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And the third shoe drops.


Today my last living link, so to speak, to my daddy’s family passed away. My Uncle Dan, a bright and talented man who once worked with the Mercury Aerospace Program,  was Daddy’s baby brother. A skilled woodworker, he could whistle a happy tune more melodiously than any person I knew. Uncle Dan lived a very long and fruitful life; he will be much missed by those who knew him along with his widow, three children and extended family.  RIP, you lovely man.

With the passing of Thumper Cat, this makes two losses in my family over the last week. I sincerely hope my face-plant was the second of the “Things Come in Threes” pattern. I haven’t mentioned this before now, but our last remaining cat, Callie, hasn’t been doing very well, either. Fleas have been her foe in a terrible way this year–yes, even though she is an indoor cat, they’ve made their way in–and between the heat and those bugs, she simply hasn’t looked or behaved like herself of late.


A photo edit I did of me and Thumper a few months ago. BeFunky_Gouache_1callieprofileCallie Cat in better days. My photo edit.

Today, we received a new medicine for her, a flea pill which is supposed to kill fleas within 30 minutes. Happy to say it works really well (we’ve been using tape to pick up all the dead ones from the bed). I swear, she is already feeling better. She was napping and dreaming between us and she’s talking a lot again (Callie is normally a very chatty kitty).  She can take this pill once every 24 hours. We plan to give this to her for two or three days and then give her more of the topical treatment.

She’s getting the best food we can afford and lots of attention. Just can’t bear the thought of losing another family member at this point.  I know she’s not a person, but Callie is one of my furry children, and I can only take so much these days.

I will try to put together a post on my thoughts re the latest blog tomorrow. I haven’t been all that motivated, so I ended up watching TV with Benny tonight and old movies earlier. Another day in which I haven’t accomplished a lot.

Still, tomorrow is another day, right?

Bless you all.