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Dessert with Richard (or is that On Richard?)


I just got my April issue of Southern Living¬†Magazine in the mail today. It’s a great mag, lots of info about southern culture, food, decor, travel, gardens and more. Speaking of food, they regularly offer images of mouth-watering “foodporn”–in the case of the front cover this time, a fresh strawberry meringue cake that looks to die for.¬† Benny whipped up my usual nighttime serving of Activia yogurt into a delicious and nutritious strawberry smoothie–a milkshake without the guilt. We are already planning to make the strawberry chicken salad recipe featured inside the mag. Yummmm!

The sweet temptation of a fresh strawberry.

Now, I personally find strawberries-fresh, ripe, sweet, juicy red strawberries–quite delicious with chocolate.

A juicy berry dipped in sweet, creamy chocolate . . .

And chocolate makes me think of Mr. A with his deep, rich, delicious chocolate velvet voice.

Is that a naughty twinkle I see in those eyes and that smile? Gosh, I hope so.

Hmmmm, chocolate, strawberries and Richard. Let’s add in some whipped cream, shall we?

Homemade chocolate fudge cake, fresh strawberries, chocolate sauce and real whipped cream. And Richard.

I am sure you all can take it from here. Carry on . . .

"Hmmmm, wonder what those fangurlzzz will come up with? They are VERY inventive . . ."