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It’s Saturday–enjoy new Lucas photo edits & an old fave LN vid



My, doesn’t Lucas look hot–especially when a certain Evil Bleached Blonde Popsicle Sarah Caulfield is cropped out of the picture.


And check out that classic profile–minus the presence of the dodgy Vaughn–er, Michael–oh,Whotzhizface.

BeFunky_LucasSpooks8Ep6newbbbb (2)joniascut.jpg

Lucas in the three-quarter view that top close-up from cropped from–but still no Freezer Queen awww, YOU know who.

And have some fun with our favorite spyman and his trusty sidekick Ros “Takin’ Care of Business.” 😉

I really miss these two.



It’s Miss You Monday, and I miss the witty banter between Ros and Lucas, their knowledge colleagues are OK, and the way those two had each other’s backs. Along with the way they rocked the leather jackets and jeans and boots. And they were clearly not teenyboppers or callow twenty-somethings who seemed to still need their spook training wheels but real grownups. I felt a little bit more safe with Ros and Lucas on the case. Yeah, they were fictional spies, and not even for my own country. But still.


lucas and ros 2




You just ain’t seen nothing yet, folks. (New RA fanvid)


It’s clear to me our Richard is about to become a big movie star. I feel like so many good things are ahead for our talented, brilliant, beautiful Mr. A.

Truth be told–you ain’t seen nothing yet, folks.  Dedicated to my dear friend, faithful blog reader and ardent RA fan, Teuchter. More BTO for you! I made this a few weeks ago, but connection/computer problems delayed getting it loaded. Thank you, dear husband, for uploading this to YT for me. You ROCK!

Hope you all enjoy this blast from the past when TVs had antennas and knobs and satellite and cable didn’t offer a jillion channels. 😉

Richard in Toronto, channeling Mr. Roger's sweetness and gentle humor with a generous dash of sex appeal. What the man can do for a cardigan . . .

Richard in Toronto, channeling Mr. Roger’s sweetness and gentle humor with a generous dash of sex appeal. What the man can do for a cardigan . . .