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To the Batcave, Robin! More fun & games at Comic-Con


Warner Brothers, the studio behind The Hobbit, Pacific Rim and next year’s Superman reboot, is bringing some “Extra” to Comic-Con this year, it seems. The studio is mounting an outside festival in the area between the SDCC and the Hilton hotel.

Here’s a blurb from the WB website:

“Everyone at Warner Bros. Television approaches Comic-Con as a fan-first experience. It’s in our DNA, with everything we do — from panels to signings to our bags, posters and more — carefully curated with our fans in mind,” said Lisa Gregorian, Chief Marketing Officer, Warner Bros. Television Group. “With the Extra at Comic-Con space, we have created a free and fun outdoor entertainment destination for fans. In addition to having all the Batmobiles on display and game demos, we will be hosting interviews throughout the day on the Extra stage, as well as evening and night events such as screenings and live comedy and musical performances after the convention floor closes for the day. It’s additive to the experience of being at the Con.”

As the poster above indicates, talent has not yet been confirmed, but a certain hobbit and a dwarf or two just might show up on the Extra stage. Stars of WB shows like Fringe, The Big Bang Theory and the Vampire Diaries are expected, and Holy Cow, Batman! all six of the Batmobiles, from the television series to the latest Dark Knight film, will be on display. I can hear the theme music playing in my head now: “NA-NA-na-na, NA-NA-na-na–BATMAN!!” 😉

There is a hands-on LOTR videogame showcase planned for a new game, Guardians of Middle-Earth, with tie-ins to the upcoming Hobbit films.

I’m personally chuffed at the thought of the Lego Lord of the Rings Street Art display that is planned for July 13-15. You all know how I love art–and it will be in 3-D (sort of like the upcoming Hobbit films)!  I will plan to take lots of photos, of course, to share with you all.

And speaking of fan events, here’s a photo our own Teutcher shared with us of family members at a Star Trek:TNG Comic-Con in Calgary, Canada. You might spy some familiar faces.  Make it so, Number One . . . and soon I will be going where I’ve never gone before. To Comic-Con!!

Donations are still being taken for Comic-Con Trip Fund.  Click on the donate button to the right.. Any amount is truly appreciated. And thanks for your support!

San Diego Comic Con International

San Diego Comic Con International (Photo credit: San Diego Shooter)

And here’s another bit of photo editing fun with that gorgeous portrait of Mr. A as Thorin . . . 



In case you need a wake-up: Technicolor Armitage re BeFunky


Technicolor Armitage . . .  most of these were done with another site I discovered called BeFunky. BeFunky actually allows you to order custom products with the artwork you create–mugs, tees, bags, keychains, magnets and more. I admit I am sorely tempted, once I am not so poor, to create myself an RA mug . . . looks like they do a very high-quality job.   In the meantime, have a flashback to the psychedelic ’60s without having a “bad trip.” 😉


Dawn’s lovely winged heart necklaces are garnering rave reviews from the ladies who have so far received them.  Here’s her description from the jewelry website:

A heart with wings represents a joyful, optimistic, and free spirit. Often, love is said to make the heart take wing. This petite charm has a lot of detail in a small package. It makes a great gift for the free spirit in your life.  Sterling silver winged heart pendant is just half an inch tall and less than 1.2 inches wide (30x15mm).  Fine cable chain is wire-wrapped to the springring clasp for greater security. Sized at 16 inches (41cm). If you would like another length, either shorter or longer, just send a convo with your request.   

Dawn generously offered to use these delicate necklaces as a fundraising tool for me and my trip fund for Comic-Con International in San Diego.  They can be paid for via the donate button here on the blog. The cost is $35 including the cost of shipping and Dawn will make them to the specified length. Shipping addresses and requested lengths should be sent to my e-mail addy.  Once again, thanks so much for all your support, financial, moral, spiritual and otherwise.

Oh, and my husband’s oldest brother is VERY jealous of his sister-in-law getting to go to Comic-Con. 😉


Thoughts on Comic-Con & our little community


Comic-Con (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

English: Richard Armitage at the 2010 Televisi...

