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More proof nobody rocks the leather like RA & ChaRActers . . .


Porter--Katie's hero and ours in black leather.

In a continuation of our study of leather and RA (and how he and his chaRActers wear it better than anybody else), I bring you some more photos of RA and his alter egos in leather to compare with lesser mortals. Lucas, Porter, Guy, Ricky and Mr. A–we love you all in leather. Enjoy!

Belstaff Dark Leather Blouson

Belstaff Dark Leather Blouson (Photo credit: tommy.chang)

The Man himself after signing autographs outside ITV Studios . . . holding a card given to him by a fan

Sir Guy, baby, show 'em how the head-to-toe leather is done.

I think these folks are imitating our Luscious One . . . in their "cruel black"

Model in Belstaff--a pretty boy, but Lucas would have rocked it better.

Sorry, Vin. But nobody does it better than Richard.

Lucas captivates as a courier in black leather--you can deliver to me anytime!