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I have a date with a TDHBEW July 14 *fingers crossed*


In case you haven’t seen it, it appears  Warner Brothers, the studio behind The Hobbit films, has booked the big hall, Hall H, at Comic-Con for three hours on Saturday, July 14.  I’m guessing it will start at 10 a.m., the time the event typically opens, I am told.  God forbid they make all the fervent fans wait any longer.

Of course, I want, I dream, I hope to see this bloke:

I can never get enough of the images from that press conference. Intelligent, articulate, thoughtful men who also look like that? Whoaaaaa.

But I am also very much looking forward to seeing this fellow, too:

My favorite movie director. I’ve got a bit of a crush on Sir Peter and his brilliant, sweet, disheveled, adorable self.

Getting to go behind the scenes via PJ’s video blogs–and there’s still one to go!–has made me all the more intrigued about the process of making films. I genuinely hope to make my time at Comic-Con a learning experience as well as just plain fun (although I should say I subscribe to the notion learning can be fun).  And of course, I hope to represent Armitage World in my own small way.

And to take lots of pictures. I think there will be plenty to attract my attention. It’s going to be quite an adventure . . .

Comic-Con Costume Group 02

Comic-Con Costume Group 02 (Photo credit: heath_bar)

A Comic Con sign.

A Comic Con sign. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Miscellaneous Monday is here! (and the button)


Since my brain is highly scattered at the moment (see new addition to the sidebar on the right in case you were wondering why. Comic-Con! California! Richard Armitage! Crazy costumes! A job!), I am going to share a few scattered images of Mr. A and his assortment of ChaRActers.

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