. This generous fellow fan is a gifted crafter as well. I’ll let her speak her own words:

I used to make and sell dolls on eBay. Although it has been years since then, I did make a 12 inch John Thornton/Richard Armitage doll for myself that I would like to donate to this cause. He is Ken/Barbie sized but is a highly articulated action figure wearing John Thornton’s iconic black suit and…

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The Visitor


“You’re writing about me again.”

There was such underlying warmth mixed with surprise and–was that the faintest hint of reproof?–in that deep rumble of his.

He was sitting there at the foot of her bed, that glossy raven head tilted to one side quizzically,  hands clasped around one bent knee folded casually across his leg. A dark knight from a different age decked out in his version of fancy-dress: well-worn, boot-cut jeans encased those never-ending pipes of his, a black V-neck t-shirt and a black leather jacket.  His trademark stubble was heavy enough to be called a beard and there was just a hint of kohl encircling those bottomless blue eyes.

chop crop edit

She wanted to fling her arms around him, bury her face in that broad chest and breathe in his scent. Leather,  sandalwood soap and–chocolate.  Instead of embracing him, she leaned forward and ever so gently brushed his chin with her fingertips.

“You’ve been into the chocolate animal crackers again, haven’t you, Sir Guy? If you’re going to keep that rather fetching beard, I shall have to buy you a brush and comb for it, I suppose.”

Sir Guy caught up her fingers in his hand. So warm. He radiates warmth.

Turning her hand over, he raised it palm upwards to his mouth. His eyes closed, he pressed kisses, light as gossamer, to the surface of her palm.

Oh my.

“You’re crying.”

“So are you.”

He smiled.

A beautiful bearded angel in black leather.

“Perhaps–we’ve missed each other, Ladywriter?”

Perhaps we have.






Help Needed

Help Needed

RA’s admirers once more show their compassion! ❤

Guylty Pleasure

Dear friends, sisters-in-RA, fellow human beings,

over the weekend, no doubt you have seen the heart-breaking image of a little Syrian boy, washed ashore in Turkey. For me it has highlighted the urgent need for all of us to step up to the plate and do something about the current humanitarian crisis in the Middle East, as have the images of hundreds of people welcoming the refugee trains in Austria and Germany, with food and gifts. Tbh, I am put to shame by the efforts of some of my friends who are actively helping on the ground. A friend of mine is organising shelter in Regensburg (town in Southern Germany), directing the logistics of sheltering refugees, collecting items and welcoming the first busloads of refugees. Another friend in Austria is collecting items. Even in Ireland my German friends are active. A crafty friend of mine has pledged all proceeds…

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