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Invisible Illness Awareness Week: What you can’t see does hurt us


I’m blogging all week–Invisible Illness Awareness Week–on my personal blog, Musings of a Mid-Century Modern Girl. Check it out!

Musings from a Mid-Century Modern Girl

Twenty-one years ago I had invasive surgery on a troublesome right knee (injured in a car accident in college). I had six months of intense PT before and another six months of PT after the procedure.
In spite of my best efforts, I found myself struggling to bounce back and it got really frustrating. At the time, I was just 34, still young(ish), yet I felt more like a senior citizen most days.
I remember a few months later talking with my department store co-workers as we left the store late one night.
“I don’t feel too great. In fact, I never feel really good anymore . . .”

I don’t think I’ve felt really good–well rested, fully alert and pain-free–in a very long time.
Look at me on the outside, and other than the excess weight I clearly carry, you’d probably think I’m pretty healthy.


Unfortunately, it is all an illusion. There are so…

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