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Post Four~Ways to help us in our battle~ Invisible Illness Awareness Week


The fourth post in my blogging for Invisible Illness Awareness Week. Ways you can show your support & things we want you to know about dealing with these conditions.

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(The story broke while I was composing this post re the horrific shooting at the community college in Roseburg, Oregon. My thoughts and prayers are with those injured and with the friends and family of those killed in this senseless act. )

POST FOUR–Invisible Illness Awareness Week

First of all, let me say this: what we don’t want is your pity.

What we DO want is your acknowledgement our illnesses are real and legitimate.

Believe us when we say we are in pain, feel completely exhausted or find ourselves badly befuddled by a serious case of brain fogTry to “walk a mile in our shoes” so you can see why we get irritable, frustrated, depressed. Know that when we sometimes snap back at you, it’s not about you–it’s the invisible illness talking. Cut us a little slack, OK?

Understand when we have to cancel plans or can’t participate in…

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