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Guyday Friday rolls on, ladies!


More of Sir Guy for Guyday Friday. Because really, truly, you can never have too much Sir Guy. ūüėČ And Mr. A does have an amazingly mobile mouth, does he not?






Comic-Con is coming July 12-15 in San Diego! And fedoralady will be there . . .

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Comic-Con Trip Fund. Your donations are much appreciated. Sir Guy is very, very appreciative, ladies . . .

Do you want to give your heart wings? And help give fedoralady wings?


Asilomar creates these necklaces, made to order in the length you request.

The lovely Asilomar, fellow RA fan and Comic-Con attendee, graciously offered to help me with another Comic-Con Trip fundraiser. In her free time, she makes some beautiful sterling silver jewelry which sells at Etsy, Amazon and Artfire. One of the most popular pieces is the Heart with Wings necklace pictured above.

Give My Heart Wings Free Spirit Sterling Silver Charm Necklace, 16 in.Give My Heart Wings Free Spirit Sterling Silver Charm Necklace, 16 in.Give My Heart Wings Free Spirit Sterling Silver Charm Necklace, 16 in.Give My Heart Wings Free Spirit Sterling Silver Charm Necklace, 16 in.Give My Heart Wings Free Spirit Sterling Silver Charm Necklace, 16 in.
Here’s her description of it:
                        A heart with wings represents a joyful, optimistic, and free spirit. Often, love is said to make the heart take wing. This petite charm has a lot of detail in a small package. It makes a great gift for the free spirit in your life.
Sterling silver winged heart pendant is just half an inch tall and less than 1.2 inches wide (30x15mm). 
Fine cable chain is wire-wrapped to the springring clasp for greater security. Sized at 16 inches (41cm). If you would like another length, either shorter or longer, just send a convo with your request.        
             The necklaces are selling for a discounted price of $35 for this fundraiser and Asilomar makes each one to order.  She is sharing a generous portion of the sales with me to help pay my way to San Diego to serve as a reporter for Comic-Con and the opportunity to see the fabulous Richard Armitage as a panelist for The Hobbit.
If you are interested in ordering one or more of these lovely necklaces for yourself or fellow free spirits, please send me your shipping address and specify a length.  Payment should be made through the donate button for PayPal posted in the sidebar; please be sure and let me know the donation is for a necklace (s).  Allow five business days for shipping.
Contact me with your info at angieDOTlongATcenturytelDOTnet.
Many thanks to Asilomar for coming up with this idea as a way to help me raise the funds I need! She’s a peach!

Of course, donations of any size are appreciated. And thanks again for everyone’s support!


Comic-Con (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

Angie’s Comic-Con Trip Fund!


As many of you know, I applied and was accepted for a reporting position with CBR at this year’s Comic-Con, which is set for July 12-15 in lovely San Diego, California. Naturally, I am totally hyped over the notion of getting¬†the¬†opportunity¬†to¬†see RA and other TH folks, along with lots of other interesting possibilities. Just seeing the costumes sported by some attendees alone should be highly entertaining and I promise to take my camera.¬† And I long to be an ambassador for my fellow RA fans at the event and to be able to share as much as I can with you all as “the next best thing to being there.”

However, to get from Alabama to California is no mean feat. It takes funds, and I’ve been¬†unemployed since last September.¬† There’s nothing left in the “rainy day” fund, if you know what I mean. People have offered to help, and so we’re setting up a way for you to do so.

A donate button will be added to the sidebar on this blog¬†that will¬†allow you to¬†contribute¬† to Angie’s Comic-Con Trip Fund. Any amount will be greatly appreciated, and many thanks to fellow blogger RA Frenzy for assisting me with this. More coming in future posts on other fundraising plans!¬† EDIT: BUTTON ONLY WORKS WITH US DONORS FOR NOW. ATTEMPTING TO CORRECT THE PROBLEM* PROBLEM APPEARS TO BE CORRECTED, FOREIGN READERS, GIVE IT A WHIRL!**

In a few weeks, I hope to be sitting not too far away from this bloke: