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Hail, hail, the (Crick Bank Kitty) gang’s all here! Happy, sad, and scabby (me, not the kitties)


Update on my real life activities with the Crick Bank Gang and this weird bacterial infection . . . Happy, Sad and Scabby. That’s me!

Musings from a Mid-Century Modern Girl

The beautiful and regal Midnight, the eldest of the Crick Bank Kitties (who came from various assorted and sundry litters, it seems).

In this past week, we’ve gained three new family members and said a final goodbye to another.

It all happened on the same day, in fact. Benny, who is, I’ve decided, the cat whisperer of Butler County, took the TNR trap we borrowed from Annie and managed, one at a time, to capture Midnight, Smokey and Marmalade and bring them to the house. Finally–all of the Crick Bank Gang Kitties were residing on Pecan Ridge. Hooray!

P1190610cuddlewPunkin Punkin decided to cuddle with Marmalade, Smokey and Midnight on Friday night. Benny alerted me to this “Kodak Moment.”

However, our happiness was tempered by the loss of sweet, curious, gentle Spock, he of the alien-looking ears and unusual blue-green eyes. Unlike the other kittens we had already rescued, Spock never seemed to gain…

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After eight years, Richard Armitage, you still move me.


I don’t have the extended edition of the BOTFA yet (maybe for Christmas if I am a very good girl). However, I have certainly appreciated getting to see the clip of   the preparation for Thorin’s final scene and the numerous screen caps from various bonus videos people have posted.


Seeing these various images–some solemn, others light-hearted–touched off a wellspring of emotions inside me.  How could I not fail to be moved seeing Richard’s preparation for Thorin’s death scene? Seeing how he lay there so quiet, so still and deep in thought, as the crew members moved around him, shifting snow, adjusting his costume, saying very little themselves as if recognizing the solemnity of the occasion.

untitled (2)

And then watching Martin and Richard acting that scene–absolutely heartbreaking. I remembered my husband reaching over and squeezing my hand to comfort me as the tears flowed freely down my face watching that scene in the theater. And I cried once again as I watched it unfold on the screen of my laptop.

Richard Armitage, I am not sure there is anybody who can die more–beautifully, poetically–than you onscreen.  I might be prejudiced, of course–but you do have a tremendous capacity to move me with your artistry.


I was also very touched seeing the little shrine the crew created on the spot where the death scene took place.

It was a fitting way to honor this larger-than-life character and the rather extraordinary man who brought him so vividly, unforgettably to life.  Here’s to Thorza!


Seeing the smile on your face as you talk about it makes me believe you were also touched by the tribute, both proud and humbled by this gesture.

Seeing you in full concentration mode–the dedicated, focused actor who is always on task–and in those lighter moments when Richard breaks through the Thorin guise and we see the grins and laughter, the humor, sweetness and genuineness reflected in those eyes–well, I am once again impressed by that dedication and drawn to the man I perceive you to be. Unpretentious, good-humored, attentive, discerning.







And huggable. Huggable is very important.



Oh, those eyes. That smile. I won’t even get into how impossibly sexy you also are here (ah, there goes that head bob as you murmur a self-deprecating remark). Beyond the obvious attractions of grey-tinged beard (growing older ever so gracefully, you are), glimpsed chest hair, lovely crinkles and that plaid shirt with its tempting snaps, there’s that aura you exhude. Yes, even in a screen cap of a candid moment.  Especially in such a moment.

Richard Armitage, after more than eight years as a fan, you still move me. Move me to tears, to smiles, to giggles, to that funny little flutter in my heart and in my stomach.

ARRRRR! Just some Sunday afternoon silliness. Good for ails ye!


I did a few photo edits of Face in Hole graphics of Richard as a pirate a while back and posted some of them on Twitter and FB. I ended up playing around with some more while trying to take my mind off the pain, itching and ugly blisters all over my body.
So as I fight something called Erysipelas and mourn the passing of one of our kittens, I still take comfort in imagining a lot of Tall, Dark and Toothsome with a cutlass and gold earring or two . . . Arrrrrrrrr! Arrrrmitage is good for what ails ye, wenches!








MSRA, MSRA, go away! My rollercoaster life, the Crick Bank Kitties and other stuff


I am beginning to wish for that boring and normal life . . . but it’s more like Roseanne Roseannadanna, “It’s always somethin’!” Update on my health, the kitten rescue and local trolls

Musings from a Mid-Century Modern Girl

As Forrest Gump, a fellow (if fictional) Alabamian said, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You just never know what you’re gonna get.” In some ways, Forrest was a very smart man.

