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Little Guy is feeling a bit superior on Guyday Friday



Ladywriter has added to her group of ChaRActer action figures. Yes, now she has the smaller version of Little Thorin. She calls him Littler Thorin and he’s adorable. But fiercely adorable, she assures you.

Little Guy is thrilled.  Bet you can guess why . . .

Little Guy: *smirks* Well, now. No more feeling as if I need to put those silly lift thingies in my boots the way the CReAtor had to do for his Hobbity film anymore.” *sniffs* “Ridiculous that they made that first dwarf taller than–ME!

Ladywriter: Little Thorin was only a tiny bit taller than you, dear LG.

Little Guy: *shakes head* He’s supposed to be a dwarf.  Whereas I am–well, you know.

Ladywriter: I know. The Great I Am. In a portable version.

Little Guy *smirks* Damn straight! So, are you going to take me to Comic-Con?

Ladywriter: Are you boys all going to get along together?

Little Guy: Oh, I–suppose . . . *manly sniff* If I absolutely MUST.

Ladywriter: You absolutely do if you have any hopes of traveling to sunny SoCal . . .

Little Guy: *grumbling slightly* Uhmmmm. Very well. I shall be a very good boy.

Ladywriter: *thinking* Well, miracles can happen.

Sunday Smorgasbord: Early Munchies


Enjoy all this alpha male hotness, my darlings. Even yummier than waffles with lots of syrup and butter, crispy bacon, fresh-squeezed orange juice and a piping hot cup of coffee.


Porter. *thud*


I’ve got to try to get some sleep now that my knee has been iced up and calmed down. Y’all enjoy more Portah. Oh, what fun it is to play with light effects on that lovely bare, fair flesh of his . . .

That is the most tempting set of Cupid’s bow lips I have ever seen.  I am feeling that impulse to nibble and nosh again . . .

Oh, the glories of Tied-Up Armitage. Honestly, unlike Mr. Grey I am not into bondage, but there’s just something about these commanding alpha males in a particular kind of peril . . .

And what is it about him when he’s got his mouth open partnered with that intense gaze? *guh*

And just for fun . . .  Sgt. Portah as Master Mechanic. I think I need him to adjust my McPherson struts.