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Hail, hail, the (Crick Bank Kitty) gang’s all here! Happy, sad, and scabby (me, not the kitties)


Update on my real life activities with the Crick Bank Gang and this weird bacterial infection . . . Happy, Sad and Scabby. That’s me!

Musings from a Mid-Century Modern Girl

The beautiful and regal Midnight, the eldest of the Crick Bank Kitties (who came from various assorted and sundry litters, it seems).

In this past week, we’ve gained three new family members and said a final goodbye to another.

It all happened on the same day, in fact. Benny, who is, I’ve decided, the cat whisperer of Butler County, took the TNR trap we borrowed from Annie and managed, one at a time, to capture Midnight, Smokey and Marmalade and bring them to the house. Finally–all of the Crick Bank Gang Kitties were residing on Pecan Ridge. Hooray!

P1190610cuddlewPunkin Punkin decided to cuddle with Marmalade, Smokey and Midnight on Friday night. Benny alerted me to this “Kodak Moment.”

However, our happiness was tempered by the loss of sweet, curious, gentle Spock, he of the alien-looking ears and unusual blue-green eyes. Unlike the other kittens we had already rescued, Spock never seemed to gain…

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