I thought I had gotten a bad case of ringworm from my newly adopted furry babies. I was slathering on antifungal cream like mad. I even used diluted bleach on one of my arms, I was so desperate for relief. It eased off the itching for a couple of hours but that’s about it. The red lesions just kept spreading and itching and weeping and bubbling up and driving me nuts, keeping me awake at night and feeling miserable all day.

So I went to the doctor yesterday. Turns out it’s not ringworm, but a rather widespread case of staph, and most likely, MRSA (I should know for sure on Monday). If you get spots on your body that look…

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Because they aren’t trash to be dumped. Why I am asking for your help


We’ve had a unexpected increase in our furry family with more to come–if you can help us with medical expenses, it would mean so much. Thank you. ❤

Musings from a Mid-Century Modern Girl

One evening last week, Benny came home and said, “Do you want to go on a kitten rescue mission?”
I think he already knew the answer to that one.

We’d had a lot of rain the night before. So that particular morning on the way to work he decided to go a different route and avoid the more slippery and treacherous slopes of Joe Killough Road.  As he traversed Junkyard Road he spied a cardboard box by the road this side of the little creek and bridge.  People are all too apt to take the road’s name to heart and toss out trash, so he didn’t think much about it until he saw a kitten’s head peep around.

He stopped briefly to check and sure enough, there appeared to be a whole litter of kittens scattered in the woods on either side.  The box had no food or water inside it.  Benny couldn’t…

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Invisible Illness Humor: Because Laugh Lines Are Better Than Tears~Post 6 for IIAW


Final post for Invisible Illness Awareness Week~I hope to leave you laughing 😀

Musings from a Mid-Century Modern Girl

This is the final blog post of my week-long effort to support Invisible Illness Awareness Week.  And I thought I would try to leave you laughing.  My dad had a favorite saying: “A little laughter in life.” His own life was often not easy, and telling jokes and sharing funny stories was a way for him to lighten his load and brighten some of his pysche’s darker corners.

My daddy, Father's Day 2001, I believe, "setting a spell" outside Cracker Barrel. My daddy, Father’s Day 2001, I believe, “setting a spell” outside Cracker Barrel.

Another saying I heard growing up was “You gotta laugh sometimes just to keep from cryin,’ child.” Developing a sense of humor about everything you go through when you are battling a chronic invisible illness helps. It helps you retain your sanity, de-stress a little and  just simply feel better.  Here are some of my favorite memes and graphics that allow me to chuckle, giggle and simply laugh to keep from crying.  …

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Guilty, Guilty, Guilty. How an invisible illness can make you feel~Post 6 IIAW


Invisible illnesses can sure make you feel guilty. I know first hand! Blog post 6 in support of Invisible Illness Awareness Week.

Musings from a Mid-Century Modern Girl

Yesterday, I said that the bad flare days–which can sometimes stretch into weeks, if not longer–can make it difficult for us to keep appointments, make long-term plans, keep up with our household chores, social/church/civic obligations and other things we used to do with relative ease.   There is life before the invisible illness and life after it—and yes, it is a game changer. I am quite sure it’s the reason why in most of my dreams, I am never older than my early 30s, reasonably strong and healthy and confident–the final years before my diagnosis of FMS/CFS.  I miss those days and I hate how guilty I feel that the “old” me isn’t around anymore. I know I am not alone in this.


When I was working full-time after my diagnosis, I always ended up using all my sick days and being forced to take additional days off without pay. Other times I worked but felt…

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Happy Guyday Friday! It’s Fur-Tastic!


“You’ve added to the family, I see. More orphans in need of–what do you call it?–a FUR-ever home, Ladywriter?” Sir Guy raised a single brow as he gave her a lopsided smile.

LW glanced over at the three kittens cuddled up next to her. “Benny saw them on his way to work the other day and asked me to go on a kitten rescue mission after work.” She shrugged and added sheepishly, “You know I’m a sucker for furry little baby animals.” Ladywriter’s mouth curved into a besotted smile as she looked at the threesome playing together. “And these babies are so—SWEET.”









The dark knight gave a chuckle. “Apparently that’s not what Scarlett thinks. I believe she said in Katteese they were ‘The Spawn of Satan.'”

LW sighed. “Yeah . . . jealousy and the whole territorial thing’s been rearing its ugly head since we brought off the deck and into the house yesterday.” She grinned up at Sir Guy, a mischievous gleam in her bespectacled eyes. “You big cats can be very territorial at times, you know.”

