Debriefing the #cRAftingForCharity Auctions [Results!!!]


The results are in and what a great result it is!!! Kudos to Guytly and all those involved in this very worthwhile and creative project!

Guylty Pleasure

Auctions over – Guylty out” that’s the tabloid headline for this post, whereas a quality publication would probably focus on the hard facts (the proceeds of the auctions and donations) and the moral dimension (the thanks due to the supporters) of this initiative. Let’s stay classy then and talk about the success of this fundraiser. Because that is what you are dying to know…

Let me torture you precede that by saying that this auction has surpassed my dreams – again. With the previous auction less than four months ago, I did not bank on your ability or willingness to “cough up” again. When it became clear some time yesterday evening, well before the auction was closing, that we had broken the previous record, I was already overjoyed. Confetti. Balloons. 🙂 But overnight new bids came in and then in the final half hour of the auctions, it got…

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