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I ran this the other day in the “Lucas!” post.

It’s based on a cropped screencap from the “Lucas punches up Russian baddie Robinov in the pool” ep. I  love those amazing masculine curves. In RA’s case not a contradiction. That gorgeous man definitely has BACK.

So here’s what I am planning to do: using a karaoke soundtrack for Sir Mix-a-Lot‘s hit Baby’s Got Back, I am going to rewrite the lyrics to celebrate the divine derriere of the most talented, gorgeous and delightful actor I happen to know of. And then I am going to record it. That will be the audio track for my Richie’s Got Back video.  This part I can handle with the able technical assistance of my husband, who thinks I am a fruitcake but is all the same tickled to see me broadening my creative horizons.

The second part of this project? The visuals. This is where you, my readers, can help. If you have a particular favorite rearview or a screencap showing Mr. Armitage in action that showcases his erm—lush mounds, please share. If you have a link you want to share, that’s great!

If you want to send me link or pic via email, that’s fine, too. These can be images of RA in characters and as himself.

Obviously, this one is going to take more time than my usual side-show vid, but if all goes well, I would like to have it up for Christmas–a sort of pressie for you all.  So if you can get back to me with your favorite RA bodacious bootie photos before the end of November, it would be so grand.

Thanks in advance for your help–I think this is going to be lots of fun! I am feeling quite cheeky of late, ladies. 😉

What’s your favorite RA rearview? (Major Video Project Ahead!)