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Cerebral. Enigmatic. Loyal. Dedicated. Dangerous. Haunted. Beautiful. Cat-like. Sexy as hell . . . and So Not Dead.  Let’s celebrate Luscious Lucas, shall we?

Here’s Lucas North: Sexy Spyman (A gratuitous Lucas North video) set to the classic Peter Gunn theme:

One of my early Lucas vids, set to Goldfrapp’s seductive “Oh-la-la”—“Oh child of Venus, you’re just made for love . . .”

Simply Sublime, that Serendipity Should Send RA to Me . . .


I do love a bit of alliteration.

I mentioned that “splendiferous” is one of my favorite words in the English language.  To that I would have to add “sublime,” a word Hermione Norris, Richard’s co-star in Spooks and Cold Feet, used to describe him. Sublime: of such excellence, grandeur and beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe. Boy, did she hit the nail on the head or what? (I do love a smart, insightful woman who can also kick some major arse and look stylish doing it.)

The sublime Richard Armitage as the sublime Lucas North.

I am also very fond of the word “serendipity.” Serendipity: the act of finding something valuable or delightful when you are not looking for it. The occurrence or development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

I wasn’t looking for a brilliant, masterful, charismatic actor whose performances would touch my heart and soul. I wasn’t actively seeking out a man whose physical beauty would take my very breath away, an individual whose qualities as a human being–his kindness, thoughtfulness, modesty, groundedness, sense of humour and more–would stir such admiration and respect  and affection inside me.  Yet I found all of this by happy accident–by serendipity–one night in 2007 when I turned on my television and a tall, dark, leather-clad henchman came riding into my life.  Oh, I didn’t know all that yet, not then.

But as the months passed, I came to realize what a treasure this (then) somewhat obscure British actor named Richard Crispin Armitage, a fellow who had so completely captured my fancy, truly was.

I have speculated that Richard Armitage comes onto our radar when we need him most, even if we have no idea of it at the time. I was going through a difficult period with the health issues of our parents, Benny’s and mine, and coming to terms with their inevitable decline and loss. Since serendipity led me to discover the sublime RA, we have lost my mother, his father and a young nephew in heartbreaking ways. I have dealt with extended unemployment and a car accident that left me in horrific pain for longer than I care to remember, along with the everyday complications of chronic health conditions.

It’s all been made easier, a little more bearable, through the face, the voice, the words, the performances of Richard Armitage.  I’ve gotten cathartic benefits and the satisfaction of crafting something entertaining, moving, thought-provoking through the creative avenues I have been inspired to pursue–fiction, vidding, fanart, blogging–revolving around this very special man. And I have benefitted from the similar effect he has on so many others.

An exuberant RA with one of the scale doubles for The Hobbit during a fund-raising event in Wellington. I give YOU two big thumbs up, Mr. Armitage.

And the friends, oh! the wonderful, bright, witty, intelligent, talented, creative, compassionate friends I have made across the world, thanks to that serendipity that brought RA onto my radar.

It’s simply–sublime. Many thanks to Richard Armitage and to  you all for making my life a happier, more beautiful and creative one.

Ros & Lucas: Dynamic (SND) Duo!


I thought Ros and Lucas truly made a great team on Spooks. Here was a pair of smart, savvy spies who looked sleek and sexy and didn’t still need training wheels. They had each other’s back. Lucas and Ros had a mutual respect and admiration. I adored their flirtatious banter. They knew “colleagues are OK.” And both, by the way, are So Not Dead.

I have always loved Hermione Norris as an actress, and let us not forget she is the one who declared Richard Armitage (who had acted with her earlier in his career in Cold Feet) to be “sublime.” Obviously this talented lady is also one who possesses the Good Taste Gene. Long live Lucas and Ros, MI-5‘s Dynamic Duo!

“Twofer” Tuesday: The Soldier and the Spy


MI-5 and MI-6’s finest: Lucas North of the Security Services and SAS soldier Sgt. John Porter. One spent eight years in a Russian prison,  wondering who had sold him out to their enemy as he faced torture, humiliation and deprivation on a daily basis. The other suffered his own hell when a Middle Eastern mission he was heading went pear-shaped, One mate was dead, another in a vegetative state. And signs pointed to Porter’s poor judgement being the cause.  Porter lost the trust and respect of his men, his wife and found his relationship with his only child on shaky ground.

Both men have something to prove to the world–and to themselves. Both have suffered loss and betrayal and are determined to discover the truth. They want the opportunity to make themselves useful, to return to some semblance of normality in their lives. They can be tough and ruthless and at the same time, tender and compassionate. Flawed and damaged though they may be, they are still most worthy of our respect and admiration.  Oddly enough, in spite of the fact they are fictional characters, the world feels just a little safer to me with these two fellows on watch.

Lucas and JP are amongst my personal superheroes. Who needs Superman, Batman or Spidey when you have North and Porter??

Now, THAT’S a litotes!: TAE Word for the Day


Richard Armitage is really not a bad actor. RA isn’t an unattractive fellow. Guy is not an undesirable male.

