So, what kind of ‘tipsy’ is tipsy Armitage? I admit I’d like to know, wouldn’t you?


I found this little chart on Pinterest and saved it. For what it’s worth, I’m glad to see I am a happy drunk rather than a sad one.

Earlier I was filling out some of the gazillion forms required for my neurologist appointment Wednesday. Among the many other health-related questions, I was asked how much alcohol I consume on average–how many drinks and how many days a week.  I asked Benny, “Uhm–do you think drinking something alcoholic roughly once or twice every couple of years would be the equivalent of ‘never,’ kiddo?”  He agreed.

Now, I haven’t always been such a Sober Sallie. In my long-ago college days, when the legal drinking age was 19 instead of 21, I did imbibe (albeit in the safety of our on-campus apartment and not out roaming the streets). And purportedly, I was very entertaining when I got tipsy. Silly and giggly and quite a lot of fun.


I think my widow was definitely a sad drunk. Probably a Pisces, since she drank like a fish.

A couple of years ago, I played a rich widow in a mystery dinner theater production. This lady liked her liquor a little too much and started making a lot of accusatory remarks about certain acquaintances before she ended up dead in the library. Afterwards, I was told I made a very believable drunk and I suspect from the sly glances they gave me that some people thought I did indulge . . . but as I told them, “Really, it’s all a matter of observation–and distant memory.”                                                            

So all of this got me to thinking, “What’s Richard Armitage like when he’s had a little too much to drink?” Is he giggly, jokey, playful? Somehow I can’t see him as the mean and moody type . . .

He’s told us a couple of drinks at a club turn him into “an animal on the dance floor.” Mmmmm, I’d like to see that. Richard taking off his jacket, loosening his tie, and with a slightly wicked grin, stepping onto the dance floor . . . and extending a hand to you to join him.




Remember these moves from his 2003 promo shoot for “Cold Feet?” Somehow I suspect that genial dorkiness just might show itself in a tipsy Armitage tripping the light fantastic.  Or how about some sexy snake hips tango, purportedly his favorite? Mmmmmmmmmm . . .


If you’ll dance with me, Mr. A, I’m there with you!



He’d apparently been indulging a bit at the Saturn Awards before receiving his trophy for his performance as Thorin and it certainly looked like he was having fun that night.  One could fantasize about having a right old Bacchanalia with this chap  . . .


Or a little dirty dancing, maybe? *wibble*



And just look at RA and his cast mates on the final day of Hobbit filming (July 23, 2013). Oh yes, there’s been some partying. An RA looks as if he’s full of mischief! Mischievous Armitage, I like.



Tipsy Armitage. It is such an appealing idea to me . . .

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  1. Hmm, yeah, interesting to ponder this one! Going by your chart (I’m aries), I’d be a horny/touchy-feely drunk. Hmm, that could be true in a tipsy state, more touchy-feely than horny though. And the few times I have gotten really drunk, I was more of a manic-depressive and ended up puking, not good, but still, I’m good with the touchy-feely description. My husband is a pisces and I think the sad drunk would go for him! Not that he gets sad, he just notices the influence of the alcohol and tries his utmost to stay in control, he hates losing control. So, that’s 2 out of 2 pretty much true. Which would mean Armitage’s Leo as a happy drunk could also be more or less spot on. I like to think so. 🙂

    • The one time I got just roaringly drunk, Esther, I remember the room spinning and then waking up the next morning with the most horrible headache ever and a large amount of vomit deposited next to my bed. When I realized I could have choked on that vomit and died during the night–let’s say it sobered me up in more ways than one. My husband and I are both Libras and I can truthfully say I have never seen the man drunk and I don’t think he ever has been drunk. Maybe a light buzz at most. I do find the image of a happy drunk RA so very appealing. 😉

    • My family is full of Leos. They hate losing control (or their dignity) and really control their intake or become really careful.
      Sagitarrius tho, they live for it. (Witness the difference in personality between Mick Jagger (Leo) and Keith Richards (Sagitarrius). Mick’s never let drugs or alcohol control him in the way Keith has. Jim Morrison is a textbook example of Sagitarrius ‘s wish to lose themselves).

      • My sister is a Leo and she’s very disciplined in that way, too, Cill. Good point about the contrast between MIck and Keith. I think Keith may have pickled his insides from everything he’s tried over the years. He was the perfect choice to play Captain Jack’s dad in the PotC films. Of course, I believe he was Depp’s inspiration for Jack Sparrow. 😉

  2. This is a philosophical question I’ve pondered myself 😀
    There is some evidence for dorkiness in dancing, according to John Bell, the actor who played Bard’s son. At a con in Europe, he did his imitation of RA dancing. I’ll see if I can find the link.

  3. Mmm I love mischievous Armitage too ❤ …. makes you wonder what tipsy Armitage might get himself into 😉 Can't believe it could be bad enough that I wouldn't enjoy being there 😀

  4. i’ve tried the drunk feel once and never again LOL and i’ve stopped pouring way too much Baileys over vanilla ice cream 😉
    I quite like the idea of him being on the funny and mischievous side, the glinting eyes certainly seem to point in that direction 🙂

  5. Ah, Bailey’s IS good. 😉 It is a very appealing thought. And the glint in his eye and the devilishness in that grin just cry out to me he’d be tons of fun in such circumstances. 😉

  6. Interesting . I am a Taurus , Venus in Taurus . I get horny . I am also laughing and could not shut my mouth when I am drunk , depends really , the people around me . I develop a cope on if I must . My Hubby is a Leo man , but with Mars in Aquarius , as Richard . He is a happy kitty when he is drunk , but not sexual at all. But when I offer his the chance he takes it , and than 2 drunks are making love . Lol He never rejects so .😅 My hubby born in 71 , and only 3 days older than Rich .

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