Sir Guy sniffed and shot her one of *those* sideways glances.  “If your heart wasn’t so divided amongst my CReAtor’s ChaRActers, both living and So Not Dead, perhaps we would have no need to have those feelings, my lady.”

“Sir Guy—you know perfectly well that you are THE number one ChaRActer for me, I just happen to have a big heart with lots of room for compelling  ChaRActers and cute little furry creatures, ” she replied in a chiding tone.  Ladywriter spun her laptop around so that her raven-haired visitor could see the screen and tapped its edge with her finger.

“Look–I even worked on some new edits of you last night!”

The flash of white teeth was dazzling as he gave a deep, rumbling laugh of approval.

“Well–wait until Soldier Boy and Chewy Man hear this!”

Chewy Man?! Oh, riiiight.

Happy Guyday Friday!






Post Four~Ways to help us in our battle~ Invisible Illness Awareness Week


The fourth post in my blogging for Invisible Illness Awareness Week. Ways you can show your support & things we want you to know about dealing with these conditions.

Musings from a Mid-Century Modern Girl

(The story broke while I was composing this post re the horrific shooting at the community college in Roseburg, Oregon. My thoughts and prayers are with those injured and with the friends and family of those killed in this senseless act. )

POST FOUR–Invisible Illness Awareness Week

First of all, let me say this: what we don’t want is your pity.

What we DO want is your acknowledgement our illnesses are real and legitimate.

Believe us when we say we are in pain, feel completely exhausted or find ourselves badly befuddled by a serious case of brain fogTry to “walk a mile in our shoes” so you can see why we get irritable, frustrated, depressed. Know that when we sometimes snap back at you, it’s not about you–it’s the invisible illness talking. Cut us a little slack, OK?

Understand when we have to cancel plans or can’t participate in…

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Post 3 & Change of Plans: Invisible Illness Awareness Week Continues


Post 3 for Invisible Illness Awareness Week–had change of plans after going on a mission of mercy. Read on!

Musings from a Mid-Century Modern Girl

There’s a slight change of plans afoot, my friends. I was going to blog today about how friends and family can best support those of us battling invisible illnesses. And I will still cover that topic, but I need a chance to chance to rest and recoup a bit. It was a busy day!

This afternoon I went to Montgomery to see the neurologist about my worsening headaches and problems with taking tumbles. We are going to try two meds that should not give me suicidal thoughts and crying jags (as did the Topomax) and it seems I am also a candidate for Botox injections, which have a proven track record of efficacy for migraine sufferers. I will keep you posted!

In addition, Spouse and I went on a kitten rescue mission. We captured three of seven kittens abandoned on a road near us (I’ve dubbed them the “Crick” Bank Kitties), brought…

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Trading In Your Old Life: Post 2 for Invisible lllness Awareness Week


Day Two post in support of Chronic Invisible Illness Awareness Week. How I was diagnosed and ways to adapt to your “new normal.”

Musings from a Mid-Century Modern Girl

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned I had been battling my invisible illnesses of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for more than two decades now.

And I have to tell you it has been a life-changing experience, one that has required a lot of adjustment.

From Elation to Concern
I was first diagnosed by a physician’s assistant at the medical center at Maxwell Air Force Base. As it happened, he had been trained by a civilian physician who regularly treated FMS patients. After listening to me explain the types of symptoms I’d been dealing with for months, he nodded thoughtfully, then started pressing certain spots on my shoulders, my back, my hips . . . I almost jumped off the examination table.

Every spot he pressed stung and burned. You see, I was in a full-blown FMS flare, and the potential trigger points were all “fired up.”

big Trigger points for FMS front and…

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Invisible Illness Awareness Week: What you can’t see does hurt us


I’m blogging all week–Invisible Illness Awareness Week–on my personal blog, Musings of a Mid-Century Modern Girl. Check it out!

Musings from a Mid-Century Modern Girl

Twenty-one years ago I had invasive surgery on a troublesome right knee (injured in a car accident in college). I had six months of intense PT before and another six months of PT after the procedure.
In spite of my best efforts, I found myself struggling to bounce back and it got really frustrating. At the time, I was just 34, still young(ish), yet I felt more like a senior citizen most days.
I remember a few months later talking with my department store co-workers as we left the store late one night.
“I don’t feel too great. In fact, I never feel really good anymore . . .”

I don’t think I’ve felt really good–well rested, fully alert and pain-free–in a very long time.
Look at me on the outside, and other than the excess weight I clearly carry, you’d probably think I’m pretty healthy.