All of the above are examples of litotes.

Litotes (LAHY-tuh-tees, li-TUH-tees, lahy-TOE-tees) (noun): understatement, especially that in which an affirmative is expressed by the negative of its contrary, as in “not bad at all.”  Origin: 1650-1660. From the Greek meaning “plainness, simplicity.”

It is, perhaps, not strictly speaking a litotes, but I find myself also thinking of a quote from, I believe, someone commenting at one of Vicki Frost’s Spooks blog posts: “Richard Armitage is OK eye candy.” OK? Just OK??

For RA, with his Entire Body of Temptation, with those mesmerizing eyes, that amazing smile, that stunning bone structure–is Grade A Number One First Class Eye Candy. And sooooo much more.  A fine, dedicated, detailed actor and an intelligent, charismatic, kind, lovely human being. To say he’s not a bad-looking guy or not a bad actor would be, well– nothing less than litotes, n’est-ce pas?

More Studies in Sepia and Autumnal Reflections


Two for Tuesday: The Artist and the Spy


Lucas, in my Land of the So Not Dead, is now happily out of the spy game and re-discovering the love he had for art. I loaned him art supplies as a form of therapy after the great mission to rectify what was done to him by TPTB. And  for Christmas that year, I gave him supplies of his own. He’s done beautifully ever since then, growing in his skills and exploring his creativity, healing little by little, one day at a time. Monsieur Monet stepped in when I requested it to provide further artistic tutelage. It’s been a happy arrangement.

Those two have since become fast friends as well as teacher and student. Two men of different nationalities, from different times and places, yet able to find common ground.

Color therapy with Luscious Lucas


I’ve always been fascinated by color psychology. I remember my high art teacher choosing blue as the color for our new art room. “I want it to feel as if you are in a swimming pool–relaxing, serene.”  Blue is a color that many people equate with calm and serenity.

In ancient cultures, chromotherapy–using the power of color to heal–was practiced. Different colors were believed to have different helpful properties.

Blue was believed to soothe illnesses and treat pain.

Blue is also a color we associate with the character of Lucas North. Those cornflower eyes, more striking than ever in the cool tones of the lights and sets on Spooks; his French blue shirts and those snug-fitting azure pullovers complimenting those eyes and contrasting with the fair skin and dark hair.  Do Lucas and his beautiful blue peepers have the power to heal and soothe?  I could use some healing power right about now, how about you?

Behold the Sexy!


It’s been one of those nights. Slept a while, woke up at 2 a.m. Had a couple of coughing fits, got something to drink and watched a good, if rather disturbing, film In Her Skin while I served as a cat bed. Well, I do have extra cushioning.

It’s now 5  a.m. Some of you will be getting up soon for work or you’re already there. Some of you are like me  and you’ve been under the weather.  It’s Wednesday in this part of the world, Hump Day, half-way through the work week.  Maybe you need a mid-week pick-me-up; maybe you need something to counteract the sneezing/sniffing/coughing/aching/bone tiredness you’re experiencing. So here’s some Luscious Lucas.

“Lucas blue eyes” so much better than red, weepy ones


I have a new video uploading, which will take close to four hours *sigh* but I hope you’ll enjoy it when it does get uploaded. As I mentioned in comment replies, I am having a nasty allergy attack today and had little sleep, so the prospects for me finishing my birthday bash story today are not looking all that swell.  I am sipping hot tea with local honey mixed in to try to help relieve the symptoms.

I feel your pain, my dear.

Anyway, before Morpheus possibly overtakes me again (for some odd reason, I like to imagine Morpheus looks just like Richard Armitage)  I thought I would share some images of sweet, sexy, beautiful Lucas and his baby blue eyes . . .

Catch y’all later!

Green-eyed beauty


Some may argue with me, but Richard’s eyes definitely appeared to be green–a striking crystalline green– in much of Strike Back. We discovered just how flattering the camo colors–the olives, the khakis–were on Mr. A as John Porter, especially when set against the backdrop of the South African landscape. And, of course, the man really rocks the scarves. And the camo makeup. And pretty much–everything.

But, oh–those green eyes . . .

A bit more of lovely Lucas


Here’s more of our favorite spy from MI-5.  I’m battling a headache/jawache thing so I am going to take a break for a while for supper and some pain meds.  Rest assured Sir Guy will make an appearance later to officially kick off Guyday Friday. As if I could hold him back!




More of that stunning spy


Lucas is beautiful in all his looks for me–lean, haunted Lucas fresh from prison; a Lucas whose diet has improved allowing him to fill out to more Guy-like proportions, and Lucas by way of Porter, complete with the even more bodacious biceps and bulging thighs, very sexy indeed.

There is, however, an undeniably ethereal quality to his face in S7; a countenance stripped of any cushion of fat, the elegant bones more accentuated, the eyes seeming to fill even more of his chiseled face.  With the lighting on the set, Lucas takes on a positively fey look that is quite unforgettable.