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So I haven’t been hiding under a rock . . . Fedoralady’s been wearing her other hats



Well, hello out there, if anybody is still listening! In spite of my quietness, I am still to be counted as an Ardent Armitage Admirer. If you are on Facebook, you know that I have been posting at my RA page, “The Richard Armitage Effect.”

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Richard-Armitage-Effect/ (Although there have been days when the posts have been “slim to none.”)

It’s been ages, it seems, since I have been here at TAE.

I confess I am behind on reading other bloggers’ posts. I’ve saved my notifications so I am hoping to catch up at some point. However, my good intentions may fall short. Mea culpa.

Real Life has been BUSY. Busy with volunteer work for the humane society, busy with assignments for the newspaper, where I am now a regular contributor of one to two stories, along with photos, each week, and busy with our video production company, shooting year-end school events and community theater, dance recitals and more. After the shoots comes the really time-consuming process of editing both stills and video. Rather than go into great detail about the events, I am simply going to share some of my photos . . . .

2cailynthompson I love it what I do. Oh, yeah, I get tired. Cricks in my neck. Eye strain. My back hurts. IBS strikes. Restful sleep is forever eluding me. Yet, I feel as if am in my element. I am helping document the milestones of my community and its inhabitants, giving back to it.  And making some money along the way while I’m doing it. Getting a chance to be creative.  That is very important to me.

PIC 14 relay

PIC 7 relay

PIC 1 relayPIC 5 relay (2)


I love it when mamas make the photos I’ve taken of their young’uns their profile photos on FB, or proudly share them on their pages. I love promoting some of the amazing talent we have in this county.





P1080975 (3)


P1080999 (2)


P1070673 (3)


It’s been a season of celebration–endings and beginnings. A lot of smiles and a few tears along the way.
Now we are gearing up to cover my friend Sonya’s year-end dance recital. To call this ambitious production a recital doesn’t really do justice to all the creativity,P1090524 (2) imagination and scope she incorporates into these shows. I can’t wait until this weekend. Tomorrow I go and shoot some video and stills of rehearsal. These are from the other day, picture day for the Pink class–mostly five-year-old budding ballerinas. Funny, sweet, sometime rambunctious.


P1090567editI love when I can capture the little ones *not* giving me one of those cheesy grins. Said toothy smiles look fake and give you squinty eyes, and these eyes are too lovely not to get their proper due.  Thank you for bearing with me through all these photos and keep in mind, I actually took a few thousand or so . . .  so I am actually sparing you! 😉




The delightful & dashing Mr. A & Real Life Stuff with Fedoralady


So, I feel as if I am w-a-a-y  behind in terms of the Armitage blogs, FB pages, et cetera,  and keeping up with Armitage World these days. Part of it boils down to issues with my computer and my “Country High-Speed,” which is to say, not very fast at all. And there are problems with my Windows Live Mail, which of late is not very lively.  Still, it’s better than no internet at all (as I found out during that long week when I did without).

Part of it is that my mind is going in a thousand different directions (I really do begin to wonder if it’s all the FMS or if I have developed some sort of adult-onset ADD).



Now that April has arrived, Real Life gets much busier for us re community events and video production company work.  And I am doing more writing for pay–not a lot, but more. Yay! And part of it all is my sleeping patterns are all screwed up (perhaps even more than normal), so I am often not online when others of you are.  So–if you are reading this–“HELLO!” *waves cheerily and grins*

So–I have managed to do some photo editing in fits and starts involving our beautiful boy’s most recent appearances. Here are some examples of what I’ve done, some of which have already appeared on Pinterest and at my FB page, The Richard Armitage Effect.  I hope you enjoy, and I hope you are having a good week.

P.S.~ I got my Urban book this week–hooray!–but as I have been boning up on the finer points of our Papa Bear camera, I have postponed getting started on it. This weekend will be busy with three events–a family reunion luncheon and an outdoor memorial event to shoot for PRP Saturday, and our humane society’s Bark in the Park on Sunday, which we also plan to video and shoot stills for. Thinking of waiting to begin the book until next week . . . getting better and better at this delayed gratification stuff.











