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You’re a charmer, Mr. M


One of my favorite RA bad boys, John Mulligan.  He’s mighty purty, and he’s a charmer. Is he redeemable or rotten through and through? Yep, one of those characters I would love to discuss with Richard himself. Amongst so many other things . . .
(this video doesn’t appeared to be blocked at my old channel–somehow more than 3,000 people have viewed it. Give it a try . . .)

Because the beauty just gets to me.


It amazes, gobsmacks, floors, overwhelms, stuns, takes my breath away.  So much beauty in one human being.





Sunday Smorgasbord: Because Just One is Not Enough


More of a melange of amazing menfolk courtesy of Mr. Armitage. I will try to catch up with everyone’s comments in the AM.. Maybe I won’t cry on my keyboard by then. ūüėČ

Sunday Smorgasbord


Because there’s just too much ChaRActer goodness to stick with just one today.¬† So here’s some Guy (and Marian), Lucas, Portah, Monet, Thorin and Mulligan!









Richard Armitage is poetry


Richard Armitage is poetry. He is poetry in his stillness, and in motion. He is poetry aloud and in the moments of silence. He is poetry in the laughter and the pain, the joy and the sorrow. He is poetry in his humanity, in all its flawed beauty, its imperfect perfection.

His characters become flesh and blood and bone to me. I see through their eyes, through his eyes, and journey with them. And even when they behave in disappointing and even abhorrent ways I cannot wholly condemn them.  Because I am human, too, and full of my own foibles and failings.  

I rejoice with them in those happy moments.  I grieve when their end comes. They have become friends, allies, fellow travelers on this fascinating and difficult and unpredictable journey. It is so hard for me to say goodbye that I simply have to Love them into Being.

The artistry of Richard Armitage touches my heart, my mind and my soul. Yes, he is a physically gorgeous man,  and I gladly celebrate all that distinctive masculine beauty.

 But were it not for the poetry I see within him, in the way he moves and speaks and simply is; were it not for the intelligence, the sensitivity, the humor, the intensity, the tenderness that I see in his face, his eyes, his smile, his hands, his being, all that outward beauty would be nothing but an empty shell.  Pretty to look at but ultimately forgettable.

For me, he is unforgettable.  He makes me more fully realize what it means to be human. To be humane.

Richard Armitage is poetry . . .

Screencaps courtesy of RichardArmitageNet

The Eyes Have It


Oh, those eyes. Beguiling, alluring, sleepy, smouldering,¬†pleading,¬†angry, angsty, ferocious, suspicious,¬†kind, tender . . . they can express so much, can’t they? And Richard certainly knows how to use them.¬† Now, as I am yawning my dang fool head off, I am going to try to get some shuteye. Later, ladies.

Musings & Some Mulligan for Monday


After my regularly scheduled tossing and turning, I finally drifted off to sleep sometime after the break of dawn and snoozed for several hours. No dreams about fedoras or lunchrooms this time, at least, none that I recall. Sadly, no dreams about Mr. A, either.

It’s been a while, come to think of it, since I did dream of Richard or one of his characters. What fun I had the time I interviewed him in the back of that limo. Can’t remember what we talked about, only that he was sweet and funny, articulate¬†and charming–and just a little flirtatious . . . and gorgeous, of course.

I’ve been hanging out with my own sweet, funny, charming, adorable husband, who is enjoying his rare day off, and the funny, charming, adorable Callie Cat. Skimming through the comments left since¬†I finally fell asleep, I saw a request from Xenia for some sexy bad boy Johnnie Mulligan. And here he is . . .

How come guys who look like this never show up at the door?

¬†Yes, between the beautiful hand, those arresting eyes (“The better to eat you with, my dear”) and the parted lips, it’s a clear case of fork porn.

Oh, the ever-eloquent eyebrow and that over-the-shoulder smile.

Between the heavy stubble, the fetching curls at the nape of his neck,¬† the beguiling smile, the slight forehead crinkle–and those eyes!–I’m a goner.


John, you can literally charm the pants off the ladies, can’t you?

It’s too darned hot . . .


The air conditioner is now humming away, what with the thermometer sitting at 90 degrees right now. By Saturday, it is forecast to hit the mid-90s.  Oh, what the heck–might as well warm things up just a little bit more. Somehow, certain types of heat make you feel really–good, n’est-ce pas?

The unforgettable JP


Sgt. John Porter: a¬†character our pacifist¬†Richard didn’t think he wanted to play.¬† But on a second look at the script, Richard saw a potential in the role that did not register initially.¬† It would be a challenge to create a soldier who was believably tough and hard when need be, and yet had that humanity, that soft center that made him more than just a highly efficient killing machine.¬† A flawed hero and a thoroughly admirable one in so many ways–the “better man” Richard would wish to be.



I would say¬†RA certainly succeeded in reaching his goal.¬†There are those who¬†were unhappy with Richard’s decision to play this role, saying that it overlapped too much with another “action” role,¬† that of¬†Lucas North¬†in Spooks.

I would argue that other than the fact Lucas was in MI5¬†and Porter, MI6, and both are of a heroic bent, ¬†the characters¬†don’t bear much resemblance to one another.¬† Lucas, a university graduate,¬†is bookish, cerebral and enigmatic; Porter, with his working-class roots,¬†doesn’t hold his cards quite so close to his vest. Their backgrounds and personalities are quite different.

