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He doesn’t need improvement. *sigh*


When I look at Richard, this is what I see,

poetry in motion . . . poetry in motion, walkin’ by my side

(I wish!)

His lovely locomotion, keeps my eyes open wide (what a dish!)

Poetry in motion, see that sexy sway

A wave out on the ocean, could never move that way  . . .

I love every movement, and there’s nothing I would change

He doesn’t need improvement, he’s much too nice to re-arrange . . .

(my take on Johnny Tillotson‘s “Poetry in Motion“)




How about a Saturday Smorgasbord?



Unfadingly handsome

I have some stuff I want to write about but I really need some sleep. So I am going to share some nice piccies of Mr. A.’s ChaRActer and see if I can zone out here and catch some ZZZs while my hair dries. Hope your weekends are going well.


Beauty underpinned by brains


against-the-law handsome


Portah is comin’ . . . eyeballs, behave!


Lick-his-boots seductive

By popular request: More of Portah, John Portah!


Everyone seemed so happy to see our sexy sergeant earlier today, I thought I would whip up another post featuring our tough, take-no-prisoners, savvy-yet-sensitive John Porter of MI-6.


1i (3)portahsteelyeyedbefunkydebriefep1_267




Give me an Armitage hero



I am still in a heroic mode. Well, I am not a hero. But I want to pay tribute to Mr. Armitage, a personal hero of mine, and his wonderful characters, with all their flaws and inner conflicts, their ambiguities, who become our heroes. I prefer them to the guys in the capes and tights with the super powers. Give me an Armitage hero.

















Sunday SmoRgAsbord: Smiles, smoulders and bondage–oh my!



Because he does all of the above so very well, doesn’t he?

A-mt6mmCYAAxr0W.png tglarge





“Christmas Magic” is in the air: New Holiday Fanvid!


I put this together last night and took advantage of my sister’s wi-fi here in the big city to upload it. I hope you’ll enjoy the festive images, winter landscape and the talents of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. A Very Merry Christmas to one and all!

Richard Armitage: Goodness Gracious!! (new fanvid)


Actually, it’s a couple of weeks old, but it took a while to get the thing loaded (once again, thank you, Benny). Be sure and watch on highest quality setting available and *WARNING. VIDEO CONTAINS FLASHING EFFECTS* Also contains a lot of images of gorgeous Richard Armitage. That requires a warning label in and of itself. It’s a rockin’ homage to our lovely lad’s sexy ChaRActers.

Alexipharmic Armitage: TAE Word for the Day


alexipharmic: (adjective)(1) warding off poison or infection; antidotal; prophylactic. (2) an alexipharmic agent, especially an internal antidote.

Alexipharmic arose to prominence in the early Baroque period, from the Greek alexien, ‘to avert,’ and pharmakon, meaning ‘drug.’ Alexipharmic was the dominant adjective form until ‘antidotal’ overtook it in the 1640s.  (courtesy of

Are you about to become infected by Real Life? Worries at work–worries you don’t have work–disagreements between friends–broken computers–broken hearts–holiday overload–neighbors from hell–nasty cold . . . Whatever the difficulty, the dilemma, the doubt, the darkness, somehow, this man and his ChaRActers seem to be alexipharmic.

Just looking at him, those smiles, those eyes, that profile, makes me feel some of life's poison leach away.

Just looking at him, those smiles, those eyes, that profile, makes me feel some of life’s poison leach away.

Sunny, funny, sweet, sexy Harry Kennedy. Who can resist?

Sunny, funny, sweet, sexy Harry Kennedy. Who can resist?

Oh, Dr. Track. Your bedside manner is unparalleled.

Oh, Dr. Track. Your bedside manner is unparalleled.

Lucas: cerebral, sensitive, dedicated to queen, country and his team. Beautiful.

Lucas: cerebral, sensitive, dedicated to queen, country and his team. Beautiful. The world feels safer with you and Ros on watch.

He’s got the alexipharmic power to make life more bearable, better, more beautiful. I recommend several generous doses daily.