Thorin Thursday: Artwork Comedic to Sublime



Another lovely image of RA in Thorin garb by evankart.


OK, yes, it’s slashy, but it’s beautifully done. You can always imagine it’s you with your arms wrapped around Thorin’s naked torso . . . by loobeeinthesky


Animawolf’s artwork–Dwalin will follow his friend anywhere. We understand, Dwalin. We’d do the same!


Thorin having a “emotional outburst” of relief that his beloved nephews are OK. By animawolf.


Beautiful drawing of Thorin by KRIS (with a backward “R”)


Adorable creation by Susikiss.


Gorgeous Thorin artwork by Amanda Tolleson


francoclun is the artist who created this piece.

I ran across some of these on FB  and then wandered over to www.deviantart.com and snaffled some more. Many of the artists’ work I have shared here have pages at DR. So many talented people involved in TH/RA fandoms!

Happy Guyday Friday! Beautiful . . . (fanart & new vid!)




This is a multi-role fanvid I started several weeks ago then put aside when I got busy with other things. Came back to it the other day when I had no internet connection. Couldn’t sleep so I uploaded it overnight.





She’s my sweetie: A gal named Seabee



This dog, who mysteriously appeared at our country home with her puppy one day, both of them underfed and ready to rely on the kindness of strangers, has completely won my heart.   Gentle, affectionate, lovely and loveable. That’s our Seabee.

She’s always been an attentive mother. I can only imagine what she’s been feeling in the week since Jack suddenly disappeared. You could chalk it up to my imagination, but I could swear I saw sadness and yearning in her eyes at times, and the question–“What happened to my boy?”

Oh, Seabee, I wish I knew.  All I can do is keep hoping and praying and doing my best to care for you, my beautiful canine companion. I ask you to bear with that boisterous cartoon dog Buddy and try to be patient. He looks up to you and his Uncle Rascal. And he has two wonderful role models in you–a true lady and gentleman of your species.



Well, bless my soul: My latest RA video


I left this one to finish uploading while I grabbed a few hours of sleep earlier. Worked on the kindergarten “behind the scenes” vid until the wee hours. If I do say so myself, it’s shaping up to be really cute and fun.  As with Mr. A, I started out with great subject matter, of course. 😉 I hope you will enjoy!

Gotta wash out my sticky, icky eyes and grab some coffee. I will have a Thorin post up a little later. Happy Thorin Thursday and hang in there, Guyday Friday is coming!

He’s lookin’ fine . . . well, no surprise THERE.


Gosh, ladies and gents, I am tired. Throat is sore; probably just sinus drainage from these cool nights/hot days we’ve had.  Tried to get at least partially caught up with the comments (you have been busy little bunnies!). You seem to be having a good time and that’s really what it’s all about. 😀

I’ve been working on the website for Pecan Ridge Productions for a good part of the evening and then decided to go ahead and write a “let me introduce us” blog entry for it, too. The blog entry is published, but the site is not live yet–still some more things to sort out, and Benny lost some additions he had made to the products page this morning (yes, e-commerce!).  I managed to lose an entire blog post, so we are pretty much even there. *sigh*

Hope to get the new website up and going tomorrow.  Now that school is out, we need projects booked for the summer and the ability for people to check us out online without going to FB.

I decided to relax with a bit more photo editing with my fave photographer of all things RA, Robert Ascroft.

Some of the original images aren’t the best quality, but one does the best one can. It’s still such fun . . . hopefully I can serve up some smoRgAsbords for you tomorrow, my dears.






Monet for a Sunday



Richard was just lovely as painter Claude Monet in The Impressionists. Of course, you could say he is lovely in pretty much every role, but there was a special incandescence to his blue eyes here, along with the joie de vivre in those broad smiles and from-the-belly laughs. He did an excellent job of capturing the passion, the struggles and the triumphs of an artist in love with color and light and life itself.

monet color quote




Must grab a quick bite and then head to town for the baccalaureate service. Kindergarten grad tomorrow night, a prospective daytime shoot of “The Wizard of Oz” one day this week and FDA graduation at end of week. PRP is busy!

