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Post 3 & Change of Plans: Invisible Illness Awareness Week Continues


Post 3 for Invisible Illness Awareness Week–had change of plans after going on a mission of mercy. Read on!

Musings from a Mid-Century Modern Girl

There’s a slight change of plans afoot, my friends. I was going to blog today about how friends and family can best support those of us battling invisible illnesses. And I will still cover that topic, but I need a chance to chance to rest and recoup a bit. It was a busy day!

This afternoon I went to Montgomery to see the neurologist about my worsening headaches and problems with taking tumbles. We are going to try two meds that should not give me suicidal thoughts and crying jags (as did the Topomax) and it seems I am also a candidate for Botox injections, which have a proven track record of efficacy for migraine sufferers. I will keep you posted!

In addition, Spouse and I went on a kitten rescue mission. We captured three of seven kittens abandoned on a road near us (I’ve dubbed them the “Crick” Bank Kitties), brought…

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