Unfortunately, it is all an illusion. There are so…

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So, what kind of ‘tipsy’ is tipsy Armitage? I admit I’d like to know, wouldn’t you?


I found this little chart on Pinterest and saved it. For what it’s worth, I’m glad to see I am a happy drunk rather than a sad one.

Earlier I was filling out some of the gazillion forms required for my neurologist appointment Wednesday. Among the many other health-related questions, I was asked how much alcohol I consume on average–how many drinks and how many days a week.  I asked Benny, “Uhm–do you think drinking something alcoholic roughly once or twice every couple of years would be the equivalent of ‘never,’ kiddo?”  He agreed.

Now, I haven’t always been such a Sober Sallie. In my long-ago college days, when the legal drinking age was 19 instead of 21, I did imbibe (albeit in the safety of our on-campus apartment and not out roaming the streets). And purportedly, I was very entertaining when I got tipsy. Silly and giggly and quite a lot of fun.


I think my widow was definitely a sad drunk. Probably a Pisces, since she drank like a fish.

A couple of years ago, I played a rich widow in a mystery dinner theater production. This lady liked her liquor a little too much and started making a lot of accusatory remarks about certain acquaintances before she ended up dead in the library. Afterwards, I was told I made a very believable drunk and I suspect from the sly glances they gave me that some people thought I did indulge . . . but as I told them, “Really, it’s all a matter of observation–and distant memory.”                                                            

So all of this got me to thinking, “What’s Richard Armitage like when he’s had a little too much to drink?” Is he giggly, jokey, playful? Somehow I can’t see him as the mean and moody type . . .

He’s told us a couple of drinks at a club turn him into “an animal on the dance floor.” Mmmmm, I’d like to see that. Richard taking off his jacket, loosening his tie, and with a slightly wicked grin, stepping onto the dance floor . . . and extending a hand to you to join him.




Remember these moves from his 2003 promo shoot for “Cold Feet?” Somehow I suspect that genial dorkiness just might show itself in a tipsy Armitage tripping the light fantastic.  Or how about some sexy snake hips tango, purportedly his favorite? Mmmmmmmmmm . . .


If you’ll dance with me, Mr. A, I’m there with you!



He’d apparently been indulging a bit at the Saturn Awards before receiving his trophy for his performance as Thorin and it certainly looked like he was having fun that night.  One could fantasize about having a right old Bacchanalia with this chap  . . .


Or a little dirty dancing, maybe? *wibble*



And just look at RA and his cast mates on the final day of Hobbit filming (July 23, 2013). Oh yes, there’s been some partying. An RA looks as if he’s full of mischief! Mischievous Armitage, I like.



Tipsy Armitage. It is such an appealing idea to me . . .

Happy Ending for Hoot! Lost Georgia Kitty Reunited with Mom Jocelyn. Social media rocks!


What can I say? I am on a blogging roll tonight! Here’s a story with a real happy ending that emphasizes the positive side of social media. ❤

Butler County Humane Society

I really love a story with a happy ending, don’t you? And this is a story where the positive impact of social media really does shine.

Remember Hoot, the shy young striped tabby who escaped from his mom’s car when she stopped near Greenville on her way to Texas from Georgia this summer? Jocelyn McPherson was one sad young lady when she called and called but never could get Hoot to come back to her. Well, imagine how you’d feel in the same circumstances.


Jocelyn stayed overnight in Greenville and keep looking and calling at the rest area where he’d disappeared, but to no avail.  As much as she hated to leave him behind, she had to continue her trip.  Jocelyn contacted me via the BCHS page on FB. I, in turn, put the word out on my personal page and the BCHS page that there was a missing kitty and a worried mama.

Over and…

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Comparison is the thief of joy; or, accepting who I am where I am right now


Thoughts on the pit of comparison and envy via my personal blog, Musings of a Mid-Century Modern Girl . . .

Musings from a Mid-Century Modern Girl

the_sin_of_envy_by_sorabelle The Sin of Envy by Sorabelle

We’ve all heard that old saying about the grass always being greener on the other side (personally, I love the title of the late, great Erma Bombeck’s book, “The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank”).


I like to think that I am not a particularly envious or jealous person; when someone I know has something wonderful happen in his or her life, I am truly happy for them.

But I have to be honest.

There are times when I look at others who do not seem to have the health challenges or the financial struggles that I continue to experience and–hey, presto!- there go those unpleasant twinges inside. I see people who are able to do things I cannot physically or financially accomplish, and I sense myself turning a certain shade of green that really isn’t a good look on me (or anyone else).

photo edit by ravenxcorps Eye of Envy photo…

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