I like RA just a little shaggy and grungy around the edges . . .


Every time Richard Armitage’s hair begins to grow out a tad I have a little celebration. It’s not that he isn’t still very attractive with the cropped head, because he is. He could shave his head and tattoo it and no doubt I’d still fancy him. It’s just that for me, Richard is even more attractive when those tempting nape curls begin to sprout in back and that endearing cowlick starts to kick up a fuss on top. When there’s enough of that soft-looking hair to imagine running one’s fingers through the waves and playfully messing it up. When there’s a stray lock of hair that begs to be pushed back . . . 654c9c1752e6bab9c8df1d082a4ab725


I certainly didn’t find Francis Dolarhyde’s scar from cleft palate surgery off-putting in terms of his physical appearance, and the musculature RA honed for the character was, erm, inspiring, to say the least. But I think of how Reba said Dolarhyde’s co-workers described him as “clean.” And he was certainly that: clean-shaven, very short hair, clothing crisp and perfectly laundered, ironed and buttoned up to the last button. Not a hair nor thread out-of-place. That quality I DID find off-putting.  A little disarray can be appealing, you know?


Only later, as Francis succumbed more and more to his own special brand of “Dragon sickness,” did we see him trade his buttoned-down look for sexy black leather (reminiscent, apparently, of a look Hannibal had sported, but for long-time RA fans, it was Lucas North he was channeling) and–ooh, look!–heavy stubble.  This version of Francis scared the ever-loving sh*t out of me, but I can’t deny I thought he also looked very good doing it.  If he’d had nape curls, too—*wibble*


source: Candida Brady


Of course, it was Sir Guy of Gisborne who first introduced me to RA as an actor, and Sir Guy’s raven locks were part and parcel of his persona.  Richard had to wear “baby” hair extensions in the back until he could grow his own “medieval mullet” for the first two seasons.  And then, for RH’s final season–we were rewarded with Guy’s Glorious Mane (and one excellent set of long hair extensions. My compliments to the set hairdresser).

In the beginning, that mane was a wild, dirty tangle worn by a drunken, vengeful man half-mad with grief and self-loathing AND OHMYGOD WAS I SMITTEN.  And introduced to the great art of hair acting via Richard Armitage.



We had two Guyless episodes (during which RA was shooting some additional scenes for Spooks) but oh, how it was worth it when Glamour Guy (fresh from Prince John’s Red Door Spa, it seemed) reappeared before our eyes.  Still, Guy being Guy, he wasn’t completely tamed (even if his lustrous locks were). And we wouldn’t want him any other way.  He was like a gorgeous black stallion . . .  proud and defiant.  And the way he could toss that mane with arrogance, anger and frustration!

5_033guybeautyBeFunky_5_1118f9ae10f_o (1)5_089

I loved how Richard incorporated his long S3 locks into Guy’s character arc. And how he equally “rocked the locks” when it came to Thorin’s beautiful long tresses in The Hobbit trilogy. Hard to imagine that character without the long, wavy dark mane shot through with silver and those fetching braids . . .


Of course, like Guy, Thorin was also magnificent when he wasn’t in the midst of a fray. Behold, Glamour Dwarf!

Richard kept his real hair quite short during the period of shooting TH (not surprising with that dome he had to wear atop his head plus that voluminous wig) and it was short for “Into the Storm” and close-cropped for his role in “The Crucible” on stage in London last year.  It will also be short in “Sleepwalker” and “Pilgrimage.”

For the role of Chop in “Urban and the Shed Crew,” we get Richard with long hair as he dons extensions once more.  Chop is definitely not a character that looks as if he just stepped out of a band box and I doubt “clean” is the first adjective that would pop into people’s minds when describing him. He’s shaggy-haired, doesn’t appear to shave too often, and mostly likes to dress down in fatigue jackets, plaid shirts with rolled up sleeves and faded jeans.  And I think Chop’s rather beautiful even when he’s a bit bloodied up and in need of some first aid. 213b91d0fc677a0e3e58cf34ccb07aaf (1)



untitled (4)


And OK, it looks like it would be fun to get up close and personal with Chop . . . as Anna Friel’s character does here. 😉


Richard and his ChaRActers clean up nicely, no doubt about it.  But there’s something about the man of many faces when he’s more casual, shall we say–the “blue jeans and t-shirt or plaid shirt” RA–that is really appealing to me. Perhaps because I can more easily relate to that image rather than the gobsmackingly stunning man in a designer tuxedo . . . perhaps he seems more approachable, more like someone I might know in real life?  Someone I might sit down and share a snack with and shoot the breeze?



