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RA’s bad boys always catching my eye . . . how ’bout yours?


I had a very lazy day today. It rained pretty much all day long . . .  and I could never get motivated to do a great deal except rest the sore, aching knee, play with the cats and snooze a bit. Dreamed about banquets with hot dogs and ham and vast amounts of candles on the tables, and oversleeping and missing a 7 a.m. arrival time at an event, which put me in a panic. Happily it was just a dream.

Meanwhile, in RL, it looks as if we will be shooting a dance recital next weekend in two parts, a ballet of “Cinderella” and then a tap/jazz portion. It’s not a huge school so the event won’t drag out for hours and hours as these things can (having been to my niece’s recitals at her large Birmingham school).  And the letters were posted today to the high school seniors’ parents re the graduation package we will be offering,  Yes, May is looking pretty busy. And, one hopes, lucrative. 😉 Have a wonderful weekend!



courtesy of RA Frenzy

courtesy of RA Frenzy




I love those ‘Black Sheep’


I’ve been listening to a song by Gin Wigmore which is being used in the promos for the new season of “Dallas.”

Even though it’s sung by a woman with a female POV, some of the lyrics really remind me of some of you-know-who’s ChaRActers:

Make me mad, I’m not here to please
Paint me in a corner but my colour comes  back
Once you go black, you never go back
I’m a black sheep
I’m a black  sheep

And those words dancing in my head led me to do some photo editing with some of RA’s sexy “bad boy” blokes who love to dress in black. And we, of course, love them in their black shirts and black leather . . .

‘Cause once you black, you never go back.








How about a Saturday Smorgasbord?



Unfadingly handsome

I have some stuff I want to write about but I really need some sleep. So I am going to share some nice piccies of Mr. A.’s ChaRActer and see if I can zone out here and catch some ZZZs while my hair dries. Hope your weekends are going well.


Beauty underpinned by brains


against-the-law handsome


Portah is comin’ . . . eyeballs, behave!


Lick-his-boots seductive

A Prince of Pseudology: TAE Word for the Day



Pseudology: (noun) lying considered as an art.  Pseudology comes from two Greek words, pseudo-, meaning “false,” and ology, meaning “the study of.”  The word does not literally mean the study of lying, but has come to embody “the art of lying.”

I found myself thinking of the crafty charmer John Mulligan, who is awfully good at deception. The silver-tongued devil could be considered a master of pseudology. And here’s a tribute to the prince of pseudology I made a while back, Hypnotize Me.

Give me an Armitage hero



I am still in a heroic mode. Well, I am not a hero. But I want to pay tribute to Mr. Armitage, a personal hero of mine, and his wonderful characters, with all their flaws and inner conflicts, their ambiguities, who become our heroes. I prefer them to the guys in the capes and tights with the super powers. Give me an Armitage hero.

















Richard Armitage: Goodness Gracious!! (new fanvid)


Actually, it’s a couple of weeks old, but it took a while to get the thing loaded (once again, thank you, Benny). Be sure and watch on highest quality setting available and *WARNING. VIDEO CONTAINS FLASHING EFFECTS* Also contains a lot of images of gorgeous Richard Armitage. That requires a warning label in and of itself. It’s a rockin’ homage to our lovely lad’s sexy ChaRActers.

Armitage Sunday SmoRgAsbord: From Sir Guy to the painter guy . . .

Glamour Guy, looking confident and sexxxxxy.

Glamour Guy, looking confident and sexxxxxy.

I am going to attempt something almost unheard of around here for me: going to sleep before 1 a.m. I may not accomplish my goal, but I am gonna give it that old college try. There are things I really need to do tomorrow.

But before I don my sleep mask and turn on the white noise, let me lay out the table with a selection of delectables for you all to enjoy.  Have a lovely Sunday and enjoy the latest smoRgAsbord!


Porter. Never count him out.

Porter. Never count him out.

Oh, Lucas. Such a beautiful man. And So Not Dead (and So NOT Bateman).

Oh, Lucas. Such a beautiful man. And So Not Dead (and So NOT Bateman).

Sweetie John: earnest, honest, caring, committed.

Sweetie John: earnest, honest, caring, committed.

Need I say more?

Need I say more?

I atill worry about this.

I atill worry about this.


Sunday Smorgasbord: From Dwarven King to Criminal Charmer







Sunday Smorgasbord: Take Out and Eat


Back in the day, my husband’s grandmother used to encourage her guests around the dinner table to “take out and eat.” May I encourage you to more or less do the same, my friends. 😉  What a variety of “dishes” Mr. Armitage and his ChaRActers offer!

Naughty, naughty!! T-t-t-tease me, you bad boys . . .


Charming. Disarming. Seductive. Tempting. Teasing. RA’s ChaRActers being such naughty, naughty guys. Who can resist?

RA’s Heartbreakers: Rogues, Cons & Bad Boys


Philip Durant, the husband with the roving eye and a potential murder suspect in Agatha Christie’s Ordeal by Innocence.

Lee Preston, the firty-girty lifeguard with the irresistible charm and an inability to be faithful to one woman in “Cold Feet.”

The charming Stage Door Johnny, Percy Courtenay, who swept future Edwardian musical hall star Marie Lloyd of her feet in “Marie Lloyd.”

John Mulligan, the boy from the wrong side of the tracks turned successful businessman–and, perhaps, more in :”Moving On.”

Heinz Kruger, crafty murderous spy for the evil Hydra in “Captain America.”

Percy and his angel face after shaving.