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Sorry, Mr. Bond. Nobody does it better than Lucas (and RA)


Like everyone else, I found the Bond/Queen Elizabeth scene filmed for last night’s Olympic opening ceremonies absolutely delightful. Your Majesty, I love a monarch with a sense of humor and I admire you more than ever.  However, like others I couldn’t help but wish you’d had a different escort, one who is even more attractive in a tuxedo than your Mr. Bond.

He’s in Your Majesty’s Secret Service, too, and dedicated to Queen and Country (don’t believe all that John Bateman hooey).  He’s clever, resourceful, he’s quick on his feet, and, oh yes–bloody gorgeous.

And frankly, nobody does it better.

And if you need any more proof to his desirability as an escort, well, here goes . . . and this one might make you want to put on your boogie shoes, ma’am.