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I dream of Thorin kicking Smaug’s Scaly Arse . . . ING interview


hobbitauj-0191500470roar“Hopefully I come face to face with Cumberbatch.” Richard Armitage on possibly meeting Benedict Cumberbatch on set. BC is playing the dragon Smaug (via voice and motion capture).

In case you’ve missed it, an interesting little video featuring Richard, James and Andy discussing Smaug, that mean ol’ gold-loving dragon who drove Thorin and his people from Erebor (with no help from those effing elves). Link is below:


Now, I really like the talented Benedict as an actor, although I still maintain he resembles an otter (hey, I think otters are cute) and he has a lovely voice, too (NOT as lovely to me as RA’s, of course). But part of me just wants to see Richard Thorin kick the ever-loving daylights out of Sherlock Smaug. If you know what I mean.