Maybe it’s the plaid shirts with the rolled-up sleeves . . . the hairy forearms . . . and the floppy hair.  And stubble.  *sigh*

Whatever, he’s got it.

(Yeah, baby, he’s got it!!)

And I like *it*with a little extra hair on top. 😉


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  1. I share your sentiments about RA & love how you describe your visceral response to his various hairstyles (cuz they mirror mine😉). Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I enjoyed reading this piece (& discovering that I am not alone in my preferance to see more of his lovely curls!).

    • Thanks, RAfan, I am glad you read and enjoyed it. 😀 My husband just happens to have hair that appears to have a texture similar to RA’s–thick and soft with a natural tendency to curl when it gets any length to it. He had it cut pretty short for our long, hot summer here and I fully understand–but gosh, I DO miss his nape curls and ruffling his hair on top! I love that my favorite guy in all the world and my favorite crush have certain things in common. 😉 And you are certainly not alone in appreciating Richard’s lovely head of hair! ❤

  2. Yes to all of this, Angie. Ok, well, maybe not to the really long locks (not a fan), but yes, nape curls *mhhhh*.
    Loving your renewed RAlove posts, btw. It’s such a pleasure to read your prose, especially when applied to RA 🙂

    • Guyty, the funny thing is I am not generally a big fan of long hair on men. But something about it on Richard just trips my trigger! When I saw him in that Japanese promo for RH S3 dressed and coiffed as Sir Guy but speaking as Richard, I wasn’t sure . . . thought he looked a little too “Fabio” in it. But then I saw production stills of him in the character and all I could say was, “Yes!! Bring it on!” And from the first moments of that first ep of S3 I was simply–enthralled. And glad you are enjoying the posts! ❤ I am enjoying writing them.

  3. Oh I’m with you all the way on this one! That’s a STUNNING photo of Chop (The first one) and the one dancing in close contact with Anna Friel’s behind is just the sexiest thing I’ve seen!! Lucky Anna! Long shaggy suits him so well or Medieval S3 knight wow! Love it. Thankyou so much Angie.

    • I found that higher resolution image of Chop on PInterest and knew I had to have it. It really is a gorgeous photo of him. As for that dirty dancing screencap—all I can say is, I get IDEAS (“When you’re dancing and you’re dangerously near me, I get ideas, I get ideas . . .”) 😉 And you are welcome. 😀

  4. He’s been close cropped ever since i got to know him last summer, i am really longing for a few more cm of hair on that head! I think he’s actually more handsome with more hair 🙂 the close cropped look seems to bring out the angles in his face more, not in a bad way mind you 🙂
    But i’d love to see his softened look with a bit more hair. I realise i’m never going to get Guy’s hair back…. sighhh… but something in between would be very welcome just about now 🙂
    Apart from that i just miss Guy…

    • Yes, he can carry off the close-cropped hair much better than many men, and it works well with a beard of the right length–but oh, those waves and nape curls! Just can’t resist. RA has very strong masculine features and the longer hair does tend to soften all those angles just a little . . .

      If I could resurrect a character (of course, to me Guy is So Not Dead) of his and put him on the big screen, I’d love for it to be Guy. Imagine him on a big black stallion, his hair streaming in the wind . . . *sigh* I miss him, too.

    • Hey, Patricia, so happy to serve as your RA jet fuel provider. 😉 Yep, don’t blame you for skipping the Guy-free bits of the show. You have to focus on what is REALLY important. 😀

  5. With you all the way re the longer hair and the nape curls! Mind you, I loved his look at SDCC when he was on the Hannibal Panel. It quite took my breath away, especially after seeing it close-cropped for so long and with the beard too!! *sigh* I wonder what he will look like for “Berlin Station”? A beard, clean shaven or that alluring “designer” stubble? Short, long, or somewhere in between hair? Looking like Lucas or Proctor or ??? And can TPTB pleeease leave the hair on his chest alone! Normally not something I’m that fond of but on Richard? *fans self* 😉

    • Teutcher, you and I are often on the same page. 😉 I have wondered what his look for the Epix series will be as well. Something to look forward to . . . well, they will need to have him shirtless at least a couple of eps so we can properly study his chest hair or lack thereof . . . 😉

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