Two weeks from today–good Lord willing and the Creek don’t rise–I will be at Comic-Con. Thursday through Sunday, July 12-15, I will be in sunny San Diego, battling the crowds, seeing people dressed in outlandish and amazing costumes, listening to various celebs and industry people speak, recording panels and interviews, writing articles and, hopefully, gleaning information you all will find interesting, informative and just plain fun.  After all, if it weren’t for you all, I wouldn’t be going.

Comic-Con Costume Girls 09

Comic-Con Costume Girls 09 (Photo credit: heath_bar)

First, I have to thank Frenz for providing the link to Comic Book Resource’s article about needing reporters for the event. And once I was accepted by CBR and earned my free four-day pass and the promise of a stipend and all the convention junk food I could eat, it was Frenz who created my donate button through PayPal for my Comic-Con Trip Fund. She and fellow bloggers were kind enough to promote it and readers and fellow bloggers were generous enough to donate to it.  Dawn not only offered practical advice as a Comic-Con veteran, she also provided financial support and offered her lovely jewelry as an additional fundraising tool.

You all are good folks.

When Benny and I were at the salon yesterday, we were discussing the trip while Renee cut his hair. He was telling her how people from all the world had supported me and made the trip possible  (He’s extremely impressed by the RA community by the way). Renee is fully aware of my recent troubles–the unexpected jolt in more ways than one of unemployment and the subsequent car accident–and she is truly happy for me to have this opportunity.

“God has a way of looking after us,” she said with a gentle smile.

Which made me think–is it God, or karma or sheer dumb luck or something else that is leading this to happen?  Were all the stars perfectly aligned?  I don’t know. But I think a lot of credit, obviously, has to go to Richard Armitage. It’s because of Richard that I started this blog and got to know so many of you.  It’s our love and admiration for Richard that has led most, though certainly not all, of us to our intense interest in what happens at Comic-Con, particularly on Saturday in Hall H.

Of course, we are all hoping and praying that Richard will be at Comic-Con; that I will have the opportunity to, at the very least, meet him and better yet, to interview him (and find out what he smells like for all you curious ladies out there).

And I would dearly love to  be able to briefly tell him how I ended up at Comic-Con in the first place.

No matter what happens regarding RA, I think Comic-Con International will be a very eye-opening experience.  And I will share as much of it as I can with you all.

English: San Diego Comic Con 2010 Joker Cosplay English: San Diego Comic Con 2010 Joker Cosplay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Description: Entrance to the San Diego Gaslamp...

Description: Entrance to the San Diego Gaslamp Quarter, historic heart of San Diego, from the Gaslamp Quarter trolley station. Date Created: Thursday, July 24, 2008, 10:46 AM Location: Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego, California Event: Comic-Con International: San Diego, Day 1. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some hearts & flowers for Hump Day


That’s what we call Wednesday in the U.S. It’s the middle of the week and only two days away from Guyday Friday.  I have had a whole 3.5 hours of sleep. I may snooze this afternoon at the hair salon. I always get sleepy when I am being pampered.

Benny and I will both be getting our tresses trimmed. He’s tired of his John Standring curls–well, it is summer and hot weather and he’d like a cooler ‘do–and I’ve got sheep dog bangs and tons of white roots and I surely am NOT old enough to have so much of God’s platinum blonde hair just yet, am I? Well, I like to think so, anyway.  Although, if I don’t get more sleep, I fear I am going to look old enough for every white strand.

At any rate, here’s some images with a “hearts and flowers” feel to them. More fun with various free photo editors along with Photoshop Elements. I hope you all enjoy.  Visit fun.pho.to, photofunia,  photofunny.net or photo fun box to create your own giggles and pretty images.

Two weeks from today I will be flying to San Diego for Comic-Con International. In fact, right about now I should be at Dannelly Field in Montgomery getting ready to board the plane to Atlanta. Thank you to all who have supported my fund for the trip. While I earned the reporter position with Comic Book Resources through my experience and writing samples,  I would never have been able to make the trip without the financial aid of my fellow RA bloggers and fans. 

For those who still wish to donate, the button is still up. And Dawn still offers these lovely winged heart necklaces which she will make to order for you.  You can also purchase them through the PayPal button and send me your address info and the specified necklace length.