How can one man be so – – – gorgeous!!?


Thank you to @plfall at twitter for bringing this to my attention. Looks like another John Ascroft shot . . .the smile, the eyes, the elfin ear and the touchable-looking hair . . . they haven’t photoshopped out all his eye crinkles, either.

I think I need to lie down now, feeling a little dizzy.


Scary or sweet, clean or dirty, you thrill me, Sir Guy!



Damn, he does clean up well.



That magnificent masculine “hooter” sniffs out Eau de Forest Boy . . . poor Guy’s nose.



Ah, yes, Wild-Eyed Drunken Man with a Tangled Dirty Mane. My ovaries don’t work anymore and they still explode. Must. have. him. now.



And on the flip side, there’s that softer, sweeter Guy, with a vulnerability that just gets to me. *wibble*



And sometimes he’s just–scary. You don’t want to be on his bad side. And yet–he still thrills me even when his eyes go ice cold and his voice is edged in danger.

A Sunday SmoRgAsbord in More Ways Than One



The last couple of days–wet, chilly and quite FMS-unfriendly–have not strictly been the most productive for me. However, I did get some rest including actual restorative sleep (a rarity for me) involving several really nice dreams. I got up this morning in a happy mood, moving fairly well. Benny and I enjoyed a good cuddle on the sole day each week he doesn’t have to get up and head to the salt mines.  Amongst his many fine qualities, he’s an extremely cuddly kind of dude. 😉

I’ve been visiting Facebook and snaffling some images and words of wisdom and inspiration I enjoyed, as well as playing with some images of Mr. A. Thought I would share them with you all as I hope you are having a restful, fun, inspiring kind of Sunday (or good Monday, as the case may be).





And some in all ways: looks, personality, character. *sigh*


courtesy of Joane Severin at Facebook




Courtesy of Ms. Gigglepants via Twitter and Tumblr


Courtesy of My Life-My Rules-My Attitude at Facebook



Richard Armitage: That Sweet, Sexy, Silly Gentleman I Adore



I’ve just been mulling over how much I like Mr. Armitage. His delightful sense of humor with that merry heart “that doeth good like medicine,” his kindness and generosity, his dedication to his craft, good manners and gentlemanly nature, that amazing charisma and distinctive masculine beauty, all the qualities that mark him as such a special human being. Add in all that talent and versatility . . .









Mr. Armitage Works His Mojo on Me


Mojo: (noun) magical power; charm

Apparently of W. African origin, akin to Gullah moco (witchcraft), Fula moco’o (medicine man). Fula is a West African language. Early documented use in English: 1926.

I have often thought I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out Richard Armitage has some sort of magical powers.  The way he can completely captivate one’s attention. The way his eyes can absolutely mesmerize and his smile turn one’s legs positively wobbly.

The way he can make a heart beat faster, a mouth go dry, a strange fluttery sensation flow through one’s body–the healing properties, too, of the sound and sight of him.

For it’s definitely “white magic,” benign, benevolent, beneficent.  When we ache and doubt and grieve and worry, there’s the wonderful manner in which he can somehow make it all better.

Richard Armitage–you and your chaRActers have got the mojo. Long may you all work it, my darling.

BeFunky_11b (2).jpg






It’s Tuesday: Take a ‘Gander’ at Mr. A



Gander: (noun) (1) slang; take a look.  Take a gander at Mr. Armitage! (2) the male of a goose.

Well, Richard Armitage is definitely male, if not a male goose. 😉 And don’t we love looking at him? So, ladies, take a gander at Mr. A!

As for me, I’ve been busy and I desperately need a nap, so I am going to seek the arms of Morpheus (who looks just like Richard in my fantasies, imagine that!).

I’ll be shooting stills at the dress rehearsal tonight. Tomorrow Benny takes the day off to deliver and pick up Seabee for her transport to Montgomery for spaying and he’ll be editing and making POTR DVDs to sell, amongst other things. He’s got a busy week, too! May we both retain our sanity and not get on each other’s nerves too much. 😉