As crafted by Richard, they are two very separate and distinct characters onscreen, each with his own particular strengths and weaknesses.

Porter wins us over with his tender love for his little girl, with his kindness to a terrified and traumatized Katie, with his willingness to not fly under the radar in the prison in order to save the boy from rape,¬†and more.¬†He is brave and resourceful, capable of great anger and also willing to forgive. He has a strong moral compass, this “good man sent by God.”

He’s a¬†modern-day knight in khaki and camo who moves with a dancer’s grace.¬†Porter is¬†the sort of man we’d hope would arrive if we found ourselves in a terrible jam. He says, “Trust me.” And we do.

Some have objected to  Richard appearing in Strike Back because he played a soldier and there is a certain amount of violence inherent in a military action drama. Yes, John Porter certainly knows his way around weapons. I found him exciting to watch in those action sequences, quite frankly (but then I do not have a problem with watching this type of story, as long as the violence is not highly gratuitous with bombs and bullets flying around every corner. Needless to say, SB:Project Dawn was SOOOO not my thing).

And yes, Porter is very sexy, and not just due to those impressive muscles Richard worked so hard to create. Porter’s chivalry, his good heart, his sweet flirtatiousness, his determination to do what is necessary to carry out his mission even at the possible cost of his life–all these things make him so very appealing to me.¬† Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he looks so good in that khaki and camo and his dress uniform. ūüėČ

In¬†Richard’s hands, John Porter is¬†much, much more than another movie meathead with muscles and an AK-47. He has intelligence, a heart and a soul.

For me, he is yet another unforgettable Richard Armitage chaRActer and one of my personal favorites.  John Portah, I salute you!

And the bad boys . . .


Ah, Sir Guy. Beautiful, swaggering, smouldering alpha male, the sheriff’s right-hand-man, hungry for power and wealth–and for someone to trust and to love, who will give him love and loyalty in return. Richard says it is so much fun to play the bad guy. When it’s Richard playing the role and¬†giving it so much¬†nuance and depth, you¬†love¬†watching the bad guy, too. And sometimes, you find them downright irresistible.

There’s John Mulligan, who is handsome and and¬†oh-so¬†charming and successful–and involved in drug dealing.¬†¬†Lee Preston, gorgeous flirty-girty¬†lifeguard¬†with the face of an angel, the body of an Adonis¬†and the libido of a tom cat, the two¬†Philips, Durant and Turner, philanderers who end up as murder suspects . . .

A villain we can relate to: Richard’s shades of grey


I was reading through some reviews of the movie Something Borrowed earlier and this comment by it_director jumped out at me in reference to the loathsome character played by Kate Hudson, supposedly the best friend of the heroine of the piece, played by Ginnifer Godwin:

“Yes, you need a villain, it helps make a story, but the best villains are people we can relate to.”

And I was working on this piece of fanart with John Mulligan at the time–well, the words seemed perfect for the sort of bad guys Richard gives us. Forget Christian and his all-over-the-map emotions in¬†50 Shades–give me Richard Armitage‘s beautifully, subtly nuanced and carefully crafted characters. No two-dimensional cardboard cutout villains, or for that matter, no boring, bland one-note¬†good guys.

Richard looks for the good in the bad guys, and the bad in the good guys. He recognizes we all have our light and dark side, our strengths and weaknesses, our heroic and shameful moments. He delivers humanity to us in his performances, and that is part of what makes them so very compelling.


He keeps us guessing, he makes us stop and think; he touches our hearts and fires our imaginations.¬† Even when the script is dodgy, he makes it somehow believable.¬† Honestly, if Richard hadn’t been playing the role of Lucas/Bateman I think the whole ninth series might have been laughed off the screen.

(Oh, and by the way. Something Borrowed is not on my recommended list.¬† It seems to me Kate Hudson has ended up in a lot of mediocre movies. This was one more. There are some good performances, but too many wishy-washy and “morally fluid” characters for my tastes and the film seems to go on forever.)

A lazy Sunday, Lucrezia & Stuff


Logo from the television program Game of Thrones

Sherlock (TV series)
Sherlock (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, talk about a lazy Sunday. Last night was one where neither of us rested well. My eyes were on an itching marathon–even the drops didn’t help much–and inclement weather was on the move in our direction. Between Benny’s fractured leg of last summer and my bum knee and still healing tailbone, we tend to “feel it in our bones.” And–we aren’t as young as we used to be, alas. Except at heart. ūüėČ

We were just starting to slip into sleep this morning when–the weather radio siren sounded and the thunder rolled.
Ah well, at least we didn’t get the large hail and damaging winds that could have come with the line of thunderstorms. I napped off and on all day. As I said, lazy, lazy.

Holliday as Lucrezia Borgia. Isn’t she gorgeous? (photo courtesy of Showtime)

Looking forward to a new episode of Game of Thrones tonight, followed by the second series of Sherlock on Masterpiece Theatre–I love this updated twist on my favorite consulting detective–and later, a new ep of The Borgias with lovely Holliday Grainger as Lucrezia. Lots of intrigue, mystery and treachery tonight with several of RA’s former and current co-stars–Martin Freeman, Lara Pulver (not surprised to see “Izzie” as a dominatrix, LOL) and Holliday. In the end, all roads lead back to Richard Armitage and his amazing array of chaRActers.