This charming little sterling silver necklace can be yours for $35 including shipping, thanks to Dawn, who will make it to your specified length. A generous portion of the sale goes to my Comic-Con trip fund.

Good morning sexiness courtesy of the ChaRActers


 It’s 16 days until I head west for ComicCon in San Diego! Four days of costumes, panels, interviews and sneak peeks of new and returning TV shows and upcoming movies–including The Hobbit!  And Richard Armitage and Martin Freeman are on tap for the panel . . .

Chinatown, London. Martin Freeman during filmi...

Chinatown, London. Martin Freeman during filming of Sherlock. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Richard Armitage at the 2010 Televisi...

English: Richard Armitage at the 2010 Television BAFTAs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Comic Con sign.

A Comic Con sign. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I wouldn’t mind trying it out to test the theory—touching his beard, that is.  Or those delicious forearms (so strong looking!) to stroke those downy hairs . . . *sigh*

WP is being a pill, the humidity is 91 percent and the A/C is going to run through the night tonight. I don’t feel like sticking to my pillow. Hair is up in a ponytail to help keep me cooler.

Watched The Help. Cried. Personal reasons as well as the storyline. Very strong performances. More on my emotional connection later, maybe tomorrow.

 Comic-Con is coming and I’ll be headed to San Diego July 11 to cover the excitement . . .

I wonder if touching his beard brings good luck?

The Bearded Beaut will be at Comic-Con!


At least that’s what this bloke says. And I am holding you to it, Lee Pace. Hey, I have even written a blog entry about you, you know. The link is at the bottom of this post.

I’ve always liked you as an actor, you seem like a pretty swell guy in real life, and frankly, I love you for your loose tongue. Waiting for all these official announcements tires me out. I want to know NOW.   And to hear that you said Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage would be at Comic-Con International  in San Diego made me very, very happy indeed.

This is cutie pie Lee Pace at a previous Comic-Con. Apparently Lee reported to some individuals at Sir Ian’s fundraiser that Martin Freeman and–WHOO-HOO!Richard Armitage will be at Comic-Con in July.

So it looks as if we Americans will get to see the Bearded (?) Beaut on our own shores again in less than three weeks.  And if all continues to go well with my own unexpected journey, I will see him in all his glorious fair flesh–and hairy forearms. *sigh* And hear his voice and if I am lucky, I’ll get to talk to him, ask him a few of those questions we’ve been cooking up.

Didn’t he look great in the photos from the fundraiser? A sparkle in those azure eyes, glowing skin and–just for Servetus–brown hair and beard! And did we mention those muscular forearms? *thud*   https://twitter.com/prwelly/status/216507591923208192/photo/1

And because I never get tired of the images from that Hobbit press conference, here we go:

Comic-Con is coming, I am going and so–it appears–is RA!!

Thank you to all who have donated to my trip fund. I now have my flight, my hotel room (although there is some confusion about which rate I am going to get, so it may be pricier than hoped) and now shuttle service (cheaper than a taxi) from and back to the airport is reserved. Thank you, asilomar for the heads-up!

I am still taking donations and likely will be right up to the departure date. I will have access to my PayPal account through my debit card while I am away.

I sincerely hope I not only get to talk with Richard, but also get to tell him it was a group of his dedicated and generous fans from around the globe who made it possible for me to attend.

 I definitely could not do this without you all.

San Diego Comic-Con International

San Diego Comic-Con International (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Guyday Friday returns once more!


Oh, the divine madness of S3 Sir Guy. So epic.

Never has there been a more glorious “evil henchman” than Sir Guy.

Nobody does the smoulder like Sir Guy. He’s the bestest.

One brief and shining moment of glory for Sheriff Gisborne.

Comic-Con International is coming July 12-15 in San Diego! Crazy costumes,  zombie obstacle courses, celebrity panelists from films and television shows, sneak peeks of what’s to come in the field of entertainment–and yes, fingers crossed—Richard Armitage!!!  And I will be there.

Angie’s Comic-Con Fund Trip is still open and donations are most welcome. Thank you for your support!

A Comic Con sign.