Armitage Sunday SmoRgAsbord: From Sir Guy to the painter guy . . .

Glamour Guy, looking confident and sexxxxxy.

Glamour Guy, looking confident and sexxxxxy.

I am going to attempt something almost unheard of around here for me: going to sleep before 1 a.m. I may not accomplish my goal, but I am gonna give it that old college try. There are things I really need to do tomorrow.

But before I don my sleep mask and turn on the white noise, let me lay out the table with a selection of delectables for you all to enjoy.  Have a lovely Sunday and enjoy the latest smoRgAsbord!


Porter. Never count him out.

Porter. Never count him out.

Oh, Lucas. Such a beautiful man. And So Not Dead (and So NOT Bateman).

Oh, Lucas. Such a beautiful man. And So Not Dead (and So NOT Bateman).

Sweetie John: earnest, honest, caring, committed.

Sweetie John: earnest, honest, caring, committed.

Need I say more?

Need I say more?

I atill worry about this.

I atill worry about this.


He’s downright balsamaceous, that boy: TAE Word for the Day


(And I’d like to hear him say that word, too.)

Balsamaceous: (adjective): Possessing healing or restorative properties.

The word derives from the Latin balsamum, “resin of the balm tree.” The substance is historically celebrated for its aroma and healing properties.

Dr. Track is a healer by profession, and with his steadfast dedication and delightful bedside manner, he certainly makes us feel better.

And whilst John Porter is a tough soldier by trade with kickass skills, his gentleness and compassion helped Katie through the trauma of her captivity even as he worked to free her. This balsamaceous hero is tops in our books.

Our Victorian hero, Mr. Thornton, restores our belief in foolish passion and sweet romance. Surely he’s been a balm to many a troubled spirit.

Dear Harry Kennedy. His sweet, sunny, nurturing nature–perhaps a reflection of his CReAtor’s own lovely character?–cannot fail to bring a smile to our faces and a warm tug on our hearts.

Just a few examples of Mr. A’s balsamaceous characters. But of course, the most balsamaceous of them all is the man himself.

Lovely, funny, brilliant, modest, insightful, endearing, charismatic . . . how you touch our hearts, minds and souls, Richard Armitage.

I am happy. Let me tell you the reasons why.


(1) Today is Black Friday, traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year here in the good old USA. Some people are currently rushing Wal-Mart and other retailers to grab their gift bargains.

I, however, am still here in my black rose pajamas, all comfy and cozy, and quite chuffed that I have ordered something for my husband which he really wants, wouldn’t buy for himself and I saved 65 percent off the regular retail price, no sales tax and very cheap shipping. I do love bagging a bargain in my jammies.

(2) I have two new videos made which I think you are really going to enjoy. Very uptempo, with brand-new special effects, and fun!! Like a party in a video. Now, still having issues with uploading, so there will be a delay–but it’s something for you to look forward to. 😀

3) It’s Guyday Friday. Always a reason to be happy.

(4)  This.

Here’s the enlarged photo from the AccionCine movie magazine, thanks to RAFrenzy. Squee!!




Oh, my. This made me very, very happy. The v-necked white T reminded me of Porter. Those biceps. The hair on the forearms. Those eyes. Is that manly stubble I spy? Guh . . . .   how’s your day going?

A Bountiful Harvest of RA


‘Tis the season to enjoy such a bounty and count our blessings.  Hope your day, be it holiday or work day, is going well.  And if not–maybe these will make it a little better.

Sunday Smorgasbord: Sunshine, Smoulder, Sex Appeal


Oh, the sunshine of that smile. Darling, darling Harry.

Sir Guy. Such haunting beauty.  Those eyes . . . the mouth.


Oh, Danni, you lucky girl, you. That is one gorgeous and sexy hunk of a hero you’ve got there!

Lucas. Brave, haunted, damaged–but still a hero.  Still Lucas. John who?


Porter from that fantastic viral video. One minute of raw intensity. What a performance. And the thoughts we find in our head . . .

Speaking of intense, here’s our favorite dwarf warrior. He has no trouble smouldering, does he??