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One intense minute


A post by gisbornesboy trying to locate the source of a particular GIF led me to this entry. Even if you’ve never seen Strike Back, don’t intend to watch Strike Back or simply haven’t visited this particular video in a while, you owe it to yourself to take only one minute and watch this, trust me.
It’s the SB Viral test video made by
Sean shot the video footage while a promotional photo shoot for SB was talking place. I swear, I can almost feel that gritty sand on my own skin. The earth tones, the sound effects, the editing and Richard’s brilliant acting all add up to one INTENSE minute. The video impacted me so strongly, I ended up writing a ficlet based on the video called Captive not to mention the fanart and GIFs based on it.

This fanart is based on one of the photos taken during the shoot that coincided with the viral vid shoot. A very powerful image.

Porter in Peril


There’s just something about Richard’s alpha male characters when they are tied up, whether it’s to a bed, a chair, a tree or otherwise.
Trust me: I am really not into heavy bondage. I have no desire to pull a 50 Shades in RL. But in Fantasyland, one can contemplate what one might do before–or during–or after she rescues the big, strong man. Once there were The Perils of Pauline; here are some of the Perils of Porter.

More of that sexy Portah . . .


More Portah for you JP lovers. And some more of Portah and Danni. While I think the train station scene in N&S is the most romantic of Richard’s productions, I have to say that all-too-brief dream/fantasy sequence featuring Porter and Danni in flagrante delicto in the office is the sexiest of them all IMHO.

They sizzle together, these two gorgeous creatures, and get out of the way when RA plays the ardent lover–unless you want to get burned.  It definitely helps when he’s opposite someone with whom he has chemistry. GOR as Sarah Caulfield, anyone? No, I didn’t think so, either.  Sure, he can manufacture chemistry–heck, he can smoulder with his back!– but it’s nice if the person playing his partner can do the same.

Porter as John Dean, the sexy diamond smuggler.  Oh, what he can do with those eyes.  Definitely a penetrating gaze.

Part of the sexiness of this scene is the partial disrobement. Those tantalizing glimpses of Porter’s swan-like neck and broad shoulders, of all that masculine beauty that lies beneath. And yeah, Danni keeping her shoes on. S-e-e-xxxx-yyy.

He’s just beautiful, isn’t he? Bruised, scarrred, bloodied, sweaty, no matter what. Beautiful.

Wow. Just wow.

RA as Portah: In front of the camera & behind the scenes


OK, WP is being a naughty bunny again and not letting me upload photos. Let’s see how things go . . . ahhh the hotness of John Portah. Rescuer of damsels in distress, protector of young prisoners and helpless orphans, the man you want to comfort and save you when you get in a jam. He’s kickin’ ass and he’s takin’ names. Have we mentioned he’s gorgeous? Buff? Sexy?  A wonderful hero brought to us by a wonderful actor who is detailed, dedicated, intelligent, thoughtful, funny and lovely.

Long live Lucas & Portah!


Lucas and Portah live on, as Guy does, as Thorin will do, because we’ve Loved them all Into Being.  We’ve created alternate stories for Lucas–as teacher, writer, artist, even dancer–stories in which he finds love and fulfillment in life outside the Grid, not the ignominious end dreamed up by the scriptwriters.

Portah lives on to fight another day–or to pursue other, less dangerous career opportunities. To see his little girl blossom into a lovely young woman. To find a new, lasting love and help bring new life into the world, expanding his family.

And Guy, ah, well–he’s been transported to other centuries for grand adventures of his own, a hero, yet still possessing that irresistible bad boy vibe.  He finds the love and affection and trust he’s always yearned for.

Of course, in between all of this, they spend their time here with me, the darling lads.  They all have so much potential, so much to give. And they know I love them all.  And I always will. Here’s to two of our SND heros, MI5’s Lucas North and MI6’s John Porter.



Tough and honest and determined and beautiful.



Love the delicious twinkle in those blue eyes and the sweet smile with the hint of naughtiness.


 Oh, Porter.  Those bracelets. YOU.



Lucas in early S9 before the horrendous developments and The Dodgy Character Who Shall Not Be Named. So gorgeous and alpha male. YUM.




 Seriously. I wouldn’t want to be a bad guy messing with the Portah. He’s a force to be reckoned with.

The unforgettable JP


Sgt. John Porter: a character our pacifist Richard didn’t think he wanted to play.  But on a second look at the script, Richard saw a potential in the role that did not register initially.  It would be a challenge to create a soldier who was believably tough and hard when need be, and yet had that humanity, that soft center that made him more than just a highly efficient killing machine.  A flawed hero and a thoroughly admirable one in so many ways–the “better man” Richard would wish to be.



I would say RA certainly succeeded in reaching his goal. There are those who were unhappy with Richard’s decision to play this role, saying that it overlapped too much with another “action” role,  that of Lucas North in Spooks.

I would argue that other than the fact Lucas was in MI5 and Porter, MI6, and both are of a heroic bent,  the characters don’t bear much resemblance to one another.  Lucas, a university graduate, is bookish, cerebral and enigmatic; Porter, with his working-class roots, doesn’t hold his cards quite so close to his vest. Their backgrounds and personalities are quite different.

As crafted by Richard, they are two very separate and distinct characters onscreen, each with his own particular strengths and weaknesses.

Porter wins us over with his tender love for his little girl, with his kindness to a terrified and traumatized Katie, with his willingness to not fly under the radar in the prison in order to save the boy from rape, and more. He is brave and resourceful, capable of great anger and also willing to forgive. He has a strong moral compass, this “good man sent by God.”

He’s a modern-day knight in khaki and camo who moves with a dancer’s grace. Porter is the sort of man we’d hope would arrive if we found ourselves in a terrible jam. He says, “Trust me.” And we do.