A Comic Con sign. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Planning to go there and back again: Comic-Con conundrums


We’ve had our walk–no snakes!– and I have taken my Super Secret Vitamin.  Twenty-one days from now, I will be boarding a plane at Dannelly Field to begin my somewhat unexpected journey to  lovely San Diego and to Comic-Con International.  I’ll leave my country and my little home town of some 8,000 souls behind to visit a city of more than one million, to attend an event that will draw more than 165, ooo people.  That’s a good chunk of the population of our state’s capital city.

English: This is a photograph of the terminal ...

English: This is a photograph of the terminal of the Montgomery Regional Airport in Montgomery, Alabama. (Photo credit: Wikipedia

If all goes well, I will get settled into my room at the Otay Valley Best Western that afternoon and then grab a taxi or trolley over to the convention center before 8:30 p.m.  to pick up my badge.(My badge! I’ll be official!)

Comic-Con International: San Diego 2007

Comic-Con International: San Diego 2007 (Photo credit: statelyenglishmanor)

I don’t want to have to wait in line the next morning for it. I’ll have places to go, people to see, things to do! And a case of jet lag, no doubt. I will start out at Central Daylight Time when I leave Montgomery, go to Eastern Time and gain an hour in Atlanta, and then lose three hours by the time I arrive in SD. Hmmmm–perhaps a nap will be in order? Or will I simply be too darned excited?

Will I need a nap like Lucas when I make it to SD? Or will I be too hyped to even consider such a thing?

The closest thing I can relate to this event in terms of an experience is the ten days we spent in Europe back in 1999. My husband was amazed I did as well as I did, up early every morning and on the go until bedtime. I was so exhausted I took my Ambien and passed out.

I was determined to drink in every moment and not miss a thing. After all, I might never visit London or France again. I wanted to make the most of it!  However, that was 13 years and way more than 13 pounds and several conditions ago. And I had the help of Benny in keeping up with the kids in our group. The convention center is a sprawling place. Lots of walking, standing, and sitting are ahead for me.

And so I keep  giving myself pep talks and rehearsing in my mind all the steps involved in getting “there and back again.” And taking walks and trying to work out carrying all the essentials with me–no checked baggage to worry about losing or having to pay a fee for. Hoping to travel light and experience traveling mercies along the way.

Will my travels be as pleasant as Margaret and John’s trip together? I will miss having my best bud with me, that’s for sure.

I’m excited to know I’ll have the chance to be a reporter again, something I did for a decade and was pretty good at. At least the people who judged the Alabama Press Association awards each year thought so. Who knows? Perhaps this could be the beginning of a new chapter in my life, just as John and Margaret’s fateful meeting at the train station marked a new beginning for them.  Life can indeed take us on unexpected journeys, as Bilbo Baggins and Thorin and his company discover.  You never know what’s around the corner . . .

I won’t have a shaggy pony or a big sword, but I will be armed with camera, recorder, camcorder, pen and paper when I arrive at Comic-Con.

And now I have something very important to decide. What in the heck am I gonna wear??  Lightweight, comfortable, easy to move in and still “casual professional” is what I’m thinking. With pockets.  Boring compared to the costumes I’ve seen from past Comic-Cons. Hey, I am going to see and not be seen, right? And there will be SUCH A LOT to see.  Like this . . .

Darth Marino of the Miami Dark-phins. Nothing like a costume that combines an American football hero with the infamous Star Wars villain. (neatorama.com)

San Diego Comic-Con International

San Diego Comic-Con International (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Comic-Con International is coming July 12-15 in San Diego and I will be there!

Thank you to all who have helped make this trip possible. Richard and I appreciate it.

Let’s talk about sex(y)


Richard Armitage is sexy. His ChaRActers are sexy. The voice, the eyes, the lips, the nose, the stubble, the jaw, the skin, the moles, the scars, the beard, the entire bod–and the beautiful, funny, sweet, intelligent, delicious soul behind it all.  The way he sounds, the way he speaks without saying a word, the way he moves. It’s all good.

So here’s some sexy for you, ladies (and any gentlemen out there) courtesy of Mr. A.

Comic-Con is coming to San Diego July 12-15! And yours truly will be there! You can help out by donating to my trip fund. And thanks!!

San Diego Comic-Con 2008.

San Diego Comic-Con 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: San Diego Comic Con 2010 Joker Cosplay