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Because I just can’t resist playing with Mr. Armitage.



There’s a certain challenge in his look in the photo above–and I find myself responding with thoughts of just what I would like to do to/with him . .  .


Wouldn’t the world be a prettier place if Mr. A was painted on the walls of our old buildings? Could cause some traffic congestion problems, though . . .


Edited this one using classic sepia allowing some of the original color to bleed through–with a little extra *pop* for those amazing eyes.


Wanted this crop of the latest Ascroft armchair shot to have the look of a photo on a vintage movie magazine cover. He is every inch the star.


Emphasized that angelic masculine beauty here. Just heavenly . . . *sigh*

All photos by that master of RA photography, Robert Ascroft, with my edits using BeFunky. Don’t be surprised if there’s more to come . . . because I just can’t get enough of Richard Armitage–or his image. Happy Tuesday!

Blogiversary beautiful RA boyz!


ep1_021ccThanks for all the good wishes for TAE first blogiversary, folks! Here are some images of our favorite RA chaRActers to enjoy.

Rumor has it that some familiar faces will be dropping by a little later . . . I will update you. Happy Groundhog Day, Happy Blogiversary Day and Happy Saturday! 😀

11 (2)ccc




Sir Guy: TOO Sexy for Nottingham?


A continued Happy Guyday Friday to you all around the world (in some cases, I guess it’s Guyday Saturday, isn’t it?).

I went outside earlier and the sunshine was deceptive. It was cold–well, cold for here–and I got chilled. Got under the covers, have a heating pad and a cozy calico cat to warm me up. But thoughts of a certain TDHSBK also bring some heat–if you know what I mean. Sometimes he’s almost TOO sexy–not that I would ever change a thing!




Little Thorin needs love, too.


I was reminded today that my Twitter avi features yours truly fondly clutching Plush Thorin as I peep over his fuzzy head.

Whilst Little Thorin has been seen more than once here in the company of a certain three-legged cat (and her sister on one occasion), he’s feeling a bit . . . left out, it seems. *sigh* Demanding some special face time of his own.

(When did he start following my Twitter account? Do all the ChaRActers and their various doppelgängers now sneak around and use my computer when I am away or asleep?)

Anyway, here’s Fedoralady with her very much-loved and appreciated Little Thorin.  TWICE!

(I am just waiting for a certain TDHSK* to lodge his complaints. Fortunately he’s away servicing entertaining his many admirers.)

*Tall Dark Hot Smouldering Knight



Oops, You-Know-Who just sent me this:

BeFunky_RH3episode11_098 (2)e

Never a dull moment with the ChaRACters and their respective mini versions!!

Would Richard Armitage make you plotz?: TAE Word for the Day



Those eyes get me every time.

Plotz: (verb) to collapse or to faint, as from surprise, excitement or exhaustion.

Plotz is an Americanism that arose in the 1940s. It comes from the Yiddish word platsn, which means to “crack, burst or split.” That word in turn originated from the German word blatzen or platzen.

With the likes of Comic-Con, the Black Sky set and the various premieres and Hobbit press junket events, a growing number of fans have had the opportunity to have an encounter with Mr. Armitage, whether it’s to shake his hand, get an autograph or photo, or have a snippet of conversation with him.

I still find myself wondering how I would react if I ever got to look into those beautiful eyes or had one of those spectacular smiles aimed in my direction.  Would I freeze up, would I manage to maintain my composure–would I simply plotz in the presence of such deliciousity?

The mind boggles.



Early Armitage: Handsome Man (with Too Much Hair Product?)



Richard in a guest spot as Craig Parker in “Casualty.”  He really seemed to love the gel back in the day, which was 2001, by the way.


Also in 2001, Richard played a doctor for the first time–Dr. Tom Steele–in the BBC daytime drama “Doctors.” This physician was a far cry from the dedicated Dr. Track from 2005’s “The Golden Hour.”



The next year, Richard would go into an audition as the character and win the role of the painfully shy and awkward Yorkshire sheep farmer John Standring in “Sparkhouse”–and more than prove he wasn’t just another “pretty face.” This fella had beauty AND talent. And a whole lot more . . .

Richard Armitage, a fellow dreamer



There was a discussion about the importance of holding onto dreams over at Twitter today and I shared these words from one of my favorite poems by Langston Hughes. I decided to do a bit of artwork to go with the words. And naturally, thoughts of my favorite actor, a man gifted with the ability to dream and dream big (and work hard to make those dreams come true).




Todd Garner  producer for Richard’s next film project “Black Sky,” actually Tweeted this quote below today. And it reminded me of Richard, too, and that sort of Zen-like aura he often seems to exude.





How wonderful it was to see Richard’s dream of playing Thorin come to fruition this year as he gave such a compelling performance, truly claiming the character as his and his alone. Richard certainly put that vivid imagination to very good use.

How proud his family and close friends must be, as those of us who have never met him are as pleased and proud as punch over his accomplishments. Hooray for my fellow dreamer! Here’s to many more dreams coming true.

Farewell to Guyday Friday with a little ‘Fever’


I know it’s been miserably cold in a lot of Armitage World of late with snow and mind-(and body)numbing temperatures. With that in mind, Sir Guy and I hope to warm things up for you a bit as we prepare to bid farewell to Guyday Friday . . . stay safe and warm and toasty, folks! Talk it away, Peggy . . .


He earned it.



His name, that is. Thorin is Thorin Oakenshield because he battled against his foes making use of that great hunk of oak he found, turning it into a makeshift (and effective) shield.  It became part of this legendary warrior’s story and life.   He’s just–epic, in every sense of the word.