Some have objected to  Richard appearing in Strike Back because he played a soldier and there is a certain amount of violence inherent in a military action drama. Yes, John Porter certainly knows his way around weapons. I found him exciting to watch in those action sequences, quite frankly (but then I do not have a problem with watching this type of story, as long as the violence is not highly gratuitous with bombs and bullets flying around every corner. Needless to say, SB:Project Dawn was SOOOO not my thing).

And yes, Porter is very sexy, and not just due to those impressive muscles Richard worked so hard to create. Porter’s chivalry, his good heart, his sweet flirtatiousness, his determination to do what is necessary to carry out his mission even at the possible cost of his life–all these things make him so very appealing to me.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he looks so good in that khaki and camo and his dress uniform. 😉

In Richard’s hands, John Porter is much, much more than another movie meathead with muscles and an AK-47. He has intelligence, a heart and a soul.

For me, he is yet another unforgettable Richard Armitage chaRActer and one of my personal favorites.  John Portah, I salute you!

Portah and an excess of Photoshopping (both are addictive)


Good Saturday afternoon (or night, or Sunday morning, depending on what part of the world you are in).  This will be the last post for a while today. I’ve been having chest pains, which startled me at first, and then I realized it’s due to a combination of trying to shift my mattress coupled with excessive amounts of Photoshopping . . . what a surprise. I have almost 200 pieces of artwork–just for Guy alone. Another 100 or so for Porter. And all the rest . . .  dang it, so many wonderful images of Mr. Armitage and his chaRActers to play with!!

Anyhow, I’ve taken a muscle relaxer and pain med and I’m going to “chillax” for a while, perhaps take a nap. In the meantime, more Portah. I will catch up with all your comments later, ladies.  As always, thanks for reading and commenting!  We are averaging well over 1,000 views per day of late.  Oh, and a happy Cinco de Mayo, too! 😀

This one’s for Nietzsche . . . belated best wishes!


Nietzsche is one of Sgt. Porter’s most devoted fans and she always left me such wonderful comments when I was writing Truce. Knowing that your writing efforts are read and appreciated and enjoyed means a tremendous amount.  It seems only fitting that Porter and Layla extend belated birthday greetings to Nietzsche!!

More Portah Pleasah . . .


Happy Saturday to you all!  More Portah for your perusing pleasah, ladies.  (Pleasure sounds so much more–pleasurable said with a British accent, I think. Just as “leyshur” sounds sexier and more decadent then “lee-shur” somehow.  😉  ) And speaking of Portah and pleasah . . .

Our favorite fantasy sequence . . . hot, hot, HOT.

Loved the little addition of Porter giving Layla the once-over at the prison. Wonder if that look was scripted or simply an inspired addition by our clever, detail-loving lad?

And he’s a very good boy, too. Especially when he’s being bad.

I got a hankering for Porter last night and re-read several chapters of Truce, so I am feeling quite nostalgic  . . . what can I say?

I think you will all agree with the above sentiment.

Super Soldier Saturday: Portah, John Portah


Well, here I am yawning like it’s going out of style (I fell asleep sometime between 4 and 5 this morning and woke up every hour or two until 10-ish) so after this I am going to curl up with my magazine and try to get to sleep at a more decent hour. Here’s some JP to jumpstart your Saturday or close out your Friday . . . enjoy!  (Nietzsche, I know you are somewhere grinning like a possum, as the saying goes ’round here). 😉

Armitage as ministering angel and humble hero


More John Porter. Can anyone of us forget those moments when he introduced himself to Katie, checking her injuries and doing his best to console and encourage her. “Trust me.”  And she did. And we did. Don’t we all have moments in life when we wish a John Porter would show up and console and encourage us? And then there’s that lovely “aw-shucks” moment when Porter gets the approval of the nun, who now realizes he truly is “a good man sent by God.” Love his smile here.  Love John Porter. My hero.

Porter as loving dad


We’ve seen Richard Armitage play a dad in a few productions–Shakespeare Retold, Between the Sheets, The Impressionists and Strike Back (and stepdad in Sparkhouse) and just as he strikes all the right notes as ardent lover and romantic hero, RA makes us believe in him as a loving, caring father.

I love this particular scene from Strike Back in which Porter, missing and presumed dead, appears on the doorstep to be greeted by his daughter and wife.  The embrace he gives Alex, so all encompassing, the expression on his face–showing his pleasure is being able to hold his beloved daughter once more–positively tugs at the heartstrings.


Part of Porter’s immense appeal is his tender side–the part of him that is so gentle with a traumatized Katie, the part that can’t reject the opportunity to aid orphans, the part that seeks to comfort his tearful little girl and later, to give her that wonderful “I’m glad to be home” hug. He’s big, tough and ruthless when need be; but he is also a kind and gentle man. He’s been estranged from his daughter after his life fell to pieces following the debacle of the Bratton extraction, but we know he never stopped loving or wanting to be with her.

I look forward to seeing Richard playing more dad roles in the future. As in so many other things, he does it so well.  (I still dream of him in the Atticus Finch role in To Kill a Mockingbird.)

Porter hi-jinks for Hump Day


Sgt. John Porter of Strike Back. What a man. He can wield a weapon like nobody’s business and look damn good doing it. He can take on big mean prisoners and coming out on the winning side. Kids in danger? Here comes Porter to save the day. Hostage need rescuing?
Porter’s your man and he’ll kill every last one of the bastards before he’s done. He’s smart, he’s resourceful and when necessary, quite ruthless. And have we mentioned his flair for accessories?
But–wait. There’s more. He’s a loving daddy, a devoted friend and comrade with a tender, sweet side and, oh yeah–sexy as hell. What’s NOT to love about Portah??