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Sir Guy & the Animal Kingdom


Ladywriter was watching her favorite TDHSK. He was sitting in the swivel chair, long legs propped on the end of the bed, a rotund black and white cat sitting in his lap. Sir Guy’s long, elegant fingers gently stroked the feline’s glossy fur.

“You really do like animals, don’t you, Sir Guy?”

He rubbed the bridge of his lovely aquiline nose before giving a slow, thoughtful nod.

“Yeah. I guess I do. You–you know where you are with animals, don’t you? You treat them well, and they respond in kind.” LW saw a far away look mixed with a flicker of sadness in his blue eyes. “It isn’t always true with human beings.”

Poor Guy, she thought. If only . . .

“No, it isn’t.” LW gave him a smile and inclined her head towards the purring three-legged butterball in his lap.

“But it’s clear Thumper appreciates your attentions.  As well as the rest of the pets here. And I truly  loved how you always gave Richie a friendly pat when you dismounted in Robin Hood.”

Sir Guy’s mouth curled into a sweet half-smile. “You noticed that, did you?”

“Oh, I’ve noticed quite a lot of things about you, my dear Sir Guy.”

She glanced down and giggled. “And now you’ve got Thumper doing that ridiculous rapid-fire sticking her tongue in and out thingy. She is certainly happy.”

Sir Guy gave Thumper an indulgent smile. “We understand each other, don’t we, my girl? Yeah. Animals are–animals are OK, Ladywriter.”